Effects of the 11:11 Portal


The portal of 11:11 was incredibly significant, even if many did not personally feel its' energies. It literally connected us to a higher way of being, to higher energies and realities, to answers and solutions to things that were at loose ends, and re-wired us for the higher vibrating frequencies.

This opening to the higher realms placed us in a higher dimension in regard to higher ways of living and being. For instance: It made very clear the reality that we always have all that we need right now. I will be referring to this and other higher realms ways of being in writings to come, but one of the major rules of thumb in the higher realms is that we always have everything we need.

Basically, this means that much is right in front of us all the time, but because of our mis-perceptions and limited ways of thinking, and the ruts we place ourselves in, in regard to how we choose to view things, we miss out on many opportunities. This is why we need only wear our one hat of expertise, passion, and purpose…as it is then up to another to supply our needs through their area of passion and expertise, as they serve to open us to a new and different way of perceiving and thus allowing very new supports.

When we allow ourselves to get out of the way, to release our temptation to run everything ourselves, to realize that we don't know everything, and to allow help from other experts, then many of our needs will be met. Much of what we need is right there in our spaces, only we seem to get caught up in our own thoughts and beliefs, stress, needs, and conditioning that it is up to us to make everything happen. New ideas and ways of doing things are out there…we have just been caught in our limited reality and box, and have not yet opened to another reality or way.

One of the biggest mis-perceptions of the 3D reality is that we are missing something and don't have what we need or desire, and I will be writing much about this in the on-line program, as the higher realms break that mis-perception wide open. Through a higher realms view, it becomes abundantly clear that we have made up a grand illusion in regard to how we thought we needed to survive…and with many limitations on the how . This is no longer necessary, as we are set free from that illusion as we begin to reside in a higher frequency and begin to live in a totally new and different way. And this all comes very naturally, as the ascension process allows us to vibrate higher and higher, and as we vibrate higher, we begin to see things quite differently. The truth is very evident there!

The portal of 11:11 greatly opened us, and in this way, these other realities and connections were made clear. Most of them were right in front of us all along, only we were not utilizing them. The 11:11 portal cleared the way, removed some of the density of these walls, and therefore supported our evolutionary steps forward.

When we are opening, we always release. This can create emotions that are more intensified that normal. We can weep at the drop of a hat. I have found myself crying at commercials, when wonderful things happen, when I see not so great things happening, and even when I listen to beautiful music. My usually lively and exuberant six year old granddaughter got strep throat, and my alpaca stared at me forever with his blue eyes, and I cried at both! Everything is magnified the higher we vibrate as well. When we emerge into a higher vibrating frequency, as we did through the 11:11 portal, we are in a different world. For me, it has felt like the twilight zone…a space of no space…a space of lightness…a space of instant manifestation (to the point of it feeling downright creepy), a space of magic and amazement, and a space of gratitude.

On the evening of November 11 th , I experienced a series of overlays while I slept. I am not usually blessed to have amazing things happen in my dream state as many others do, but every night since the 11 th , I have had dreams of being in a new reality of incredible energy, a graduation into a higher vibration, and a re-birth. Through the gift of this portal, we can choose to go through, and arrive somewhere very new and different indeed.

And through this process, we are also being re-wired for the higher frequencies. I could not figure out what all these overlays were about that were arriving on top of me one by one, but sensed that they had to do with a new way of functioning along with the arrival into a new world and dimension. An integration and supportive foundation of some sort. Something very new indeed. I felt like a seven layer cake for awhile! And then I received an e-mail from Steve Rother who channels The Group…and there it was, this layering experience explained very beautifully ( kindly click here to read). Yes, we are being re-wired. Why is it always so wonderful when our experiences are validated?

As we continue to progress through our spiritual evolutionary process, we may find that it is time to really ask for what we want. This pattern is beginning to intensify. When things do not seem to be progressing…when we do not feel supported….when we are so very weary of the status quo…it is a good time to get very angry. It can feel wonderful to get up and shout at the universe and make our desires known. It is a great catharsis and also moves a lot of energy!

Being very clear about what we want is a pivotal part of creating. Just as is consciously creating instead of accepting what seems to arrive all on its' own. Here in the US , we recently had a re-emergence of a situation involving sports celebrity OJ Simpson, who allegedly murdered his wife and her friend 12 years ago. OJ Simpson has recently written a book about how he might have committed this crime, has been paid a few million dollars, and is also being interviewed on television.

“Why in the world is this happening?” one might wonder. Is ugliness and dark energy arriving once again on the planet? Aren't we now vibrating much higher than this kind of thing? Here is the reason this has emerged now: This situation has arrived in order to give us the opportunity to express with great intensity, what we will and will not tolerate. It is enabling us to declare what we do and do not want. Manifestations of reality cannot exist unless there is an energy fueling them. They do not emerge and arrive in our spaces as a whole, without good reason.

A big theme now in regard to creating the new is about making our desires known. With so much of the lower vibrating energies moving out on an on-going basis, we need now be very clear on what we want this New Planet Earth to look like. Larry King (CNN) recently aired a show with a wonderful panel on conscious creating and the Law of Attraction. It was widely accepted, which is another indicator of what we are now wanting. Although perhaps old news for some of us, for the new emerging souls who are just beginning to awaken, it could not be more timely…and it greatly relates to the creation of the New as well.

With this magnificent shift we recently experienced, we can now leave even more behind. We no longer need to reside in old belief systems and old realities. There is much we could not see before, as we were viewing things though a density barrier and through our dis-connect selves.

As the pieces continue to come in for our new roles and purposes, just watch as we become continually surprised at what arrives for us….places we thought we would never be (although we always dreamed of them), and manifestations we thought we could never have. And as we progress into states of manifesting from our higher selves instead of our dis-connect selves, we will be able to manifest much more easily, as what we think we must have becomes less and less important.

This is why our spiritual evolutionary process is taking so long. If everything was oh so rosy all of the sudden, we would have then created from a lower vibrating stance. The New World is a highly vibrating one, and needs to be created from a higher vibrating stance.

Deep, heartfelt, and greatly connected desires are what will create the New World . And they will support and be connected to all of the whole. Are you ready?

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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