Completing the Transition...We Are Finally At the Turning Point

Such a turn of events I have never seen thus far in our spiritual evolutionary process, with new twists and turns at any given moment, great surprises, and miracles abounding!

This transition phase from one dimensional reality to another, as we enter into the land of prosperity, new beginnings, and the life of our wildest dreams has been an eventful one, to say the least. It seems that we just complete one stage, and then we are into quite another, as we begin aligning with the best of us, aligning with what it is we truly and deeply want, aligning with what we are now a better match for, and aligning with our own particular versions of heaven.

Being that we are aligning and shifting at different rates, although pretty much all on the same page now, we may find that we are a match for something one day, and not a match the next. So much is shifting as we are settling into our higher states within, that much is being created in regard to a vast array of choices being offered to us. And in addition, what was a given one day, can suddenly become moot the next.

As we see-saw our way into a very new reality, it can be unsettling, challenging, and interesting at best to hold a line when so much seems to be changing at any given moment. It can seem that we make a permanent decision at one phase of our settling in process, and then everything changes and a new decision is then called for, as the matching up process has dictated a very new scenario indeed. But ever so slowly, we are reaching our final destinations for this transitional phase, even if we have had to tick tack our way there.

Here in the US, we just had the Super Bowl…a football game which decides the champion team for the year. One team, the Patriots, was undefeated for 18 straight games. The opposing team, the Giants, had lost a few games. The odds makers predicted a 12 ½ point spread, with the Giants losing. My first Super Bowl…it was truly amazing.

Neck in neck for most of the game, at the very end, the Giants scored a touchdown and won the game much to everyone’s surprise. A team that had held a consistent winning streak, or a consistent energy for months, very suddenly experienced a change. The energies are changing so rapidly now, that about anything can and is happening. Energies which had been lagging behind are now catching up…as there is still opportunity for all to come on board.

Our presidential elections here in the US are reflecting the same. One candidate may have held the lead for many months with the expectancy of a win, and then very suddenly, another takes the fore-front as the energies are changing. The see-sawing begins, and then eventually, the dust settles.

In this regard, expect to see a big surprise in the final results. We are heading for a very new beginning, and this energy will dictate much in regard to future manifestations. Our Barrack Obama reflects the energy of the new, and we will see him catching up and creating great changes of hearts in the minds of many. The new energies which have lagged behind as they were not yet a match for the new energies during previous predictions, will suddenly explode, catch up, and dictate a very new scenario.

And this is what happened in regard to my marriage as well. I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams that Phil and I would re-unite (or I would have never announced it to my readers, and believe me, it was the most difficult energy alert I ever had to write), but oh so suddenly on the last day of January, the shifts within us finally “gestated” to their final levels, and we were once again an incredibly perfect match. I don’t believe that he or I remotely resemble the people we were when we first met a year ago last February…we were total opposites in every way, and as 2007 was the year for creating balance, it is indeed occurring for many of us.

Phil has always said that it has been interesting being married to someone who always knows what is coming. There were never any surprises for us. But I have to say that I love it when Source surprises us! There have been so many exciting surprises in the past few weeks, it has been like opening Christmas packages, never knowing what may be inside. We may think that the old patterns of what usually occurs will indeed occur again, or perhaps that things are always set in stone, but the “predictors” have been way off this time, and how divine it is!

This is because we are entering very new territory, and it is the territory of the higher vibrating energies. We are our best and truest selves now, with so much having been purged in 2007. This is when miracles abound, as like energies continue to attract like energies, but the energies which have remained are vibrating so much higher that it will soon feel as though we have indeed entered the gates of heaven, as we attract to us so many awesome miracles.

Yesterday, the 5th of February, marked the point of our lowest ebb. On this day, some of us may have felt that we could take no more, that we had had enough disappointments, that nothing might ever change, and our spirits might never be rejuvenated again. The energies had to go as far as they possibly could in regard to hitting the bottom, or in regard to having nothing really manifesting for us yet except losses and the old. This is as far as they needed to go, even though it may have felt as if we were deflated, lethargic, sorrowful, greatly disempowered, and severely disappointed.

But this stage has reached its final destination, and is now over. It is over now because of the solar eclipse which is due to arrive tomorrow, February 7th. Solar eclipses always bring in a very new beginning. The sun is blocked for a time, and when it re-emerges, it is a very new day. The old stops and the new arrives after the standstill or “end” has completed itself. And as any cosmic occurrences and energy shifts have been increasing their power and effects exponentially as we continue to evolve, this event will be a big one indeed.

Our beloved inhabitants of the land down under, have asked over the past months, if the energies affect them the same as they affect those in the northern hemisphere. Generally speaking, they do indeed. We are all going through the ascension process together, and are thus affected the same. Of course there are variances to the degree in which we are affected, as some of us are more sensitive than others, and some are more tapped into energies than others.

In addition, North America is the fore-runner for most of the planet, in regard to the fact that it embodies the energy that the rest of the planet jumps off from. Of course there are many countries and other areas that embody a much higher vibrating energy and reality, but North America holds the energies for change, for embodying what needs to change, and so forth. It is hard to describe here in words.

So then, we here in North America are much more affected by various changes that those in other areas of the planet may not be. Phil has provided some input here, as he speaks in facts, and I speak in terms of energy (the same way we give our tours), as I couldn’t figure out how to explain this: “The bushmen of the Kalahari, for instance, really aren’t affected by a stock market crash, as they are so far removed from the source. The bushmen of the Kalahari may be more affected by the weather. McDonalds began in the US. Now they are all over the world. You can now go to Madrid or Moscow and get a Big Mac. So then, the US has an incredible global effect. Whatever happens in the US has an effect then, all over the world.”

The US has much to change in regard to systems, or perhaps embodies more of what is to fall. There are those who have recently visited here, and strongly felt a need to flee. When they returned home to their native land, they felt much better. And this is how it is. There are more channelers and the like in Northern America as well. This continent embodies the avant-garde, and because of this, it has much to “un-do,” even though there are many here who embody the energy of the new world as well.

As far as being in the beginning the stages of living in community, each community embodies its own specific purpose, and each community will be separate from the whole, but all these communities will connect with each other and create a whole as well; a much higher vibrating whole. All energies here on the planet are not vibrating at the same level right now, so in this way, these separations will occur, even though they will also create unity. Higher vibrating energies cannot reside in the same space as lower vibrating energies…this is simply the law of how energy works, and this is what creates the hierarchies that comprise the order of the universe.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those in the southeast of the US who have recently experienced such great loss from the powerful and tumultuous tornadoes. Our thoughts and our love are with you.

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,

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Edi 7th February 2008 5:08 pm

What a beautiful message - thank you Karen.

Yes - it certainly has been unpredictable! Everything is changing, every second.


Jill Redmond 8th February 2008 12:46 am

Dearest Karen,
We are all so interconnected and your delightful, magical (almost fairy-dust like) energy is truly felt by me and I'm sure many readers in cyberspace!
How wonderful to reconnect with Phil - beyond what the mind could ever comprehend.
May your walk together be filled with much joy, contentment and abounding LOVE, hand-in-hand on this sacred journey.
Yours in that ineffable love,

Rachel 14th February 2008 12:26 am

Karen thank you for sharing your awareness! It's interesting and heartening to know that I'm not the only one going through endless series of changes and it certainly makes sense that the vibrational level is becoming a higher one, so we can align with what's best now, and now, and again now! That is my experience too. I appreciate your sharing!

I'm somewhat skeptical about what you said about N. America ... is it really the centre of things? It seems to me that it can look like that from our perspective, but that in other places, for instance, the midst of the Kalahari, it's probably not that important. On the other hand, maybe it really is, and I just wish it wasn't! Ha ha! What do you think about that? :)

Thanks again. Peace to you. Rachel in Saskatchewan.


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