Experiencing the Higher Realms...How Do We?


We are again being bombarded with higher vibrating energies, and June 13th brought in yet another round. This latest surge supported us in moving through a bit more of any of the roadblock energies that were before us from old creations of the 3D world. Thus, the gates to forward movement opened a little wider and we were then able to push through some things we had not yet been able to before.

For some, the higher vibrational energies may create the old familiar body aches and pains…joint pain, pain in specific areas of our bodies for no apparent reason, and in the latest case, a release manifesting in the intestines, as these blockages are being removed. You may feel lighter than normal as well.

Emotions, weeping, and even anger in regard to the old systems can be present as well, but these are familiar and common ascension symptoms that many have become quite accustomed to indeed. I frequently find myself weeping whenever I see any suffering, separation, or low vibrational occurrences. They are simply unbearable!

The old creations of the prior 3D reality continue to fall, as deterioration, low standards, poor ethics, and old systems that no longer match our new reality are glowing brightly at the forefront. Although it may appear that our outside world reality is getting crazier and crazier, and harder and harder to tolerate, it is simply that the older creations no longer have a foothold, have absolutely nothing to hold onto, and are coming to the forefront as they have nowhere else to go.

It may appear as well, that we are being “invaded” by lower vibrating elements that are crowding out all of the old 3D reality manifestations. Things, places, and situations that we used to hold dear have taken on a new, strange, and almost lost meaning as they seem to have been replaced by something foreign and unpleasant.

But here is what is occurring now, as all is in perfect and divine order: The old systems and realities of a lower vibrating 3D world are crashing very rapidly now. They can no longer exist in the new world, as lower and higher vibrating energies cannot exist in the same space. This is why many of us are feeling a desire to retreat into our own personal sanctuaries. This is why lower vibrating energies cause us repulsion, even thought we think we should love and embrace them. It is simply a matter of the evolutionary hierarchy of energies and dimensions. No judgment…simply the way things work in the higher realms. Yes, we can still have love and compassion for the old, but just cannot stay in the space of the old for very long periods of time.

So then, as much has recently risen to a new space, and a new and higher vibrating space at that, the old has nothing to hold onto, has nothing to guide, nurture and navigate it, and is then basically left abandoned to fend for itself. The “old” is then being invaded by whatever is still left behind….whatever has not yet chosen to take its next ascension leap…and it must reside somewhere, so it latches onto and moves into these abandoned spaces of old 3D manifestations.

We need to hold on just a little longer. The old must crash and deteriorate to a certain and very specific degree, and then….it will be time for us to swoop in and begin the re-building. And it will be a re-building of a very new and much higher order. We must still hold back and stay removed from the old for now, so that we do not go down with it.

In addition, some of us may feel lost, misplaced, or even pushed out of our old grooves, as we are now most certainly ready for our new grooves of higher realms reality. The more we hold onto the old ways of beliefs, perceptions, and even the old ways of doing things, the more lost we will feel. And we will as well, place ourselves into a position of going down with the old.

What to do?

In regard to judgments, emotions, and intolerance…Just don’t go there. The more we spend time in lower vibrating emotions, perceptions, and beliefs, the more we will experience them, but mostly, the more we will find ourselves in a reality that no longer exists. See things the way you would like them to be, and they will be. We can accept that the lower vibrations still exist in places, but simply refuse to go there.

“Oh sure,” you might be thinking. “In your dreams.” I was recently married, and the more I see my new husband in his true and rightful space, with the purity of his soul shining through, the more he becomes just that. It is like magic. He is and vibrates who I imagine him to be in his highest state…he is who he is at his soul level. If I focus on any faults I believe to be there, he becomes those. And not only that, but I find each that and every time I think I see any lower vibrating aspects within him, they are actually and simply within me. So why go there? Why activate that reality about me and about us? And it is really a reality that is simply an illusion anyway! It is much more pleasant to go somewhere else. What we focus on expands, what we think about becomes our experience, and the energies that we spend time in and surround ourselves with become our world. I am blessed to have a truly awesome marriage that feels like a fairy tale…

We are truly the masters here. We can own our power and most certainly be at the helm of our reality. If we can catch ourselves having thoughts and perceptions of the old 3D reality, and immediately shift them into thoughts of miracles, peace, love, support, joy, and much else, this will become our experience. Remember, the outside world does not dictate our experience. It is the world within us that dictates our experience, and this concept is ever so supported in the higher realms. The higher we vibrate, the more we experience with great regularity and intensity, these concepts that we have known for so long.

So how do we navigate and interact in old world creations that still exist, and that we seem to have no choice in becoming involved with? My husband and I are currently in the process of purchasing some land…the land of our dreams. We have had to go through a traditional lending experience, but this was our choice. It is flowing for us effortlessly. The land owners want to sell only to us, and have offered to wait until we find the lending terms we are happy with. The real estate agents have offered to cut their commissions in half, and the sellers want to pay half of the closing costs. By not choosing to resist this old and outdated process, it seems to be supporting our needs. But I must say, I become ever so cranky when I have to experience all the hoops and red tape, along with the old systems. I cannot take it for long!

But until things change, we are choosing to experience an old and outdated process, as much of the new is yet to be in place. And by choosing and focusing on an effortless process, it is greatly helping. When Phil and I find ourselves becoming cranky with any of the “old” we still have to be involved in, our vibrations immediately drop and we become our own worst enemies. It is then that we retreat to our sanctuary here in the mountains of Arizona where we have created our own special world, where we are blessed to spend most of our time doing things that we love, and our world then becomes sane to us once again. The contrast between worlds is immense.

So then, when we find ourselves needing to experience any of the “old” reality, it can greatly help to visualize our experience as we wish it to be, and to stay detached from it as much as possible until we can retreat back into our more comfortable realities of higher realms living and being.

Higher realms living and being? Spending nearly all of our time in a reality of our dreams. Spending nearly all of our time doing the things we love and that we find enjoyable. Spending the majority of our time with no agendas or “have to’s.” Doing what we want when we want. Spending much time in creative endeavors. Accepting things as they are in order to keep our channels open and clear for more of that awesome Source energy to pour through us with no resistance (acceptance creates an energy opening and allows for higher level alignments!). Seeing the “highest” in anything and everything, and thus, experiencing just that. It keeps our vibrations up as well and thus ensures a more permanent residency in the higher realms!

Is it easy? Not in the beginning. But the more we accept where we are now residing (in a higher realms reality), and live accordingly, the easier it becomes, and thus, the magic never ends. It is up to each and every one of us. We are the ultimate creators and can change our experiences in the blink of an eye. Think a different thought. Focus on something else. And poof! Watch as it manifests almost immediately.

We are currently in a Mercury retrograde period, and soon to be experiencing the summer or winter solstice, depending upon where you reside in the hemisphere. Solstices are the masculine, and go deep. And a Mercury retrograde allows for any loose ends to be cleared up and completed, etc. No new news here.

Hence, we will be going deep and clearing out the old energies, within and without. We will thus notice things in the news having to do with situations that have needed resolution for a long time, things that will arise that we will no longer tolerate, and things that can no longer be overlooked. These are great opportunities, and the planets are always here along with us, supporting our ascension process in a beautiful and magical way with their own specific energies and contributions.

This particular solstice will create much upheaval. It is needed and necessary and in perfect alignment with where we are currently residing in our evolutionary process. All will be in perfect and divine order.

And in addition, we are also proceeding right on schedule in regard to our new roles and purposes. Stay in the magical energy and in alignment with your own specific purpose and anything and everything will arrive for you all by itself. You will be guided, supported, and lifted into your space in the higher realms. As we let go of much in regard to old beliefs, perceptions, roles, victim consciousness and powerlessness thinking, we are then more perfectly poised for the gifts that the higher realms offer. We are thus, in alignment with them. When we ignore, disregard, and pay no attention to the lower vibrating things that may surround us, they then cease to exist. Hold on to your highest vision as the solstice energies arrive, and get ready to ride the higher wave of reality! It is up to us. Are you ready?

P.S. A few months ago I wrote about my father, who experienced a heart attack, briefly “died,” and was revived. Although he did not go through “the tunnel,” he found himself searching for the purpose of his life. In August, he will have his 80th birthday and although he is afraid of heights, he has decided to go skydiving! When he asked his cardiologist if it would be OK, his cardiologist replied, “Will you be using a parachute?”

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,

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