February 23, 2004: A New Plan


Feelings of loss of power and self-confidence are the current themes for many, and for good reason. The New higher vibration that the Concordance opened for us has slowly, and most continually permeated our entire being, creeping into every nook and cranny. We are now, more than ever before (more than yesterday, more than last month…..) and will continue on-going, a rapid acceleration in higher energy, and higher ways of being. We are moving forward at rapid speed…..the Old never to be again…..gone forever. As we try to tap into our Old ways of creating, through our own energy, we now seem to get nowhere. As if stuck in quicksand, the harder we try, the more we push, the more we try to make things happen, the more we hit a brick wall and the more tired and frustrated we become.

Now in the higher realms, we are connected to a New source of energy of great light. We have only known our source as PG&E, Duke Power, or CP&L, etc., and may not realize they we have been “unplugged”. Our New source is “God Energy”. We are still trying to use our Old PG&E, but that power source has been disconnected, and it may seem as though we never received an official disconnect notice in the mail! But know that we have been reconnected . This is the key. This is the doorway. This is the great joy. We have been reconnected to the Central Sun, to a much higher source. What exactly does this mean, and how do we fully utilize this New power source?

The more we continually become filled with light, the more we will “remember” how to utilize it. It involves all we have always known, but only now, we are in such a high vibration, we cannot, and are unable to utilize our Old power companies. They are not there anymore. We are rapidly moving into states of total being . As we quit trying to plan, control and make things happen, and as we let go of our agendas and just be in the moment and in the Now, embodying our natural state of joy, peace and love, everything comes to us effortlessly. Our connection is opened and stabilized as we get out of the way and allow it to emerge. We are not used to this, and I have to say, for me it took some discipline. As we become engulfed and embodied by this New higher vibration, and as our own vibration raises, our coding kicks into place. We are now wired for the higher realms and are then, no longer, able to use the Old wiring. For me, if I tried to do anything in the Old ways, I would short circuit, become totally exhausted, and receive that resounding “NO!”. I was literally not allowed to move in any way but within the New ways of the New energy. Imagine “trying” to enjoy yourself, relax, and just “be”! We are so conditioned to “do”! The New energy is there to be used…..it is there to fully embody us, and it feels glorious. “We” are becoming God. “We” are becoming this New energy.

Recently, I was “enjoying” myself and watching “Finding Nemo”, a great animated story of two fish on their journey. At one point in the story, Dory and Marlin have been swallowed by a whale, and are frantic that they may perish there, unable to escape. “He says it's time to let go. Everything is going to be alright”, screams Dory. A panic stricken Marlin replies, ”How do you know? How do you know something bad isn't going to happen?”. “I don't!”, screams Dory. As they trust and let go, not having any other recourse of their own making, they are swept into the whale's blowhole and burst into freedom and back to the ocean. This, they would never have thought of on their own. They did not know it existed. What a divine plan! As we “let go” and embrace the New in all ways, things become better than we could ever have imagined. There is a New World and a New life waiting for each and every one of us, and it is so New, that we have not experienced it before. It cannot not happen, as the energies are there to support it. The more we resist, the more difficult our ascension process becomes. I have found that if I relax into the New energy, even when energetically I may be feeling as though I an having a heart attack and my body is vibrating at a rapid rate, these uncomfortable symptoms rapidly dissipate. I only need let go with no resistance. And additionally, we are continually being assisted greatly at a higher level with our rewiring, in order to accommodate these New, higher frequencies.

At the same time, we are feeling insecure and powerless due to personal identity loss (and of course, loss of the Old world identity). This never-ending and forever forward moving energy is clearing much for us. SO MUCH is happening in our sleep. As we drop our patterns and behaviors that no longer match the New vibration, we literally do not know who we are anymore. This can make us feel a bit helpless, strange and our confidence may waiver. We may feel very “empty”. So then, for awhile, as we each progress through the ascension process at our own time and in our own way, we eventually reach a place of a great “void” and of “no identity”. We cannot go back to the Old. We cannot replace anything in the “void” with the “Old”. This then, places us in the perfect place to let the New emerge, to fill us with an energy we have not yet experienced, and to allow New ways and ideas to come forth for creation and being. I can promise you, you will gravitate to things that you really feel like doing, that excite you, and that feel oh so right. So much of the Old will no longer feel good to you, and you will naturally loose interest. If we stay out of the way, and in our beingness , this New energy will find us . Yes, all is in divine right order…..

This all ties in with the current energy status of the planet. We are currently “recalibrating”. We have absorbed enough of the New energy that it has begun integrating. The Concordance initiated a more thorough cleansing, and we are now in more of an “integration” phase of embodying more light. It is building within us. Two and a half years ago, I crushed my leg. After a year and a half of daily physical therapy, I reached a point where it seemed as though nothing more was happening. I thought I would never get better. I didn't seem to be progressing. One day, very suddenly, I moved forward almost overnight, into a whole new level of strength and mobility. My PT explained that this is how healing happens. We reach a critical mass, and then boom …..we are in a new space. Studies have shown that children literally grow inches overnight. One day they are 3' 4”, and the next morning they are 3” 6”. This is where we are now. The New energy has built up within us. Many have been experiencing this as back or neck pain related to the spine. Soon we will reach a “peak”, and we will lurch forward in all ways.

 At the same time that we are integrating and embodying more and more New energy, and in our “void”, we are formulating a New Plan at the highest levels. Many are no longer feeling a strong pull to relocate to new areas, as they had only months before. It is as if much has changed. As our evolutionary process is rapidly progressing and we are shedding our multidimensional selves and refining ourselves into pure positive God energy, we are consciously and subconsciously formulating a New Plan for ourselves and the planet that reflects our current status. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we are meeting at the highest levels and formulating an outcome to assist all in the most positive and beneficial ways possible. No, It is not some higher beings of light, or some galactic forces, or some aliens that are running the show…….it is US. It is ourselves at the soul level. We are currently reassessing, and soon, we will move forward with even more magnificent light. It will feel like a grand sweep of beautiful crystalline energy, and we are planning it well. This leap will have a great affect on our presidential election, and at the perfect time. Watch for many twists, turns and surprises!

Yes, we are adjusting to drastic New ways of being. And I do continually see things getting better and better, and very “different”. I have to say, I do not see in any way the gloom and doom scenarios that are arriving in my e-mail inbox. Should we buy into those, keeping our vibration down and embodying fear, and support their creation? I hope not!

Which world will you choose to be in?  Which world will you create?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert.  Many blessings, much peace and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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