Dis-Connections, Re-Alignements, and the Miracles of Local

Although this rarely occurs, it has been much longer than usual in between energy alerts this time. The last energy alert was posted on April 3rd. I was blessed a few weeks ago to acquire my dream land here in the red rocks of the same local area of New Mexico where I have been living, and blessed as well to acquire a rare and “very modest” rental home (or rather, interesting shack) directly across the road within a brief walking distance of my land, where I can reside while I am building some kind of structure to live in!

The land and the terms of acquisition seemed to be magically orchestrated, all in divine and perfect order for our new energetic space of new beginnings, as I will address further on in this energy alert. In this regard, I have been moving, have not had internet access, and have been ill as well. At one point I attempted to post this newest energy alert at an internet café about an hour away, but my new laptop would not connect there either! All this supporting our latest energy status of dis-connections. My new internet service was finally connected a few moments ago, so things are finally back to a normal and functioning state…if only I could find my pots and pans! I thank you for your patience…

The energies of late? Much has been missing its mark, as we have broken through into a very new and higher vibrating space and this greatly affects our aligning and connecting experiences. In addition, it can feel as though we are in a no space with nothing much going on at all, and perhaps feeling as if there are no connections to anything either! Are we hanging out there in the middle of nowhere, abandoned, lost, and left behind to our own defenses? Are we in a strange and new space with no one to talk to, to connect to, and with anything and everything seemingly lost out there in a black hole far, far away? Is everyone and everything gone? Are our businesses, friends, means of support and much else gone forever? Will we be able to survive? Does anyone care about us anymore? Have we fallen down a long tunnel far, far away?

I can assure you that all is in divine and perfect order.

Some manifestations of our dis-connect: We may hear information from someone about a situation, and completely different information about the same situation from someone else. We may be told one thing, and then suddenly, an entirely different scenario manifests, as if some other reality was taking place and it suddenly arrived in our space, but somehow we missed out on how it got there, and it may not even match what we had been experiencing or were being told only a few days, hours, or minutes before. Someone says this and another person says that. Nothing may seem to make sense and confusion can abound during these times!

We may not be able to connect to what we seem to need to connect to. There may be delays, interruptions, or even an extreme inability to connect at all. There may seem to be no open door to communication with no understanding or comprehension from either party. Misinterpretations can abound during these times. We may connect to someone with the same name as the one we are trying to connect to, but it is an entirely different person!

Connections to things electronic may seem to go haywire with constant glitches, problems, and the like. Electronics may not seem to operate as they should, with one mishap after another, with seemingly no resolution in sight.

We may make progress, but in small steps, little increments, and when each accomplishment finally arrives, it may not be the best one, and so yet another solution or manifestation unfolds. This is because much is re-aligning and sorting itself out. The dust has not yet settled with all of the new due to come our way.

Much of everything may seem to have disappeared. Our means of financial support may have dwindled, our friends may seem farther away than normal, and much of anything may seem just too busy to find us. We may feel lost, confused, and left out. We may feel empty or perhaps floating around in a space of no space, all alone on a deserted island.

We may find that when we attempt to connect locally, or to anything which is near to us in the physical, our connections manifest in record time. We may think something, and it miraculously appears in seconds. Miracles may seem to abound when we stay put, or in our immediate space. Local has all the power now, as this is our new evolutionary status.

Here is what is occurring: The doors finally opened fully to the other side, or to a higher vibrating space around the latter part of March. Some experienced this as an initiation of sorts in their dream state, as well as having some strange and unusual occurrences regarding sounds (usually buzzing), seeing lights, and the like, as well as an intense and dramatic letting go. For some, it may have felt like a huge door swung open, and for others, they may have felt nothing at all.

In the 3D reality, we let go of our physical bodies when we “die.” We don’t take our suitcases with us either. Through the ascension process, we are dying while we are still in our physical forms, only this process is occurring gradually in small steps. During this last phase into a higher vibrating space or dimension, we needed to let go of much that was holding us back or keeping us in a lower vibrating state. In this regard, we most recently needed to dis-connect from others who were holding us down.

So then, during this latest phase, we were being encouraged to let go of our old ways of “helping,” assisting, holding on to others through compassion, and even finally letting go of the responsibilities we had held for so long in regard to getting this planet into a higher vibrating reality by using ourselves as the vehicles for transmutation. We were being released so that we could “die” some more, go to the light, and arrive in a new reality.

I am currently recovering from a kidney stone (part of the reason for the delay in writing a new energy alert!). I have never had one before and have not been to a doctor or health practitioner in several years…it was all so very strange until I realized what was occurring. I am truly blessed to have wonderful neighbors. A few days after I moved into my first house here last October, we were invited to dinner across the street. There I met Jerry and his wife Nelda. Jerry and Nelda, an awesome couple of Mormon faith, have watched over my house while I was away, always made sure I was OK, invited me to dances and dinners in town, helped me move into the house I am now occupying, Jerry dowsed my new land for water, and the like. A few weeks ago Jerry had a kidney stone and it was discovered that Nelda had ovarian cancer. When I heard about this, I was crushed and immediately went into compassion. Very soon after, I got a kidney stone myself and the major portion of the pain was in the area of my ovary.

Because the state of compassion vibrates lower than love, we can easily take on the energy of what we are showing compassion for. This lowers our vibration. The answer is to stay in love and to stay separate. This is what was holding many of us back from moving into the new world. We may have cared too deeply for others with a strong desire to help and assist.

We no longer need to assist in this way. We can retire now from our old roles. Our mission has been accomplished. As we learn to vibrate differently, we can now move on.

Currently, then, we are “re-booting.” We are gearing up and re-aligning ourselves for the new and everyone is different in regard to how this manifests. Some may feel as though they do not want to do a thing, cannot get going, feel a heaviness and a dragged down feeling, and very lethargic. Some may feel spacey, dis-oriented, have difficulty concentrating…or maybe even lost in space. Others may be preparing as if a spring cleaning is needed. And during this house cleaning, many may find that it is indeed time to let go of much while we are preparing for our very new beginnings.

We are indeed re-aligning to a great degree. This is what is causing the strange occurrences with connections. As we are now vibrating higher, we are no longer in alignment with the things we used to be in alignment with. Because of this, we may find ourselves not being able to communicate with others, not wanting to continue friendships, and certainly experiencing an inability to connect to electronics and much of anything residing in the old world of lower vibrating creations!

As we have reached the end of the tunnel, we may feel like much of everything else is on the opposite end of the tunnel where we are, and thus, much can feel as if it is existing somewhere far, far way.

When we begin to vibrate higher, we are almost literally invisible to old lower vibrating forms. When I tried to find an installer for my internet satellite, they could not find my community or new address anywhere in their map system. It was as if I did not even exist. This is what at times can create the feeling of being lost. And this is what is creating the re-setting, re-aligning, and the new connections as well.

In addition, we may need to part with some of our brothers and sisters, as we no longer share the same roles or pieces and realities of the new world. This was the case for Phil and I, as we have now completely parted in all ways. We were intended to be together for a brief time, and we are now done with what we came together to do. Someone who is an ideal match for me now is due to arrive very soon. And during this parting process, I indeed learned about holding on as well. Wanting to part as a team effort, supporting each other, and being there for each other did not work. I was holding on in an effort to take the high road of parting ways in integrity, consideration, with caring and mutual support, and this only created confusion and stress for both of us. I would have never guessed. When it is time to let go, it is simply time to let go in all ways.

A brief side note here: For many, our new beginnings involve being with the partners and friends of our dreams and our ideal mates. Our ideal companions are just that. Meaning it is not necessary to have a partner who shares our project or our “work,” and certainly who is not in our space to help us balance our issues. Ideal partners in the higher realms reflect a wonderful companionship, as at this point we are fairly complete and whole all on our own. This is part of the reality of these very new beginnings which we will indeed experience soon. We are in yet another of the many transitions of the ascension process, and this particular one has many, many facets and phases as it is so very monumental.

So here is what is ahead and what we are evolving into as a whole and as individuals, even though you may be tired of hearing it so many times! (smile): We have refined ourselves and purified to a great degree, although we still have much more yet to do. This creates a more purified version of who we are. In this way, we then begin to attract other more purified things into our lives which match where we currently are. As things are condensing and refining more and more, the denser energies are also leaving as well, creating much less space in between our connections. Thus, we need to re-align with things that now match where we are. Those we part from will also re-align with things that match where they are as well. All in divine and perfect order.

Small communities will begin to form, as they are beginning now. This will create much in the way of “local.” You may find yourself now using a landline phone instead of a cell phone. You may find yourself connecting more to others who reside in your immediate community. The airlines here in the US are supporting this energy of “staying home,” as thousands of flights have been cancelled lately due to unusual circumstances. We are refining and purifying, and this creates a natural state of congealing with other energies similar to ours….thus, local communities, as energies which are vibrating lower seem to exist somewhere far, far away.

Becoming more grounded will be prevalent, as well as aligning and grounding to your area of residence. And yes, small communities can form within big metropolises. We need only be in an area where we feel good, as that is all that matters. If you feel that you are not yet in this space of local community, you are not alone. We are all right where we need to be, and this will be addressed more fully further on in this energy alert.

As the solar flares of the past have subsided to a great degree, our connections to the light will come much more from our connections to each other. We are vibrating higher now within ourselves, and we need only connect to each other for love and support. Yet another alignment to starting new communities here on Earth.

Those of us who have been unable to drop extra weight will see it falling off now. Holding the light or higher vibrations for the whole is no longer necessary, as we have reached a critical mass as well as moved into a higher vibrating reality, and thus, left the denser energies behind. The weight or light we carry is now more evenly distributed among the masses, as our mission has been accomplished. We need not carry it by ourselves now in order to shift the energies. And in addition, we will be communing with our brothers and sisters of the light and thus, need not carry this weight or light when we are together.

When I used to visit the ancient sites, I would love to communicate with our ancient elders and learn how they used to live and what they held dear. I am no longer in this space. During the last visit I made to my favorite site during the equinox, it was made very clear that I need only hang out, enjoy myself, and learn nothing more. This is because we have now surpassed these ancient and highly evolved ways. We are now at a point where we can create what we choose on this planet Earth. It is entirely up to us. And this is part of our new beginnings. Our old spirit guides may have departed as well, as our guidance is being encouraged to come from within ourselves…not from without (even though our spirit guides were always only higher vibrating aspects of ourselves anyway: it is just that we are now becoming them or surpassing them).

So for some, new guides may arrive and for others, they may be greatly encouraged to use their wisdom from within. As we continue with our evolutionary process, more and more we become the angels of the earth ourselves as we ourselves become the non-physical beings with whom we used to consult. This is why we may appear invisible to some, or at least, greatly unnoticed in the old reality of lower vibrational manifestations.

We will begin to support each other through utilizing our own unique gifts and talents within our local communities. About 25% of our time will be spent providing service to the masses in the way of our store-fronts. Our store-fronts will connect globally, while the remainder of our connections will be to our local environment. Our store-fronts will bring in the financial support we need which makes up for any support we still cannot get from our local communities.

We are all at different levels of this scenario. Generally speaking, the first wavers have retired and all their needs will be met. On down the rungs of the ladder will be others who desire to follow. These individuals will be assisted by those who have retired, and they will be assisted through the store-fronts. In this way, our store-fronts will cater more to the mainstream than ever before. Know as well, that there are always overlaps and grey areas. Some may not serve the mainstream, but serve others who are near the top rung with much more higher vibrating services. Others may have store-fronts at the same time that they are still moving up the ladder. This is just an overview of our evolutionary process and how it will most likely unfold and there is always room for change as we are the ultimate creators.

Currently in the US our economy is resetting itself. It is experiencing a rebooting as well. So there is much going on all at once now, as the US has always been the fore-runner for the rest of the world. Our store-fronts will be the glue that holds what is left together. We will all be OK. We will be OK either through our store-fronts as wayshowers, or through the assistance of others who are a bit ahead of us. Or even through the love, unity, connections, and support of our new communities!

No one is better than another, and no one has missed the boat. We determined our roles and how they would unfold well before we entered these physical forms. In this way, we are all right where we need to be according to what our own individual roles are about. Holding the space where each of us is residing is always perfection. In this way we assist the whole as we assist ourselves. We need to be in different spaces. This is part of the process…

Re-booting almost always involves the heavy feeling of lethargy, but it always passes as well. We may feel as if we are going in circles and getting nowhere, but as things settle out through their new alignments, we will experience more magic than we have ever known.

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,

Karen Evolution glyph swirl


Spirit Hawk 23rd April 2008 5:21 pm

Prayers for your new home and your new health. The metaphor of a PC rebooting is spot-on. and the energy over the past two weeks for me has been very confusing. We, however, need to visit some of the ancient sites and are planning that this year - in Hopi and Navajo land as well as the Hopi-Mayan connection. And no idea how to go about it without the normal 'tourist' mode. Peace in your new home.

Kathy 28th April 2008 3:09 am

thank you for this message. the last few weeks have been quite a struggle energetically and your words hit the mark. I had to laugh about disconnects (but was not last week! :) Just finding a taxi in this crowded city has become a joke...busy, occupied or the driver looks right at me but does not see me...just disconnecting all over the place! Back on track now I hope....do feel better soon!

Patriciapearl 1st May 2008 9:58 pm

Karen, I have had the same experience regarding the wise elders of the past. I will share what came to me at that time:

In an early morning muse real ease, as is the way, GOD & Co. has just announced its most recent expansion. With this expansion comes the intention to expand Love into the hearts of many and to have this Love be expressed by many, many more. As GOD & Co. has just accepted the retirement of Past Participants and on the realization that Past Sages and Past Prophets are just that, new positions within this Company have just been opened up.

The New Positions available are as follows:

1. Modern Day Muses
2. Sensual Sages
3. Present Day Prophets
4. Miracle Workers

The Requirements are as follows:

1. Must possess vision: insight and outsight.
2. Must have courage and faith.
3. Must be willing to learn and be open to new concepts.
4. Must have the ability to create and must know it.
5. Must be open to receive and willing to give.
6. Must be aware of the characteristics of Divine Will.
7. Must embody Love.

Positions available: NOW

Apply with personal life’s resume to: Sweet 141 – One Heaven, On Earth.

Attention: G.O.D.

p.s I have applied.


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