Did the bottom fall out?


If you have been feeling for the past few days as though you are out of body, floating somewhere unfamiliar, feeling connected to nothing, even yourself, or even as if the bottom has just fallen out from beneath you, you are not alone.

Add to this some sleepless nights, nausea, dizziness, along with perhaps not knowing exactly where you are, panic, desperation, and some fear, and you will have a recipe for our current energetic space.

Are our hopes and dreams ever going to manifest? How will we ever create what our hearts desire? Where are our supports? Where in the heck are we anyway? Is anything real? I can assure you that nothing is out of order, and things, as always, are right where they need to be.

A few days ago we got hit with a substantial energy surge. It literally almost knocked some of us off our rockers. This blast and crash of energy into our current energetic reality pushed and blasted much right out of us. This was a time or opportunity to change and let go of any old patterns of being and running our personal energy. Old patterns were literally knocked right out of us, or at least brought right up to the surface.

If you are a sensitive individual, you may have felt shell shocked and did not know why. And immediately after this huge wave of energy passed through, we were then left in a space of much less density. Because of this, at first it can feel as though one is floating around above everything, not connected to much, and with nothing to hold onto. Our sense of security can thus be affected to a great degree, and confusion can result as well.

All in all, much of everything can just feel plain strange. There is little movement now with the energies as a stillness surrounds us. A stillness resulting from the fallout of this vast energy crash that most recently occurred.

As I write these words, an angel messenger has appeared (very unusual) with these words to share:

“A new reign of peace and serenity is now upon us. A new surge of light has heralded a new dawn. We can rejoice in the bounty that it will bring. It is truly the dawn of a new era. Know that new opportunities abound. It is a time for magic. It is a time to wave your wands and watch as miracles occur.”

If you are not experiencing any of the above, there may be several reasons. And know that you are most certainly not alone. The higher we vibrate as a planet and as a whole, the more evident and extreme any lower vibrating energies become when they enter our spaces. Because everything is magnified the higher we vibrate, when we attract things that feel unpleasant to a great degree, it is because we are of course seeing and experiencing the patterns within ourselves that are out of whack with the higher realms.

And now that we have reached a new and higher vibrating rung of the energy ladder, much of these patterns have been thrown right up into our faces with great force. This latest energy surge and bombardment really intensified much for us. It is a strange space now because if we choose a negative thought or make an inappropriate and inaccurate assumption, we are shown with full force and in incredible living color what we believe to be true, even though it may be coming from a great mis-perception on our part.

The trite phrase of “creating our own reality” is now more true than ever before. What we choose to believe and perceive becomes the play and drama that we will find ourselves in. If we can focus our thoughts and attentions on positive things of a higher order, we will immediately be placed in a new dream and reality. In this way, we can rise above the mass consciousness and have a very different experience.

So in effect, we are the ones who are currently creating our own prisons. And with the energies at a stillness now, what predominates are our thoughts and beliefs, or what is really emanating from inside of us. Thus, if we are feeling icky and stressed, out of sorts, and extremely fearful, it is because we are allowing doubts, fears, insecurities, and the like to run our energies, and they are coming from within.

But mostly, these experiences are here because the energies are waning and still. Creations always occurs when everything culminates and comes together…from the outside as well as the inside. It is never one way only. When the higher energies really hit from outside, then that is what dominates and we have a very different experience. But currently, the outside energies are very absent. So for the time being, if we can trust that we are simply experiencing the fall out space of stillness for awhile, and know that things will again change, as they always do, we can use this opportunity to choose what we really want to focus on in regard to our thoughts and desires.

For this reason, we may be feeling pressures in regard to having to make decisions now when we may feel that we do not yet have the necessary supports to make them happen. Much may be upon us, we may be unusually busy, and at the same time, wonder how in the world we are going to get to the next reality we need and know we want to create.

Trust that things will change. Trust that our supports will arrive. Trust that we are only experiencing a phase resulting from this latest huge blast of higher energy. And know that the angel messenger that just arrived unexpectedly was right.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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