Coming Through The Gates


A few days ago I was walking in the ancient lands near the river. Here in the southwest it gets very dry, even at 7,000 feet. As I walked I noticed something new. In several places along the trail, new, green and vibrant sprigs of grass were beginning to sprout. They looked almost out of place in their brown and arid surroundings as they were so green and luscious, yet this is what is occurring now. We are arriving at the beginning of another round of new, and the new is arriving, no question about it.

For the past two to three months we have literally been turned inside out. When we reached a crossing over point in January, we were not yet ready to be residing in this new and evolved energy. We needed to match, and thus began an extensive process of realignment where we were literally turned inside out, as we needed to be rightside up when the planet begins turning rightside up. No small feat.

We went deep. But at these depths and in this so called darkness exists much beauty and always a greater connection to Source, which is the purpose of any so-called “suffering.” It is not possible to create higher ways through the ego. If there is anything in our lives that we feel we absolutely must have, then we are not yet ready for it. When we reach a point where we are happy where we are and can see great beauty in what we interpreted as darkness, then we usually receive everything in the palms of our hands. It is when we get out of our own way and let Source fill us up that we receive what we no longer want. And in this state, we are being much more of Source.

These past few months have greatly assisted us in getting to this place so that we would be good and ready to receive what is to come. It basically involves getting out of our ego before we receive ways and means to create and be in the higher ways.

The energy shift and big surge of March 16 th really assisted as well. We had completed much purging and were now a little more empty so that we could fill up again with a higher vibration. During this time I had ascension symptoms that I had not experienced for several years, and I'm sure many of you did as well. Although brief, I had heart strain, pain and palpitations (trying to accommodate the higher energies), experiences of living in non-linear time where I was in the past, present and future all at the same time (not my favorite one!), some underlying panic and anxiety (more of the ego leaving), a vulnerability (ego defense mechanisms now gone), a period of a loss of creating ability and disappointment (learning not to create from ego), the shoulder pain (right for getting out of the way, left for learning to receive) and then……….the darkness.

Before we get to heaven we seem to have to go through hell. When we are arriving in a higher state of being, we always go through the darkness first. I talk a lot about this phase in the first book in the Life In The Higher Realms Series (the ascension primer) as it is simply part of the process. But eventually, we realize that all is one and understand the beauty and necessity of so called “darkness.” Also, when we are purging and releasing the denser energies, we are “in” them and can only seem to see through this filter at this time. But it never lasts and we always eventually come out on the other side. The further we progress in our ascension process, the less and less we experience the denser energies and the more we experience the higher ones.

We are now in a truly incredible space, if you choose to be in it. I have to say that although it seems judgmental, one really has to “earn” their way here. The beating down of the ascension process and accepting the gifts it offers is the ticket that will get you on the train. This place is the most peaceful space I have ever known. There is nothing here but incredible peace, harmony, beauty and gratitude for all things. No worries, cares, responsibilities, burdens or stress. And no 3D reality. It is all about creativity and “being.”

There is a pattern in ascension that occurs when we are in an energy surge and bumping up. Darkness arrives but great creativity arrives as well. One is about moving out and the other about moving in. And in this space, if one needs to go back to the old 3D reality it can feel downright awful and leave you plummeting into a darker and denser reality. Best to stay here and in your creativity and oneness with nature and the Earth as much as possible. Letting go and not being afraid to “leave” can give one the fuel to “jump across.”

And then there are the “threes.” Three is most certainly a key number of ascension. The phone prefix for all numbers here where I live is 333. My physical address adds up to a 3. I have had a weird experience the past few weeks of not getting out of bed to start my day until 12:00 noon……another 3. Coming through the portal of the 3. In my dreamtime I am being purched on a platform of some kind of a tripod with 3 legs that serve as anchors. And this area of Northeastern Arizona sits upon an underground pyramid. Yes, the threes. Have you noticed as well?

Coming through the gates of the three involved a massive re-configuration. The opportunity is there. One can't force their way here. One cannot learn and become aligned through reading. The purpose of these energy alerts is not to teach……it is to validate what you are experiencing so that we remember that we are not alone and that we are all one and that we are right on track according to our plan. We can only get here through experience. We can only “get it” through experience.

The ascension process provides the perfect experience and the perfect stretching and letting go that is required. No healers, activations or group processes. These do not usually “stick.” The ascension process “sticks.” It is very real and unfolds magically on its' own. If you are open to changing and growing through its' gifts and letting go of much of who you thought you were and how you thought things worked, you can make great progress indeed. One cannot get here through their mind……our minds are limited still. There is no learning involved…….only un learning.

If you have arrived in this new and amazing space, you may feel quite strange when you attempt to interact with the outside previously created world. It can feel as though you have to go through a great tunnel in order to try and connect or communicate. You may feel as if you are “acting” or outside of your body watching yourself talking as you are not really there in this strange and denser reality. And you may need to go through the motions of errands and such until this grand new world is up and running…….this new world where you are now vibrating and which will begin manifesting in a great way this summer.

Yes, we have pushed through a huge layer of density, but we have come far and learned even more. We may feel like hermits for a brief while as we can barely stand to go “out there” and as our own personal sanctuaries and space may feel so divine, but very soon we will be connecting with others that are where we are and we will finally be creating the new in form. Sustainability will be key. Organic will be key. Creativity will be key. Knowing the value of alignments will be key.

Are you ready for another new adventure?


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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