Getting Things in Place and the Great Separation

Things remain mostly the same, as we are still settling in to a very new existence and reality which will complete for the most part in January (referring to the settling in and on-going changes).

Losing things is ever present, as this is the way of ascension. We lose anything that vibrates lower than ourselves, whether it be our doctors, our jobs, our homes, our careers, or even our personal relationships or even towns we are living in. And during these times of dimensional transition, it can always be challenging when the old has departed, if the new has yet to arrive. But know that all this loss for some, only means that all things new are readying to arrive, and the new will be oh so much better in all ways!

Another common occurrence of dimensional shifting is having things hold onto us. It seems that we are being held back, grabbed onto, and nearly forced into staying where we used to be. This can manifest as tripping over extension cords in your home, getting entangled in shrubbery, having individuals or groups continuing to ask you to join them when you have moved on, or even having our loved ones offer us on-going “things” that we have adamantly said we no longer want a part of.

We may find ourselves screaming “NO!” in states of complete frustration, as it may seem that our wishes of a higher way are being ignored. We are simply entangling ourselves from the old reality, and at times, it can be a struggle….literally!

“Stay here! Stay here!” these energies seem to be saying. But one important aspect of ascension, is that we eventually come to know that we are very separate, even though a part of the whole. And in this way, as we grow and expand within our spiritual evolutionary process, we begin to realize that we simply MUST be who we are, we MUST maintain that energy, at all costs. (A brief note here as well: In the higher realms, we are all separate through our own individual gifts and talents, but very much a part of the whole as well, as each individual vibration comprises a whole. It is always best then, to really be whom we truly are and maintain our own individual vibration as much as possible, without reacting to or being influenced by outside energies.)

So then, as mentioned so many times in previous energy alerts, when we are in the company of lower vibrating energies (or simply energies that are yet to arrive where we have arrived first), we need only maintain a position of love and compassion for them (which places us in a continuous higher vibrating state), but most importantly, we also need to maintain our own vibration and continue to embody what we have learned and become. Whew!

Staying in a state of continual love and compassion is no easy feat, as our first impulse might be one of irritation and anger, or perhaps frustration. “This is NOT the way things are supposed to be!” “I cannot be around this old energy for one more minute!” In this way, we must separate ourselves, as this is also the way of ascension. We must move into new territory and create the new and higher ways of living and being.

This past week I have been very involved with moving. Changing cell phone carriers, internet providers, working with a new landlord, and making the normal moving plans. Being in the world of the old for so many days in a row is making me depressed, sad, drained, and the like. It is most certainly dragging me down. But after examining things over and over with my husband, we can see no other way. We live very simply, but are still in transition so to speak, so we must utilize these old systems for awhile longer.

I need internet for my store-front. Internet is one of the things that will be needed for some, if we are to be in service to those transitioning. I think I would give anything to be free of the internet! I need a cell phone for awhile longer, as I stay in contact with my family on a daily basis. And we still need city water and electricity in our temporary home. So there we were, even though we had become quite cranky.

The beauty of our store-fronts is that they will provide service and transition assistance to those who are ready and in need. So in this way, our store-fronts will exist on the dimensional “border.” And when we are involved in activities related to them, we may feel that we are being dragged down for awhile.

But things are moving ahead as well. Many are reporting that they are finding land in places they had never thought to look…and this land is at prices which are easily affordable, especially as many of us are wanting large parcels to house our sacred sanctuaries and safe havens…readying to create spaces for many to come. We may not even be aware that this is our destiny, but by following the crumbs of Source and our soul’s all knowing wisdom, we may suddenly find ourselves in new situations that are seemingly not our own idea.

When we find ourselves in situations that are not our own conscious idea, we will always be supported and provided for, if we choose to follow the new path of Source. Doors will fly open, the road will be clear, and we will find ourselves in a new space as it effortlessly arrives. This is the energy of our soul’s desire. This is the energy of the divine. It takes us where we need to be, as we get out of the way.

Are you one who is waiting and experiencing little or no movement at this time? Are you not quite sure what your store-front is? Know that there are those whose souls had planned to go first, in regard to their specific purpose. So then, some are experiencing movement, as their roles require them to go ahead now, and for others, it is not yet time for them, as their roles are just as vitally important, but involve a different scenario and situation that will arise in weeks and months to come.

All is in divine and perfect order. Your soul remembers its plan, even if you do not, and it will drag you along whether you want to go or not! This is why surrendering is always a great and wonderful thing to do, as even if things are very evident, even though they have come as a complete surprise, surrendering can place one in a true place of alignment…and this is when the miracles and synchronicities happen.

On October 1st, a door slammed shut. A dimensional door. In this way, we were either on one side or on the other. This created sudden separations. It was the aftermath of all the energies leading up to this point from the equinox of September 23rd, and the eclipses preceding it. Some manifestations? Those “on board” could absolutely no longer tolerate any lower vibrating relationships, scenarios, situations, or the like, and may have felt a sudden need to depart and move forward on their own. But those individuals and situations that were left behind had choices as well. So through separation, they then had a choice to “get on board,” by surrendering and a willingness to let go of all the old illusions and perceptions they may have held, and to be willing to leave behind much of the old. Whether through conscious choices, or through sudden losses, the old is being left behind at rapid rates during this latest dimensional shift.

Know that something holy is occurring here. There is much grace present. These times of change and loss are painful, but they are divinely orchestrated. Although we may experience separation from loved ones for a time, the majority of the time it is only because we are at different levels. In this way, we all catch up to one another and come together again eventually, but sometimes it can take awhile. And because of personal choice, the timelines can be open to much variance. We can catch up to each other in a day, an hour, a week, or even a few months. It is all a matter of letting go and surrendering.

Many will begin to hit their rock bottoms, as the rug will seemingly be pulled out from under them. This is part of the letting go process. And this is when surrendering can be a jewel in the desert. It can light our way and it can certainly bring us many supports, if only we are willing to let go and allow.

Are you one who thinks you may not be having a store-front? The store-fronts are here for a specific purpose. They can provide assistance to those in transition, but they also provide assistance for those who have them. We are still a monetary based society. We are just now beginning the process of living in total harmony with the earth and the cosmos. Until we are really and completely there, most of us must have money to survive and we must live within the old systems to a degree for awhile longer. And even when we are able to live off grid and in harmony with the earth and cosmos, we will still need to have a community of support. We cannot do it all ourselves. We were not meant to. And this involves those within the community being in states where they are now willing to let go of much of their egos and know what their own roles and contributions are….knowing that they do not wear all the hats or control them.

What if you are already living in total harmony with the earth and cosmos, and not feeling as if you need anyone else? Spirit loves company. We all innately want everyone there with us. This is our natural state of being. When we arrive in higher states of being, we also begin the selfless act of service. This is a part of evolution as well. As more and more aspects of our old selves leave…we then begin to vibrate in the purity of our soul purpose, and with an overwhelming desire to serve others.

The plan is to evolve into these states and ways of being, and then embrace others into the fold when they are ready to arrive through the letting go and surrendering process. If you do not think that you are one who will have a store-front, then you must be one who can either survive all alone, away from the old systems, or you have an unusual ability to be in total love, compassion, and acceptance of the old energies a large amount of the time.

Once these small communities begin forming and sustaining themselves, then those residing there will be able to let go of their store-fronts and focus entirely on higher ways of living and being. We are getting close to this point right now. But there will always be those who will continue to have a store-front, as their particular role involves assisting others in the lower dimensions more than living in and creating the new communities. These individuals will be involved with their store-fronts with the support of their community, and spend time in their community when they are not serving those in transition.

Phil and I have noticed that the time we spend in our new town, although we have not moved there quite yet, makes us clearly see some things. The town has a population of just over 400. There are no stores, there is no gas station, and there is only a post office, two cafes, and not much else. What this intimate and small setting creates, is a community of support. When Phil and I return to our current town of 3,000 or so, we notice a stark contrast. People are dependent on stores and outside creations. Even in our current town with this small population of over 3,000, the focus is on going to the store, running errands, etc. The interaction between individuals is lost..the focus is on the outside to provide the supports.

This will be vitally important as we begin to create these new communities of support. And as the old systems and ways begin to crash, as mentioned many times in past energy alerts, “local” will become a lifesaver. And this is the way it should be, as local places us in alignment as well (Staying In Alignment speaks of this a lot) within us and where we are residing.

To wrap things up:

  • We are still in the settling in stage until January, when we will be anchored in much more securely within our new supportive environments and sanctuaries. Roles are different for each and every one of us. Therefore, some are at different stages of settling in than others. Like a domino affect, when one lightworker anchors in, it will create the opening and trigger things for another lightworker to begin their settling in process. So then, the timelines vary for each of us.
  • Source is guiding us very strongly now. We are most certainly being watched over and protected in all ways. Our paths will become evident, as there is no possibility for anyone to get lost, if we are willing to let go and surrender to the plan of Source, or our soul.
  • After we are securely in our spots, much will rev up in regard to more falling away through natural disasters, destruction, and the loss of the old. But at that time, each of us will be divinely protected and ready to serve or to begin creating the new in our sacred spaces.
  • Navigating the dimensions, while settling in, can cause extreme drowsiness and spaciness, with an inability to focus. Reaching for a thought or trying to comprehend things can be nearly impossible (on that note, I hope this article makes any sense!).

In these times of great change, we are always taken care of, loved, protected, and guided.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,

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