Experiencing Ascension...All Over Again


(For anyone who may have missed it, there is a message for July 10th in the archives as well.)

July 11 th opened another energetic doorway, and thus, the higher frequency knob has been turned up once again. These higher energies may have been felt for some as early as the 10 th , but the none-the-less, they are ever present now and will continue on.

Physical symptoms during the onset? Severe nausea, vomiting for some, and intestinal activity with diarrhea. Hot flashes or extreme heat and perspiration. Exhaustion. Weakness. Spaciness. Shortness of breath. The ever familiar “I feel as though I have been run over by a truck,” body pain. Coughing and congestion. Back pain. Ah…releasing once again.

Emotional and mental symptoms? No sense of place. “Everything feels and looks strange, and I don't know where I am anymore…” Not feeling grounded. Insecurity. Overwhelmed and overloaded. Too much to do. Chaos. Crying. “I'm losing it.” Feelings of acute stress. Intolerance for lower vibrating realities. Over-abundance of dreams that are strange and indicative of much. Shell shocked…don't know where you have just landed.

Basically, here is what is occurring: We are starting the ascension process all over again, but now we are at a New and higher vibrating level. The ascension process started for some several years ago, and for others just recently. For the forerunners, they completed much and then needed to “wait” for others to arrive and create the critical mass being reached. After all was in order, then the next phase could begin. Like the rungs in dimensional hierarchies, this process is on-going, as we climb the ladder to Heaven.

The beginning phases always involve feelings of being overwhelmed, overloaded, stressed and feeling as if you are in a pressure cooker or vise. The higher frequencies are bombarding any existing density, and this is the result. But we have purified much, so things aren't nearly as challenging as they were in the beginning. Many that have never experienced any of the ascension process and its many symptoms, will feel them now. The process will trickle down until it eventually reaches all existing density.

We are now residing in a higher vibrating reality. We wanted to be here, and now we are. Remember when we were waiting for the light to arrive in July? Well, it is here and this is the result…but there are wonderful manifestations as well. If you can allow yourself to be in a space of quiet and nothingness, you will feel an incredible energy. The best thing to do right now is to do as little as you possibly can . Activities and busy-ness can really add to the pressure cooker scenario, as there is already so much overload going on with the New energies. Making your pile as small as possible will greatly enhance the experience of feeling the positive aspects of this higher frequency.

What are some of the different manifestations of this higher frequency that has recently arrived? Israel is bombing Lebanon . The Middle East is having a serious crisis. North Korea is launching missiles and acting up. Here in Arizona , our beloved Phoenix is having a severe problem with serial killers and freeway shooters. Wildfires and flooding are occurring in epidemic proportions. Like a mass purging, many things are coming to a head. The situation in the Middle East really isn't getting worse, it is just coming to a head for a resolution and completion, as these types of realities that were currently existing can no longer exist in the New World . These are manifestations, then, of the end. The end of the darker and denser energies.

On another note, creating is as easy as pie. So much of the New is now flooding in that it is difficult to choose which exciting opportunity to becoming involved with! In the higher frequencies, creativity is what it is all about. Using the energies and forming them into something…what fun. Everything you have wanted, can all be happening at once, and this can add to your overload as well!

So then here's the secret: Decide what you want to tap into, and be in that scenario and reality as much as possible. There are many pockets of energy now that are available to experience. With all the progress we have made, the lower vibrating realities are now pretty much impossible to reside in and be any kind of a part of. The door has really slammed shut. They are unbearable and they will make you ill, or at least really throw you way off balance and make you feel as though you are on another planet. We can no longer be in them.

In the higher realms, simplicity is key. This is why it can be extremely challenging to try living in the old ways of busy-ness, doing it all yourself, creating and coming from your ego or dis-connect self, and so forth. There is such a mis-match, that this kind of life-style can spin you around, throw you off, and serve to greatly dis-connect you. But being present in simplicity can greatly serve to connect you in a sure and steady way.

In higher vibrating energy, everything is magnified. This is why purification was needed. What a horror it is to have the lower and denser energies magnified! So here again, what you focus on and think about will become magnified. It can be a choice, but in these higher frequencies, the choice becomes an easy one. This is partly what all the strange dreaming is about. Everything that is currently within us is being brought forth and manifesting in our dream-state. So much is moving now!

So why not tap into the higher realms reality and therefore make this higher frequency a pleasurable experience? The higher realms way involves getting out of the way, insisting on simplicity, taking care of yourself and basking, connecting with the earth, aligning with the cosmos, and surrendering your needs to Source. It also involves staying in your passion, as that allows the energies to flow through you with no resistance. Knowing who you are and expressing that in as many ways as possible is another way. I recently got a tattoo that is the ancient symbol for evolution, and it made my day. I love the personalized license plate on my car that reflects the “higher realms”…it is a manifestation of me and what I am about. More of me, more of Source. What lights you up? What are you about? This can really put you in alignment…as your true self, is Source.

With these higher frequencies now bombarding the planet, they can create many different scenarios, all according to what they are hitting. Now is a great time to choose your own personal scenario. This is what all the integrating and need to gain clarity was about for the past six months. What did you decide? What are you going to create? Who are you going to be? What gifts will you offer? Ride these energies and see where you end up!

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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