Declaring what we want


After the energies were embodied within us and transmuted (the energies which we lovingly brought back from the prior created 3D reality), we are now able to move ahead into the new territory of our visions, but we are also once again having symptoms created from our move ahead.

Asking for what we want in a healthy way is mandatory in higher realms reality, and this situation is being played out in a variety of ways, whether in our personal lives or as a whole. In addition, as we have completed the purging and releasing that we experienced around December and the window of time surrounding it, we are once again , moving upward vibrationally.

Sometimes I wonder if we ever get the luxury of actually being somewhere and relaxing, for any length of time, before we once again continue with our spiritual evolutionary process!

Adjusting to these higher energies as a whole is creating much. But physically, it can commonly be felt as bloating, digestive problems, dizziness, weakness, exhaustion, and that oh familiar need to eat often, as our systems are really revving up in order to embody these higher frequencies. Oh, the physical pressure!

Strange, short, nonsensical, and many times difficult to recall dreams during sleeptime may be present as well (some releasing occurring), but at the same time, we are also receiving new downloads of higher and new information that we are now ready to receive and implement in some way. This is creating the releasing in dreamtime, so that this new and higher information can have a home (higher and lower vibrating energies cannot exist in the same space).

Globally, we are moving through the “asking for what we want” energies, and the energies with this theme will be present for a long time. There is a long road, both past and future, involved with this theme, as it is so vital for living in the higher realms.

Personally, you may have recently experienced an interaction with someone or something that relates to asking for what you want. When we attract another into our lives who seems to us to be demanding, out for themselves only, wanting what they want while seemingly disregarding the needs and desires of others, and at times dominating things, it is usually because we need to be more like them. We need to learn to be comfortable asking for what we want, or actually demanding it, while knowing that this is perfectly OK.

If you are one who is experiencing a usually easy going person suddenly getting annoyed, or perhaps you are feeling that you really do not understand why this person doesn't simply take what they want for themselves, then you are one who is ready to be more like the easy going person….ready to acknowledge that things are not always all about you. The easy going person is needing to acknowledge that things can at times be all about themselves, as when we are in our usual state of being, we tend to put others before us. There is a happy medium here, and we are simply in the process of finding it for ourselves.

So then, we are in the process of balancing these energies in a healthy way. When we are extreme in one direction, it is almost always because we believe that our way is of the highest. This is why we get so annoyed and mortified when we encounter another who is the complete opposite. The other person is feeling just as confused and perhaps as mortified as you are, as they believe that their way is of the highest! The majority of the time, we believe that we are helping and that we are being and doing what is the absolute best…and this fact alone is what creates the overlap energy that places us in alignment with all others, if we can only see it at a higher level.

I have had my eye on Senator Barack Obama lately, as he so beautifully embodies the energies of the center. And being a bi-racial man, he carries this energy well. When it is time to elect a new president here in the US , we will elect an individual who represents enough of the whole, as that is how evolution and energy works. We create on the outside what we are about on the inside. And in regard to the masses, we will create and thus elect a representative of who we are and how we are vibrating as the predominance. This is why some of us may love one candidate, but unless enough of us are in sinc with this candidate, there is no chance of a successful election. The individual who wins is always reflective of the current vibration, and most importantly, what stage we are in, in our evolutionary process.

Here in the US as well (my apologies to those of you residing outside the US, as I am not as well versed in what is occurring there), we have recently had several situations that are reflective of this asking for what you want scenario. People are really beginning to speak out now. The energy has really shifted globally for all of us.

The choices that were made when the OJ Simpson situation emerged have now created the next stage. When enough of the public created an outcry that they absolutely would not tolerate a book by OJ Simpson about the killing of his wife and her friend, nor would they tolerate a television interview about this, this shifting of the energies then allowed for the next phase. If this had not happened, we would then have experienced another opportunity to do the same, only this opportunity would have been even more pronounced.

Pedophilia seems to continue to be a hot topic, but this arena is changing in regard to what will now be tolerated. Much is coming into the forefront, things are being handled differently and in a loving way, while at the same time, a zero tolerance policy for lower vibrating energies is being implemented. And many, many more are becoming involved, while action is being taken.

There are changes with the media as well. Folks are speaking out about rude and inconsiderate behavior…making it clear that this in no longer OK. And there have been swift and severe actions taken for those who are displaying this inappropriate behavior.

Energetically, these changes are quite evident. The stay back, have no power, thinking we must do what we do not want to days are coming to an end. And this is because so much of the denser and lower vibrating energies have been cleared away. But as always, evolution takes time. The long and detailed account of what appropriate higher realms asking for what we want energy looks like, can be found in the new program that I am currently writing, but it would not be appropriate for an energy alert. (For those of you who have been asking, the new program will be ready around mid-February, and will be announced through the e-list and on the energy alert page.)

Knowing and expecting what we know is ours to have, knowing how to ask for and get it in a balanced and healthy way, and having all of our needs met is the higher realms way of living and being. We are simply lining up our energies now to match these higher ways.

And while all of the above is occurring, we are still experiencing the magical energy of arriving in a new space, and this space is indicative of where we have always dreamed of being.

Things are now able to flow more effortlessly to us. We have actually earned this new residency, through the fact that we have completed certain steps in our evolutionary process. Little pieces of the gold watch are now at our disposal. And as we move more and more into our new spaces in more and more ways, things will grow and arrive like never before.

It is our time now, and will continue to be our time in bigger and grander ways. Will you claim what is now yours? Will you be comfortable in asking for and demanding what you want? Will you see the prize that is waiting for you, right in front of you, and wondering why you are not moving ahead to occupy its' space?

Much is being handed to us now. If we can re-train our minds to know that we no longer exist in the old 3D reality (and how it operated), we will then be able to live in grace and ease in these new higher realms. Are you ready?

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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