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We are teetering on the very threshold of a new phase…a new phase of forward movement, but most importantly, of rapid and magical manifestation. The past few weeks we were completing a phase of arriving in our new spaces. This involved much change, arriving in the new, re-arranging and organizing, and a very new nesting as well.

During this last phase much arrived for us indeed, and mostly relating to our new dimensional and energetic spaces. But now, as of June 1st, we will once again experience some awesome and incredible energies that will bring to us the manifestations of our dreams.

The phase we are just completing involved some crashing and colliding. This was because the higher energies were colliding with the lower and pre-existing energies. All resulting in attacks, fear of loss of identity and the security of the old, and mostly, butting heads in regard to what one thought was right and what another thought was right. Attacks always occur when the light enters, as the old must depart and it goes into great fear. It clutches on for dear life.

Because we are now poised and ready for the very new phase ahead, these “colliding” and “new spaces” scenarios were to be expected. This is how energy works and how evolution works. All in perfect and divine order.

Now that we have finally completed enough of the integrating with our new energetic and dimensional spaces and purposes, just watch as we catapult ahead with awesome manifestations of the new!

Most of these manifestations will involve our new roles for the creation of the new planet earth. Just think of something that you require, and watch as it effortlessly manifests for you. Support will arrive like never before. Joy will abound, miracles will be un-ending, smiles will be forever present, and we will feel as though we have finally arrived in heaven (or on an earth that we always knew was possible), with the light at the helm.

After years of see-sawing forward, integrating the light, ever so slowly, we have finally reached an awesome critical mass, and the light will seem to be all that exists. Yes, our evolutionary process will continue on, but it will get so much easier, especially for those that have been carrying the torch since they arrived. For those that have come to transmute the darkness (you….if you are reading this), for those that have held the higher vision, for those that agreed to raise the consciousness of this planet through themselves, and for those who agreed to stay until the new earth was created and in place……your time is finally here.

Think of a desire, and watch as it arrives from seemingly nowhere. Realize that fears and distress from the past cannot exist here. Know that a new reality, with very new experiences, feelings, and ways of being is here at your fingertips. If you are experiencing unpleasantness in any way, realize that you simply forgot where you were, and focus again on a world of no darkness, on all the good that is in your life, and know that the rest is a grand illusion that you just made up, or were simply used to seeing in your past life here on earth (yes, we have been re-incarnated again into the new world). Any perceptions of darkness are simply an illusion now that comes from our own distorted thinking.

Watch as relationships begin to carry great light and love, as the old dysfunctional patterns are no longer present to support them. Watch as you begin to live a life that you never thought possible before. Watch as things arrive for you at soul levels, as the soul level attractions always over-ride the law of attraction (like energies attracting like energies). In the higher of higher realms (but certainly not the highest), soul level attractions are much more ever-present. This means that you will attract to you, things and people that are a match for your soul plan…not necessarily a match to where you are vibrating and what your beliefs or perceptions are.

And in this regard, the magic happens as the lower level laws of attraction will cease to exist. Soul partners and soul experiences in regard to our soul purpose and plan will arrive for us in rapid time now. If you are needing land, you will get land. If you are needing your soul team to manifest, it will manifest (and it might not look like what you thought it would! Our soul partners have been in disguise for a very long time, and now they will come forth and remove their masks. “Oh, it was you all along!” you may exclaim. Or perhaps you always knew, but no-one was behaving as you thought they should….)

Yes, our time is now. And know that our spiritual evolutionary process will continue to see-saw, ever forward, so we need not get discouraged when we again enter a phase of “Oh no! Not this again!” But the higher we go, the less often we have these lower vibrating experiences, and eventually, they will cease to exist at all.

The last links of the chain that has been connecting us to the old manifestations and old experiences, are finally breaking. We are free at last. We are free at last.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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The purpose, desire and passion behind What's Up On Planet Earth? is in bringing a higher level of evolutionary awareness to souls who are summoning this energy, and to connect and assist us during the now rapid ascension process many are experiencing.

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