We are just completing the integration with the powerful and more highly vibrating energies of March, and what a relief! For the past two weeks or so, the old energies have been intensely colliding with the new, and this energetic experience could be felt in many ways. This was a part of the re-calibration that was mentioned in the last energy alert of April 9th.

Foremost, it was experienced as a strong pulling back into the old, or almost as if we were being sucked into a whirlpool energy of reliving the old, experiencing the old, and being greatly drawn back into older and more slowly and denser vibrating energies. This pulling energy was very strong indeed, and much willpower and focus was needed to stay in the higher vibrating world. There was no darkness at play here, or even an intent at any level to hold everything back…it was simply a matter of different vibrating energies colliding through a process of integration.

Each of us is wired differently, and so we experience things differently. I have a friend who is a tour guide for some ancient ruins where I live. These particular ruins hold some energy of a very high order….some energies that vibrated very high in their time and contained the blueprint for what we are now moving into and will soon move beyond. He spends a lot of time there, knows these energies well, and is most certainly a steward of the site.

During the middle portion of the colliding energy window (roughly two weeks), he was inside the most powerful spot on the site where visitors were allowed, giving a talk. While in this kiva, he suddenly experienced a huge wave of energy that he described as a “fall out” wave of extreme and intense non-physical movement. It was so intense that he could not continue to speak.

What was occurring here was a collision of the old and new energies as part of the integration period. And being that he himself embodied the energies of the site so fully, he served as a catalyst that ignited this movement and brought it all together in one big bang. And this is what has occurred on the planet most recently, only in many different forms which resonate with each and every individual. This recent time was an incredibly pivotal point in our evolutionary process. (Similar to the big bang theory of the creation of the Earth, when many energies united to bring forth a creation of the new?)

This collision energy could also be experienced as simply being unable to find any harmony with individuals close to us, a clash with anything and everything, tension, pressure, no flow, tripping over things in the physical reality that seem to be grabbing onto us, and in addition, a great separation, instead of the usual higher vibrating energy of unity.

We needed to separate or rather we needed to be apart from much during this time as we were re-calibrating and did not need to be in the collision space or the space of unpleasant re-structuring and movement. For me, one of the manifestations was a separation from my laptop, which served to connect me to the reality I had experienced up until then. There were other modalities of separation that served to remove many of us from the old reality as well…but whatever the case, we were most certainly being protected so that we would not need to endure this collision and this sucking back into any of the lower vibrating energy scenarios.

Because we are now living in a higher vibrating reality, everything and everyone must eventually get on board or choose to leave for other experiences, or even because they do not choose to have this one. Or maybe they just prefer to help from the other side, or are even needed elsewhere. Whatever the case, it is a matter of jumping on board if we choose to stay. In this regard, when we were most recently bumped up in vibration through the advent of the March energies, many of us had an opportunity to really move forward into the new reality. This created a situation of panic for others, and at subconscious levels, they really held on and pulled us back, as they knew they must either change themselves, or be left behind until the next energetic “ship” arrived to bring them to the new land. Thus, part of the creation of the “sucking back” energies.

This time is now completing, and we can again resume forward movement. All the colliding, friction, and dis-connection will rapidly dissipate for those who choose to rise above the old reality. During this recent time of separation, we could also find benefit as well. You may find that you have now decided to do things a bit differently in regard to your new plans, as much has once again changed. And in addition, there may be new separations present as well, along with new unities.

The separations involve a dis-connection with individuals and situations that have not yet chosen to rise up (or rather a new mis-match in vibrations), and the unity involves a new uniting with partners that have chosen to be on our page, either in regard to soul teams for the bringing forth of the new, or otherwise. And as always, those we have recently separated from, can always join us again at another time when the next energy train arrives at the station. I have seen this over and over, and it is a common occurrence with our spiritual evolutionary process. Separations are not always permanent as much can change through the combined gift of choice and evolution.

There will be much more exciting news to report on the very near horizon…I can’t wait!

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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