Engulfed In Darkness and the California Fires

Acute darkness has surrounded us of late, with the greatest intensity on or about Saturday, October 27th. There is good reason for this, which I will explain further on, but for those of you who are sensitives and tuned in more than most, it may have been a very uncomfortable ride.

It may have felt like there was darkness everywhere with nowhere to go. Not a glimmer of light anywhere to be found. No matter where we turned, there was seemingly darkness everywhere. Here in the US, it will be Halloween on the 31st, so gools, torturous themes, evil, and the like are adding to the pot!

Seemingly being engulfed by darkness, futility, hopelessness, chaos, no connection anywhere, and nothing remotely making sense, can create states within us of fear, confusion, panic, loss, sadness, grief, and the like. And it just feels downright creepy out there right now. Where, oh where has the light seemingly gone?

“If I could just find something that felt good!” you may have found yourself thinking. Or perhaps, “I just cannot tolerate any lower vibrating energies for one minute longer!” “Everything around me feels awful!” “There is nowhere to go! All the past creations of this planet are just too uncomfortable to be in anymore!” “There is seemingly no one at the helm…nothing makes any sense, there is no security, and certainly no solid or higher level guidance in this current reality!”

So what is going on here, and where do we go now?

Darkness is surrounding us now, because we are going to a new and higher level, and purging much. Mercury retrograde is as always, assisting. Going back and going deeper is part of the releasing process. And of course, all the communication and travel challenges as well.

Some might say that we are being attacked by the darkness, as it does not want the light to take over and shine so brilliantly. But this is only a lower level interpretation stemming from the minds we operated from which resided in a lower vibrating reality. We no longer live in those states of dis-connect from our higher level selves. And in this way, the polarity and blaming things of the outside can no longer exist. Thus, it becomes more evident than ever, that we are simply purging and releasing all the darkness within us. And as the true lightworkers that we are, we transmute these darker and denser energies through ourselves.

So in this way, all we can seemingly see is darkness, darkness everywhere. This is because it is up and out, leaving, and it can hide no more. I have not seen or experienced or felt this much of the darker energies all at once for several years. This state we currently find ourselves in is a very common phase of the ascension process, and very normal indeed. It simply means that we are, as always, right on track as we climb the ascension ladder, and are moving some big chunks of darkness, assisting them on their way to a new and better matching residency.

Now add to this the collapse of the old reality and the old systems, and we can feel as though the rug has been pulled right out from under us. Nothing can seem to make any sense, as the old does not work anymore. What do we hold onto now? Where do we go?

If we can no longer find anything that feels good, as most things have resided in the old reality, we cannot, then, look there to find our salvation. We must create something new. Television (for some time now), is basically moot. It only serves to drag us back into something which is dying and which feels downright awful. Television also takes us away from this new reality. It places us in a reality of the non-physical…a reality that exists somewhere else. The new world and higher realms are right here…right now…and television places our attention, and thus, our reality somewhere other than the higher realms..which is where we are now, but we are looking somewhere else! The same is true for meditating. It takes us somewhere other than here. And we need to be here…in this new reality….and participate in it in order to make it real and to benefit from all it has to offer.

So where we can go is here…in this new reality…and not reside in the old one. We just need to tap into it, instead of tapping into the old reality which is now one great big illusion of the old minds that created it. Before the ascension process began, the new reality was much less a dominant reality. We could go there through meditation, find it in a book, or once in awhile have a special experience. Now, it is the opposite. The new reality is predominantly here, and the old is the illusion, existing only in our minds.

“I see it in the physical,” you might be thinking. “It seems pretty real to me!” But the truth of the matter is, that the more we focus on it, the more real it becomes. And this is the way of navigating in the higher realms. Think of something, and we are there. It becomes real. So then, we must really begin to discipline our minds to think of what we know is real…our sacred sanctuaries and our sacred spaces of a higher order.

Remember our sanctuaries of land that we have envisioned for so long? Remember our visions of unity and connection and support that we have wanted for so long? Remember the sacred communities of light? Remember our self-sustaining environments, and our dreams of living in harmony with everything?

Yes, these things are most certainly on the very near horizon. And these are but a few of the things that we can place our attention on, which will ensure our residency in the higher realms, and in addition, most certainly bring them to us as well.

This is why it is best that we stay out of the reality that is currently falling. My husband Phil is currently in California fighting the wildfires, and my family members are all there (with the exception of my daughter) as well. Some have been evacuated and returned, and some are simply experiencing the surreal aspects, the smoke damage, and the chaos. This is the area where I grew up and lived for many years.

What I am finding, is all that we have known. The more involved I become, the more I am dragged down into a strange and unpredictable reality of nonsensical occurrences. My first inclination was to immediately go to California and be there to assist in any way. Yes, the compassion is there, but it has become clear that I need not be there. I am better served by focusing on our current move to a new town, and setting up a very new space for Phil and I, and for those who will arrive when they are ready.

Phil is experiencing the same. There has been utter chaos and confusion with the directives for his engine and crew, and there are now far too many firefighters in their location. Nothing is making sense, and it is as if nothing is at the helm. Although remaining calm and ready, they are feeling a bit useless, ungrounded, and lost.

As most of us are aware, the California fires are part of a substantial cleanse. Many of the areas that will become our areas and cities of light, will experience a cleansing first. This is part of the process. In this way, they will be purified and ready for their new roles and higher purposes. The San Diego area has been designated an area of light for the planet. Thus, this cleanse was part of the process and the next step.

So then, do we just stand back and watch everything go? When do we save anything? Currently, there is a strong focus of catching and prosecuting the arsonists involved with some of these fires. At higher levels, everything was as it should be. Sort of like the George W. Bush scenario, as he has been beautifully doing his job of bringing much to the attention of the couch sitters and those who needed a nudge to be willing to make a change…thus supporting our evolutionary process with more ease.

By placing attention on retribution and the like, we are taking it away from where it is most needed. Is Phil’s experience with the fire the same as everyone else’s? I doubt it. I am most certain that there were many firefighters having a very different experience, and who were vitally needed as well. Each and every one of us will have an experience according to where and how we are vibrating.

This is Phil’s last year as a firefighter, in this capacity. He is now needed elsewhere. There are those who experienced the loss of their homes. These individuals are most likely learning what is truly important to them, or at least whatever their next shift was about. There are those whose homes remained intact. Perhaps these individuals already knew what was important to them. There are those we will be called to assist those in transition and those in need through compassion and presence. There are those who will be there to call things to the attention of the masses…where change is needing to occur.

Each and every one of us is always right where we need to be, and having the perfect experience which matches our current individual vibration. If you are finding that nothing seems to be intact where you are, then it is because you most likely do not belong there anymore. Many of us belong somewhere else now. We simply no longer reside in the old reality.

During these times of great movement, many of the losses occur. We can at times begin to wonder what will happen next, or perhaps wonder if things will ever settle down and if we will ever “get a break.” This is the way of ascension. It always involves a destruction of the old, a rebalancing of self (health and emotional dilemmas), and all are designed to connect us much more securely and completely to Source.

Source is what is here now, and what is asking us to find it, and this involves the removal of all the obstacles which block this divine connection.

So then, as many of us find ourselves in the presence of much darkness, it can be even more challenging than ever before. This is because we are vibrating higher than ever before. And as we vibrate higher, our tolerance for any dense or darker energies becomes more and more extreme. We may feel that we simply cannot take much more. Enough already. This is because the contrast to where we are now vibrating, compared to what we are seeing, has become quite vast. But as always, we seem to find that extra strength within ourselves that allows us to continue on…to stay here…to do our jobs.

Knowing that these difficult stages of ascension are always temporary, can help as well. Be with those you love and who love you. Find a place or an opportunity to give support, understanding, and compassion. This always gets us though. Connect with another by listening…truly listening. And if you are unable to do any of these or much else, just sleep your way through it all. Take a long nap until this stage is over. Be kind to yourself, and know, if you can, that any unpleasantness will pass.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,




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