We have reached a higher dimension, a new platform, a new reality, the higher realms….and this arrival is causing much turmoil, as mismatches in vibration create great chaos, harshness, overwhelm, and basically, nothing seems to fit or to work.

We were going a hundred miles an hour in the lower dimensional hierarchy, as we had released and purified much, which enabled us to feel lighter, emptier, and so forth, and then bam!....we hit the wall of the next hierarchy. And did we hit it hard! In essence, we had graduated from an old dimensional hierarchy. So then, it was graduation time.

Enough of the critical mass had evolved as well, and after some waiting (remember the waiting period of the past few months when we were being held back in order to give as many as possible adequate time to catch up, and in order to really fine tune what it was we really and truly wanted for ourselves?), we were then given the opportunity to go through the dimensional portal of November 11th (as well as the 9/11 opportunity), and now…we are being hit squarely in the face with manifestations of our new arrival at the next dimensional stop.

Some manifestations? Whatever each of us was vibrating at the time of our arrival, was magnified to such a degree that we were hit squarely in the face with it. If we did not know it before, we would most assuredly know now how we perceived things, how and what we vibrated, and what we were about…especially in regard to any mis-perceptions or illusions we believed were true and best. These mis-matches from our current vibration to the new and higher vibration of the higher realms, created earth experiences and dramas in our lives which showed us where we might not be a match in the higher realms.

And in this way, we may have felt that we had indeed arrived in hell instead of in heaven. We may have suddenly and recently felt as though nothing remotely felt right or comfortable, that we were mis-placed or out of our comfort zone, that we were being punished when we had tried so hard and believed we were a good and decent person, that perhaps, just maybe, we were not so great after all, and even that we had arrived in some severely harsh place where we were overwhelmed no matter how we tried to fix or correct things. One thing after another would arrive in succession with no time for even a brief breather!

When we make a dimensional leap, we end up fixing things endlessly and finding that whatever we seem to do or want to do, simply does not seem to work out smoothly. There seem to be delays and obstacles that are never ending. This is because much has been dislodged. The old energies are departing, flying around everywhere, we are now vibrating higher and no longer a match for much of anything, and thus, we are trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. We cannot seem to do “this” until we first do “that,” and so forth. What is occurring here is that we are making adjustments and trying to find our new vibrational homes and fits.

So in essence, we may feel as if there are collisions everywhere! We may not feel as though we are in alignment with anything, that we do not belong anywhere, and that there is friction wherever we turn! But the friction stems from the fact that the aspects of ourselves which are vibrating from the illusions we believe or perceive, or in other words, the lower vibrating aspects of ourselves, are what is causing the friction and collision energy. When we eventually are able to make adjustments in our energy, or the way we perceive things, then things smooth out for us to a great degree.

We are currently in upheaval energy. As if a bulldozer is dislodging everything beneath us, moving much out from under our feet, and leaving us energetically homeless with nowhere yet to go. This pattern will continue on through December. December 12 will be a pivotal day for an opportunity for another alignment to higher ways of living and being, and then the solstice will support us in going deep and excavating even more. All this is preparation for January, when we will fully arrive in our new and higher vibrating homes.

We are having to dig deep and excavate much if we are to be in alignment with a higher realm. This recent transition has created one of the biggest challenges for me that I have experienced thus far. When I arrived here in our new lands, I had to learn some very new ways. While out on a walk one day, I was grabbed by the shoulder and spun around by the non-physical inhabitants of these lands. I changed direction on my walk, and was still grabbed by the shoulder and spun around. And then I received a strong lecture and a great humbling.

You see, when we reach a higher dimension, we need to “check in” so to speak. Our arrogant and old ways are not allowed here. But most of the time we are not aware that we are being arrogant…we think we are helping in some way. There was much I had to change within myself. My way of moving ahead at fast forward would not be tolerated here. And there were other things as well. Over-responsibility would not work either…the duties are shared equally in a higher realms reality. And leaders do not exist here! In addition, Phil and I had to part ways for a brief time, as adjustments needed to be made in our interaction with one another, and we were experiencing great friction being together (but now we are better than ever, with a brand new and incredible relationship that I could never have imagined…I had to let go of so much of my “old” self, and am still a work in progress!).

So then, when we are feeling quite miserable and as though we may be in hell, it is actually a call to make some internal adjustments. And when they are made, we can find ourselves in heaven once again…and a heaven that is more divine that one would have ever imagined with all our dreams coming true.

If you are experiencing great challenges, know that the universe (or your soul) is guiding you and trying to get your attention about your own energy patterns. I have noticed around me and within myself as well, that many of us are over-using our gifts. When we offer too much of whom we were intended to be, our gift then becomes a liability instead of an asset. Our gift becomes too exaggerated, over utilized, and thus creates an imbalance or a lower vibrating gift.

Say that you are here to bring the energy of self-care, feeling good, and enjoyment to the planet. If you spend an over-abundance of your time pampering yourself, taking care of you, becoming self-absorbed, and thus not available to the whole, your gift is then wasted. Or perhaps you are one who has the gift of really seeing others around you, knowing how they feel, and being very considerate of their needs. If you do this in an overabundant way, you would end up putting others before you, and find yourself attracting self-centered people, for example, that are there to show you how to be more like them.

When we attract others into our lives who embody traits that drive us crazy or that we think are just horrible, it is usually because at some point in our lives, we convinced ourselves that we would never be like that, and in this way, we became too much of the opposite ourselves. But know that whomever we attract probably believes that we are just too much of our own extreme as well, and can barely tolerate us!

With so much being magnified now, we are then able to really see and come to know what is inside of us and what we are all about, and we are given an opportunity to use our gifts wisely, in an appropriate arena, and in amounts that serve ourselves and the whole in the best way possible.

Another scenario can be present in regard to our personal gifts as well. When we are greatly talented and gifted at something, we know a lot about it and really vibrate it well. It is our passion, our focus, and the lense we see things through and the starting point we jump off of for most of our perceptions and experiences. Because of this, we very strongly notice anything that is substandard in regard to our arena, and we can become very angry if things are not fitting into our perception or standard.

Say, for instance, that you are here with the gift of higher vibrating human behavior. Because of this, you would view those around you in a perspective of how healthy they are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This is your area of expertise and your gift. So then, anyone who falls below a high standard can drive you crazy and make you angry, as you are here to serve in regard to assisting those in becoming mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. This is the way you agreed to raise the vibration of the planet. Thus, anyone you encounter who vibrates lower than your high standard and does not care, is raining on your parade and inhibiting your progress to assist the planet.

Or perhaps you are here to protect the environment and the earth. If you were to encounter a trashy area in nature, or encounter a situation where the earth was being disrespected, you might become angry as those responsible were raining on your soul purpose and interfering with your job. Others with a different purpose might not even notice the trash in an area of nature, but only the beauty present.

In all the scenarios above, we each see through different filters and this causes the friction. In the higher realms, there are fewer filters present. When we are able to see those around us through the filters of our souls, or in other words, who they are at a soul level and what they are here to give and contribute, then we are able to get our own mis-perceptions out of the way. When we see a person’s soul, we can then honor and respect that person, and this behavior will always serve to illicit the best out of someone, as well as serve in supporting who they are and what they came to contribute.

I had to be fast moving, move ahead of the masses, and then report back. Anyone who was slow moving drove me crazy. But I had too much of this ability that I needed and I truly missed out on the beauty of the process. We need to use our gifts in an appropriate way and in appropriate amounts. We do not need to be “on” all the time…just when it is needed in a way and at a time that serves and contributes to the whole.

The rest of the time, we can be on equal turf with everyone else, enjoy the group and ourselves, laugh, have fun, and love each other. When our gift and area of expertise is needed, we will be called upon, as we will call upon another when we need what they have to offer. In this way, we need not do it all, as others can fill in when their gift and contribution is desired and required to balance and fulfill the whole.

Our gift and our “way” is not the only way. We need to combine many ways and create a whole. If we were to put a fast moving person and a slow moving person together, we would have it all…the whole spectrum and a much more divine existence. We need diversity. If we were all alike and vibrated the same, we could not create a whole from a wonderful spectrum. How boring it would be! Our individual gifts are so vitally needed as part of a whole.

In addition, when we reach a higher realms reality, we no longer need to have a purpose in relation to raising the vibration of the planet. Our roles then begin to change into roles that are all about our contribution to community. It is then that we finally see that we can relax, enjoy ourselves more, follow our passion, give up trying to get anywhere, be very present, and truly enjoy what is already here. It is then that we begin to see the higher vibrating things in existence, as lower vibrating aspects of individuals and the planet are not so prevalent anymore. And what we focus on, then becomes our reality of choice.

Why are many of us feeling overwhelmed of late? When we reach a higher vibrating reality, anything that does not belong there gets squeezed and pushed out. Thus, we can feel great pressure, too much to do, and too much going on. In addition, we are manifesting rapidly. The more we release or the more that gets pushed out, the less pressure we feel. And when we manifest quickly, we can manifest the good and the bad. It all seems to happen at once, like a bale of hay dropping on our heads instead of moderate amounts that arrive slowly.

Why do things seem so harsh right now? We have to really get the message now. The gentle tapping does not cut it when we need to really and truly take note of something. Our attention needs to be gotten… no room for not noticing. We are being greatly supported and encouraged to get in alignment with the higher realms, or we will not be able to survive there. Although things may seem harsh, when we adjust our individual vibrations, the energies will settle out more, and things will calm down. Much of how we thought we should be, or how we thought things around us should be, were mis-perceptions originating from a lower vibrating knowledge and awareness.

It can seem harsh because much is magnified the higher we vibrate. And with so much being pushed out, what is up and leaving is greatly magnified and in the forefront. If things are overly harsh and overwhelming of late, it can greatly help to remove oneself from as much as possible and take a break for even a day. Don’t do anything or try to accomplish anything. Take a day off just for you. Stop and bask. Turn off the phone. Don’t get your mail. Let things go. Read a good feeling novel. Take a long hike.

For the past few days Phil and I took bubble baths, cooked together, listened to music, had long talks, cuddled in bed with our rice bag foot warmers, loved our animals, and took long walks in nature. We were in heaven and removed from much of anything else. The internet wouldn’t work, the heat wouldn’t work, the electricity wouldn’t work and much else in this old house we just rented, but we somehow managed to laugh all day and remove ourselves a bit. There was much more to be happy about and grateful for, and we are so very blessed.

Know that these challenging times will pass. Know that all is in divine and perfect order and makes perfect sense even if it may not appear to. Know that what is occurring now is simply part of the ascension process, and occurring so that more of heaven can be ever present. When we really and truly arrive in a more heavenly existence, we have to let go of so much…so much that we thought was the best or highest way to vibrate. Heaven is much simpler than what we have known so far. We can try and sit back and exhale a bit…let things go…give up the struggle…allow it to arrive…get out of the way. Ahhhhhhh…

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,



little funny me 29th November 2007 5:32 am

What Karen writes is always exactly what I feel. This time is no exception. I just wanted to say thank you for your tremendous job, Sister :) Sending muvh Love and blessings to all! :*



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