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We are still in the most awesome of times. We are now residing in a most incredible energy that allows for special connections, miracles to occur, and the realization of our every dreams….. the dreams that we have held dear for our entire lives.

It is time for our purposes to finally begin manifesting. The road is now perfectly clear. There will never again be any resistance, roadblocks, or denser and darker energies prohibiting us from creating what we came to create. And in this way, the very new planet Earth is just around the corner……at last.

And as always, we are going through the steps necessary to support us in getting where we have always known we would be going. Mercury turns retrograde on the 13 th , but these planetary influences can usually be felt during times before and after the actual dates.

Mercury retrograde with be supporting us in going back and revisiting or clearing up any old and prior created situations that no longer fit where we are now. These areas will need to be addressed and taken care of, so that when the new and higher energies arrive in March, we will be ready and in place to ride the wave. If there is anything that you have left sitting, or have not taken the time to address and clear up, during the retrograde would be the perfect time.

Arriving in these new and higher realms in total completion, has been manifesting an important message as well. You may have had a dream of late where you are being shown that you are now in a space of effortless manifestation, and where everything is just wonderful….no struggling, complete peace, happiness, and joy. These dreams and realizations are here to let us know with complete certainty and validation that we are now most certainly in a very new reality….and this is the reality of no effort required, no struggle, and total peace and joy. Not realizing or believing this will create the old 3D reality…it is a choice…and up to each of us. Recognizing where we are is pivotal in insuring our arrival through the gates of Heaven.

The very massive energy shift of December has catapulted us into a reality for anyone to utilize and experience. We are being shown in all ways, that this time is now our time. Much, much will now change. All the hardships, struggles, pain and suffering are now over….. forever . The denser energies that may still appear evident are the energies that have not yet arrived. It is easier now than ever before to lift above them. Going back, will feel like a massive weight upon our heads, like trying to move through quicksand and muck, and literally make one sick to their stomach.

It is during these times of arrival into a higher dimension, that visiting and spending time in the old energies can create an almost gagging feeling….a feeling that you just cannot seem to get comfortable anywhere. When this happens, we are craving the higher realms reality, and we may feel that we must get in it very quickly, or we shall surely perish. But where is it? Sometimes it can even be difficult to go the store, be in crowds, or even eat in a restaurant. You may not know where you are anymore. And the resistance to the lower vibrating creations can again create allergy symptoms.

But at the same time, miracles and amazing connections are occurring. This is usually the pattern when we reach a higher dimension. An awesome amount of incredible energy and manifesting comes in, at the same time that we can still feel much of the muck going out. Ships passing in the night.

During these times it can greatly help to stay home in our personal sanctuaries, be out in nature as much as possible, or spend as much time as we can in a creative project. These are all higher realms realties and experiences, and this is why they give us relief and feel good when nothing much else can.

We are perfectly poised now to begin creating the new world. Have you noticed the unusual amount of attention finally be given to the environment? The attention finally being given to new sources of energy? To our planet? This is because the road is finally clear….crystal clear with no blockages what-so-ever.

It is now that we will finally and most assuredly meet up with our ancient soul teams, for purposes of creating. These are the teams and the unions that we agreed to connect with at the right time. There are energies now beneath the earth that have been hidden by us for eons of time…just waiting for the vibration of the planet to reach a certain point, so that they could then be released once again. It is now safe. It is now perfectly safe for these energies to be re-introduced.

There will now be no thwarting or sabotaging of our efforts. These higher energies would not be presenting themselves if it was not time for them to be here. Much is being orchestrated from above…our new beds are being made. There will be no effort involved. And this is all occurring because everyone is finally on board. The substantial times of waiting for others to arrive is over….at least for this phase!

Now that the new palette is clear, we can begin to introduce the new ways of being and living that we have always known. This planet is now rightfully ours…this planet that we created eons ago, is now back in the arms of us….its original creators. We can now guide it in the higher ways that we have always known. We are being welcomed home at last.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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