Experiencing the Lull and the Big Purge of Freedom

We just completed a big purge, and thus, we are now in a lull. The lunar eclipse and full moon supported us in really seeing who we are, in allowing us to go into that scary and seemingly dark space, and now we are out and on the other side. 

If you are one who is unusually sensitive and connects easily, you may have experienced the lunar eclipse on August 16th with confusing feelings of low self worth, perhaps self-loathing, and even guilt for no apparent reason. You may have felt just plain icky and you did not know why. Suddenly feeling bad about ourselves for no apparent reason is simply a manifestation of the lunar eclipse supporting us in going deep within and seeing the denser aspects of who we are. 

After its passing, we were then given an opportunity to shed a lot around us. We may have suddenly felt as though it was time for a big housecleaning, and not just our physical homes! After all we had been through in the past few months and weeks, it was indeed time for a rest...time for us to find sacred spaces, shed and purge anything in our lives which had not felt good to us, and know that we could now live and be free and clear of any denser and unpleasant energies (within and without). 

We had actually and finally come home....it was indeed time for the "other side." We could now be here and feel the peace, tranquility, ease, and comfort that had escaped us in recent times past. It was time to be back in our comfort zones once again...comfort zones we had not been in since March of 2007. We can now know that being in the muck and unpleasantness of another reality is now forever over (except for the times we must return, if ever so briefly J). We can now know that we are done, that we no longer have to be a part of any unpleasant and denser energies. We can now rest assured that the roles we had to play in previous times of interacting with these energies to bring them "up" are now over. We do not have to do this ever again. Seeming sacrifices made for the good of another or the good of the whole were suddenly released now...and many of us were ever ready for this change indeed (perhaps part of the reason for the "guilt" as well, as we said bye-bye). 

So then, many are being guided to sacred spaces of their own, as sudden openings and manifestations are occurring when they would not before. In this new land of simplicity, peace, and tranquility, tasks are being accomplished slowly, with ease, and in an effortless way. There is no density here...only a lightness and ease with a simple and sweet flow. 

The purging and detoxing that is just finishing now and has been for the past few weeks, is simply a releasing of all of the old denser energies that we had around us. The purging is not necessarily a purging of our denser selves, but a purging of the energies of our surroundings that we were so engulfed in during recent weeks. We were trapped in denser energies for awhile and can now let them go. 

This purging can manifest as intestinal distress and pressure, bladder pain, muscle pain, and exhaustion. It can even feel as though there are toxins within our bodies that just plain hurt. It can be difficult to eat much of anything during these times, and difficult to eat at all as our bodies are going through so much. Eating light and drinking lots of pure water are always good remedies. 

When new light arrives, we can feel intense sinus pain and pressure. This is very common. It can also feel as though we are having some challenges with allergies as well (but sometimes we are just having allergy symptoms). The sinus pain is the expansion we feel when we are opening to more light...so is the upper back and neck pain. The allergy symptoms can occur when we are resisting our old environment as it no longer vibrates where we do. So then, although we have arrived in a new and better feeling spaces, we can still be detoxing from the old and adjusting to the new! 

September will bring in more of the new....more of the beauty, simplicity, and light we have been longing for. And October will usher in more rapid and solid manifestations of our new spaces, including the supports we will need in times to come. October will be much more fast moving and intense and we will barely be able to catch our breaths with all the new manifestations occurring for us. And November will very possibly bring in a rocky, tumultuous, and gutting surprise for much of the old world. 

So even though it may seem very quiet of late, it can simply be nice to have a much needed rest, enjoy the lull, and catch our breaths before things rev up once again. 

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,


bryan 22nd August 2008 5:51 am

wrong again karen!

symptoms continuing.

give it up already!

Samuel 22nd August 2008 8:11 am

Hello all,
This is to all who enjoy reading articles at spiritlibrary.com AND to those who do not find the articles accurate. We are all unique expressions of source created through our own perspective and desires. For those who enjoy the website and are grateful for all the spiritual reminders... do not be discouraged by the negative comments of others. Their prospective is not wrong or right,it is simply DIFFERANT. (As we all are.)
To those who leave negative comments: I respect you and your decision to speak your truth. I would like to say though that when I personally look through this library of articles that I try to calm and ground myself. If you do this and your intention is to find upliftment you will be drawn to only those articles that are vibrating as you are. If you are not feeling well or you are going against the flow you will attract experiences of the like.

Have a great day everyone!

Samuel H

lavoiew_God 22nd August 2008 8:32 am

this is so right on the nail for me! I came out of that emotional storm yesterday morning with a sense of calm and knowing! My body and and my years are buzzing/vibrating and my skull feels munb! the first image I see upon writing my gratitude journal the last 2 morning has been mother earth surrounded by gold energy yesterday, and dark violet and gold today!
This is getting really interesting! HOW MUCH BETTER DOES IT GET!

bryan 22nd August 2008 1:24 pm

you don't resonate with what i say because you are a fluffy new age 3-d-er

people who have been getting these symptoms for years and the other crap are fed up..

yes karen gets the symptoms correct

but her "extrapolations" are always wrong.

i had continuing intestinal distress today and woke up exhausted as did my partner so it's not over yet..

usually the fluffy types aren't getting symptoms at all but are so deluded they'll pretend they're getting symptoms

anyone going thru this hell since the 90s already knows that the fluffy types aren't getting these nasty symptoms..

my guess also is that karen resonates more with "2nd wavers" as she is.

first wavers have had it and are fed up with this planet and the puny humans on it (especially the fake, arrogant, ego-based new age fluffy-types)

i'm sure this will be deleted since new agers are all for fluff, censorship and control LOL!

bryan 22nd August 2008 1:28 pm

and can i add that the ascension has nothing to do with love and compassion or unity.

the ascension is personal and it involves expanded consciousness or seeing beyond the illusion.

my partner and i both have it...that's it folks! it doesn't make you more loving or more compassionate etc. that's new age bullshit.

i'll tell you something else. the law of attraction DOES NOT apply at higher levels. that is a 3-dimensional construct. you can think, feel, believe whatever you want at higher levels...you will NOT be in control and the law of attraction does NOT apply.

you'll find out eventually

lrm 22nd August 2008 4:53 pm

I agree with your thoughts on the new age fluff,fantasy and the like of the new age 'movement'. What a joke at this point-talk about socialism!!!! Freedom? That is a long forgotten word,replaced with 'Peace and Oneness'.
I had shared this link,that was in consideration to be added to Spirit Library,but as months have gone by,and so much more fluff has been added,I can see it will not be....it's too real.
www.sovereignmindradio.com [not my site]
www.spiritinform.com [same]
I agree,too,that Karen 'extrapolates' based on her own 3D biases. Many times I see her perception of energy movements are accurate,to a point,and then application of them to the world comes in and is so amazingly biased that it is astounding.
I agree also that this site is meant to find support for those who need it. Unfortunately,this usually precludes open discussion with 'disagreement or adversity'. People don't want it.I rarely read SL anymore-I'm always happy when someone says something besides 'Beautiful' or 'Thank-you for sharing your gifts'. 'Blessings',etc. Robotic trends are in the world right now.

lrm 22nd August 2008 4:57 pm

You are on a roll...
So true.......
Getting real is REAL,not ILLUSION.
Has nothing at all to do with what is perceived as 'nice' or 'enlightened'.
As you said,eventually people will get there-IF they choose to leave the flock.
My friend calls this 'new earth' the 'renovated matrix'.
Yea,we've had a change of furniture,some new paint,and everything else is still the same.

lrm 22nd August 2008 5:11 pm

I really encourage people to explore the history of the new age movement,alice bailey,etc. to find out who it's 'funders' and 'backers' were/are. When you find the same folks behind the new age movement as the same in charge of creating the U.N.,the public education system,and most 'public institutions',you will begin to understand how information has been manipulated to create a perceived reality. A new matrix. I will not elaborate,but will just mention,as the internet is a vast resource,should one choose to learn the roots of what he/she currently 'believes in'. The 'New Age' generation was planned;it did not evolve,except to those of us made to believe that it did. The New Age generation was planned to follow the 'Cold War' generation,to allow for the divide and conquer to continue. Hegel's Dialect? Problem-Reaction-Solution.
Problem created FOR US. Reaction given BY US. Solution provided FOR US.
Appearing as though we had actually created the reality,and were empowered to ask for a change.
May want to check out www.johntaylorgatto.com [Underground History of American Education

Dee 22nd August 2008 5:59 pm

This fits into how I was feeling. I really didn't know what was happening to me. Thank you, thank you and thank you, makes me feel alot better knowing.

wHAT 22nd August 2008 9:20 pm

The who and the what started the new age movement?

New age is just a compilation of what is spiritually right from all sorts of religions and followings from the dawn of time (Yoga, Hinduism, Taoism, .etc) added in with some other strange hullabaloo like crystals and such.

You're telling me its just another plan devised to keep us complacent and "grounded" while the New World Order takes away our freedoms?

That's absurd. The truths are too uplifting to be sinister. The principles are too real and readily experienced to be a ploy.

wHAT 22nd August 2008 9:26 pm

New age people can be very fluffy, but that's a lot better then being in a state of mind where you are negative and separate yourself from others with categories like "fluffy people".

Law of attraction is the basis of everything. Your thoughts create your reality. You can look at it scientifically or spiritually, it works either way.

In the higher levels, you will be in absolute control. But both what you want to do/experience and what you "have" to do/experience will be one in the same, since you will be in touch with your true self, who is a selfless loving self.

I'm sorry that you believe you can see past the illusion. You've seen past one and are staring right into another. Why do you come to such a site like this if its just to argue in your head how much bullshit you're reading?

True enlightenment does come from unity and love. Love is God. When love is all that there is, there is no fear. When there is no fear, there is no worry. Without worry, you don't have to be troubled about what might happen to you. So all thats left is for you to have fun and share love with others

bryan 23rd August 2008 4:03 am

hi irm,

please email me newworld2008@gmail.com

they won't figure it out until they get expanded consciousness.

those in power created the new age movement. love, compassion, unity, law of attraction etc. just another illusionary tale of ascension in a control matrix. LOL!

i can tell you all that my partner and i have "head stuff" which makes everything around us look like "props on a stage". everything looks fake. everything moves faster than us and is very loud to us. i've also had an experience where the people/cars etc. stopped around me and there was brief silence.

why do i tell you this? because my partner and i can SEE BEYOND THE ILLUSION of this reality. we see outside the "movie". i can tell you that we don't feel more loving, compassionate and we definity want separation from the humans around us.

my belief (I KNOW NOTHING REALLY nor do you) is that we are nothingness (consciousness that occupies no space or time) and we create one illusion after another. everything is illusion including the dimensions and higher realms. the ascension is another illusion!

bryan 23rd August 2008 4:40 am

the ascension story is designed to keep you focused on this illusion. get it? just another modification of this illusion. another story. LOL!

of course you'll get symptoms. why? then you won't question the ascension illusion.

don't you think in a mind control matrix that you would have corresponding symptoms in your illusionary body? wouldn't that make you more apt to believe in channelings and such?

the symptoms were programmed in your illusionary body to make you believe in the ascension story.

the ascension is just another illusion. the higher realms are also illusion. the dimensions are also illusion.

you see how it's done? the ascension story is solely designed TO KEEP YOU TRAPPED IN ILLUSION which is this matrix. it's so funny...

but you probably won't understand me because you are mind-controlled. this is a mind-control matrix. the mind-control is used to trap you in the matrix/illusion.


Mark 23rd August 2008 4:53 am


Since everything is an illusion, why do you care so much about what other people are doing?

If they are happy and 'fluffy' and they like being that way thats great, if you are angry and keep looking for things to make you angry then thats great too. Everyone gets to create their own illusion so it all works out fine.

why not take your own advice, give it up already!


bryan 23rd August 2008 5:56 am

why do you do what you do mark? why do you care about what i'm posting mark?

they aren't happy...it's all fake...they are fluffy because they are afraid they'll create a horrible reality for themselves if they are "negative"

am i angry? maybe i'm just expressing myself. does what i say appear as anger to you because you are not comfortable with anything other then fluff and smiles and hearts?

you are assuming you're creating your illusion. i didn't say that. i said in this mind-control matrix those that control it (NWO crowd) have brainwashed you into believing your create your own reality. fact remains you don't know nor do i.

my belief is this is a mind control matrix and you have limited creating within the program. your belief is that you create fully the illusion. the evidence points to the contrary.

mark. if you create your reality and you are a god then i'd tell you to come up with 10 desires that you wish to create in 1 month. i bet you after 1 month you won't have even 1 of those 10 desires...LOL!

give what up? you give up trying to get rid of me? LOL!!!

Mark 23rd August 2008 7:34 am

my belief is this is a mind control matrix and you have limited creating within the program. your belief is that you create fully the illusion. the evidence points to the contrary.

Here we have different experiences, I have seen more evidence pointing to my beliefs rather than against.

My feeling is the universe is showing you what you believe, showing you only the evidence that you want to see. If you don't create your reality consciously then you create by default with the feelings and things you focus on.

Of course we'll never agree on this as your counter argument would be that i'm stuck in the mind control matrix and faking it.

Since you agree neither of us actually know, there doesn't seem much point arguing about who is right.

bryan 23rd August 2008 9:12 am

the difference between me and you and other new agers is critical thinking.

you, as other new agers, read stuff and regurgitate. you form your beliefs based on what you've read.

like i said before. if you create your reality then within 1 month you should be able to 1) create $1 million 2) create your own personal airplane 3) should be able to fly 4) should be able to create something out of thin air etc.etc. if you can't do those things then obviously there are limitations on your creating abilities which implies a controlled matrix with limitations on creation.

the thing is you don't create your reality for 100%. what do new agers do? they read something then they look for the smallest little thing that comfirms what they've read. it's called mind-control mark. you'd convince yourself the sky is green even if it were blue.

no..you're right..there is no point talking to you. mind-controlled people are mind-controlled for a reason and there is no reasoning with them.

i used to believe what you believed until i started questioning things.

aKuna Kumara 23rd August 2008 11:00 am

Time To Experience Our Oneness

Isn't it strange some who comment indicate they are regular readers, yet they have not gained the true perspective offered in the messages; Of our all being 'individual essence' of a Unified Field of Consciousness experiencing to expand. (Expansion comes from experiencing different aspects of the same thing.) There is no right or wrong - only our experience - to be shared with Oneness.
If our resonance isn't compatible with what another reflects, then our effort would be better spent finding frequencies with which we feel more attuned to, rather than bash another who openly with love shares themselves. Expressing opinions and differences is one thing, doing it in a positive constructive manner to create unity of Oneness is another.
The complainers appear to lack awareness of this, so rebuff most likely falls on deaf ears, they haven't yet realized their angry inner frequency is reflected as their outer reality which sets them at odds with the people the seek to interact with here to produce more angry confrontation. So we do create as our inner energy is reflected as our reality - and this is what is meant by We Create Our Reality - we create through our reflective energy.
Desire extended so ears will open minds in this moment. :smitten:
Karen does wonderful work to expand awareness, it's much appreciated by this non Fluff non New Ager who is aware we are all here to experience our differences and appreciates all other aspects of the Unified Field for experiencing what they do to expand life force.

bryan 23rd August 2008 11:10 am


unified field indeed! LOL!

where did you read that one? now regurgitating...

unity, oneness, love, compassion is all a new age creation by those that control the monetary system the New World Order crowd....they've got you good!

i'll repeat again for you....YOU KNOW NOTHING!

for all you know you are in a mind-controlled matrix.

you've just bought the new story in the illusion...the ascension story...another distraction to keep you in illusion.

you know what happens to those still stuck in illusion...they come back to repeat this illusion over and over again.

sorry..but the ascension is an illusion to keep you busy once again in this illusion

you have nothing to offer..."spiritual arrogance hidden under supposed spiritual wisdom"...

there are no gurus in this realm because YOU KNOW absolutely NOTHING


treecol 23rd August 2008 1:28 pm

what does LOL stand for?

bryan 23rd August 2008 2:02 pm

LOL = lots of laughs

hahahahaha :2funny

aKuna Kumara 23rd August 2008 4:12 pm

Bryan your on the right track, Metaphysics is also aware of all this, your not saying anything many here are not already aware of. Humanity is working on moving through belief systems which create limitation and illusion of what this focus truly is. It is a slow process to transform the consciusness of a species. You might want to open your mind by canning the attitude, anything of value you offer is a turn off with the arrogant insults. Try looking into Quantum Physics and Einstein and you'll see who's doing the LOL about a Unified Energy Field. There is also a video "Mind Walk" which you can find on youtube it's scientific. Beyond that try some Acceptance of others it has much going for it if you want to view the truly bigger picture. visit me at

bryan 23rd August 2008 5:36 pm

look at your arrogance...LOL...."bryan you are on the right track"...now do you see the arrogance in that comment....it's always so funny to watch people project their own arrogance onto someone else...good example of that you gave me...thanks...i hit the ball back in your court.

the attitude is one aspect of my authentic self so you're gonna have to accept that...too bad you can't control me huh? LOL!

don't you get what i'm saying..."unified energy field..blah..blah..blah"...in an illusionary matrix like this one science is useless...if the scientist researches the smallest particle he or she we'll come up with endless smaller and smaller particles infinitum...get it? the energy is illusionary as well as the scientists instruments...hahaha...and with science in illusion you can disprove or prove anything really..

and fact remains most new agers believe there is an ascension going on and new energy is changing the planet etc. they believe the ascension is real...it's a TRAP!

the ascension illusion is another tale to keep you focused in this illusion. capische?!

bryan 23rd August 2008 5:41 pm

so all your talk about metaphysics means jack...why? because it is ALL illusion. i'm sure einstein eventually figured that out after all his theorizing.

same applies to socrates after all his philosophizing said in the end "I KNOW NOTHING"

that's my point! science proves nothing in illusion. beliefs prove nothing. BUT and all new agers believe this one thing:


if this reality is an illusion then your physical body is illusion. if your physical body is illusion then so are the planets. if the planets are illusion then so is the ascension tale. if the ascension tale is illusion then it follows that the dimensions are illusionary and so are the higher realms. science is included as illusion.

so in the end you have WE/US...we are NOTHINGNESS or consciousness occupying no space and time and we continually go from one illusion to the next.


wHAT 23rd August 2008 10:41 pm

There are a certain set of fundamental truths that we can all verify.

Nothing exists but the present moment.
You can only have direct experience from your own point of view.
Being happy feels good. Being sad does not.

Now it goes like this, up there you mentioned that if it were all real you could have a million dollars in a month. Ha, if anything is illusion it is materialism. Dollars, ha, the economy is failing. No one needs money. Society is fucked up.

Everything is an illusion. You are right. But because everything is an illusion nothing is real. Or in another way, the illusion that you choose to perceive is as real as you're going to get.

It's called subjective reality, and it's already been discussed thousands of times over.

The new age movement has as many regurgitators as any other movement. It also has it's free minds as well.

You are very wrong about critical thinking not being involved in new age concepts. Very wrong.

A positive outlook leading to a positive outcome can be PROVEN. Scientifcally or spritually, and most importantly, by experience.

wHAT 23rd August 2008 10:49 pm

You know.

Rereading your posts..

you actually have a very near to the same thing that sent me into quite a mental downward spiral for a little while. I was caught in a mind loop, and seeing how I had a mental vulnerability that is genetic, it really did a number on me until I solved it.

That there is nothing to solve. That nothing does matter.

Nothing exists. You do not control anything. There is nothing you can do. Just BE.

It is an Eastern Philosophy. Just BE.

Just flow with everything.

Everyone's minds are so caught up in their daily hustle and bustle that they feel emotions like fear or anxiety or pleasure. But as they put so much importance into that without realizing that it is just fleeting, and they could find that anywhere. But the present moment and what's going on in it is all that can really affect us.

I don't really know what you believe. But I'm going to thank you anyway for slapping me in the face for getting caught up in the crystalline field of unified diamond conciousness stuff.

wHAT 23rd August 2008 10:57 pm

The thing is you can look at this "illusion" as a mind control matrix set up by NWO. Or you can look at it as a experiment of the spirit in concious co creation. Or anything inbetween or around those two.

If it makes me happy to believe so strongly that the center of the earth is candy, I will believe it. I may never see it, but if thats what makes me happy I will believe it. I will die thinking that.

Now some may call me disinformed, or a sheep, but none of that matters because I am content. And as far as I can percieve I am the only thing that really exists (exist meaning, I percieve).

Again I don't know what you believe, but there are fundamental truths that have been taught since the dawn of intelligent man. Throughout eastern cultures, tribal shamans, yogis, mystics, and psychics. Whatever truth allows you to be comfortable, that is the true truth.

bryan 24th August 2008 4:52 am

in fact i find it liberating...i just realized NOONE KNOWS ANYTHING...i don't believe these bogus "channelings" either anymore. all people have done is read stuff published by a publishing company. i have as much faith in what is written as i do the MainStreamMedia.

there are NO fundamental truths. the truth does not exist because this reality doesn't exist. the one thing i know with my "head stuff" and other experiences i've had is that this is an illusion or a "movie"...that's it!

i could give a rat's ass about supposed "yogis", "shamans", "mystics" or "psychics". they don't know jack! that's a fact! what makes their ideas any more or less valid then mine. LOL!

i'm saying that the New World Order crowd who control the monetary system have the same goals basically in the end....oneness...one world government...new world order...their shit is exactly like the new age movement.

i can tell you also my friend....i have "expanded consciousness" already and i DON'T feel more loving, compassion nor do we desire to be around other humans.

gurus are a "dime a dozen" LOL!

bryan 24th August 2008 4:59 am

and the new age movement doesn't have "free minds"...just a bunch of sheep reading stuff and regurgitating with hearts, fluff and fake love...i've been in the chatrooms and they're inauthentic beings...the New World Order crowd has done wonders mind-controlling new-agers. all the forced love...it ain't real!

i also wanted to say most new-agers are EGO-based....competing to be "most spiritually superior" and pretending to have special powers..."i'm a shaman"..."i'm a channeler"..."i'm a healer"...my roommate claims to be a healer...she's delusional...she's actually has narcissistic personality disorder...they live in a fantasy world...most new-agers live in fantasy...they're delusional...they have no abilities...

want to know the only thing i believe:


the ascension is just another modification of the matrix. another story to keep you trapped in the illusion. it's so funny.

and it takes a strong person to realize what i've finally figured out.

Mark 24th August 2008 5:42 am

Your logic doesn't really make sense.


i could give a rat's ass about supposed "yogis", "shamans", "mystics" or "psychics". they don't know jack! that's a fact! what makes their ideas any more or less valid then mine. LOL!

You keep saying that no one (including you) knows anything, but then you follow that up with 'facts' that other people are wrong. Since no one knows anything - under your own rules you don't know this and nothing can be a fact.

And what makes your ideas any more valid than those you criticise so strongly?


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