Going Through the Tunnel

We are currently in the process of “going through the tunnel” to the “other side,” in the midst of the birth canal, or in a massive transition, whichever definition you choose.

This phase of the process is vitally necessary, but is also an important validation as well that we are indeed poised to enter a very new world and reality very soon.

Just like babies entering the birth canal, or individuals experiencing the “tunnel” of a near death experience, we are most assuredly going through the same.

We are leaving one reality, after our roles of transmuting the denser energies have now been completed for this latest round (and a long round it was!), and may now find ourselves “in between.” No longer living in the old world reality, with a complete and total severance, it can, at times, feel like we are not here nor there. But even though, we may have a sense that a very new beginning, with an excitement in the air, is on the very near horizon.

Many of us are at different points of this tunnel or transition. Some have already landed completely and are finished with the transition and out of the tunnel, and others are in the midst of the transition, still seeking clarity and a sense of place.

Symptoms of tunnel travel? Intense muscle aches, sinus pressure and headaches, deep body pain, ringing in the ears, nausea, intestinal distress, coughing and chest congestion, feelings of pressure or toxicity in the body, insomnia, a feeling that absolutely nowhere feels right or comfortable, and a wondering where oh where home might now be, with seemingly nowhere else left to go, or nowhere left that seems to “fit.”

We are indeed letting go and releasing the intensely challenging experience of purging and transmuting so may of the denser energies that seemed to embody nearly all of 2007, and it can take awhile to complete this process. But before we enter yet another higher realm or reality, we must be indeed free and clear of any baggage or leftover energies from the long process that 2007 brought to us.

Having successfully transmuted so many denser energies of the past, much was accomplished. Many, many more of the lower vibrating energies were captured during 2007. Thus, much more of the planet was affected and carried forward. It was a truly awesome and monumental experience.

And now, we are this close to setting foot on new land. The month of January is a good time for tying up loose ends, for taking care of old business that we had not had time to attend to, and for finalizing all those last details that are necessary in order for us to move forward into a new reality. And with a Mercury retrograde due to arrive on January 28th, this process will be supported even further into February, even though we will still have the opportunity to begin very new lives during this time as well.

If you are one who is experiencing muscle pain, shoulder and neck tightness and pain, headaches, and most any of the symptoms mentioned earlier in this energy alert, know that when you get through this transition tunnel, these symptoms simply vanish and you will feel better than you have felt in a very long time. A lightness will engulf you, and you will feel as if you have let go of all the burdens you have ever carried, as if you had dis-connected from an old reality of struggle and pain, and suddenly burst into a reality of light, joy, pleasure, a deep contentedness, and a knowing that all your needs will always be met with no effort required.

The discomfort is part of the final release process. Just as an individual releases all of the remnants of his/her human experience in one fell swoop when they go through the dying process in the old 3D reality, we are now experiencing a great release before we enter a higher dimension. Only with the ascension process, we are dying while we are alive, so this process occurs in smaller segments. None-the-less, the current leap we are now experiencing is a substantial one indeed.

There are many dimensional portals in the area where I currently live in New Mexico. And access to them is set up in a very interesting way. The most evident access to the most substantial portal attracts all kinds of energies, as many different forms are attracted to this opening and seem to want entry. There is also much darkness there, and all these energies seem to bottleneck at the most evident entry point, wanting to get in and bumping into each other. In addition, much of anything is turned away, as the ugliness and darkness serves to discourage and re-route all those who feel inclined to enter.

Our temporary rental house is near the entrance to this portal. It is common to see cars drive up our street and then turn around, so the energies are creating this scenario at all levels. Each time I venture to take a walk into this area, I am severely warned to leave and turn back, as the area is so condensed with dark energies which are stuck there, seeking entry.

But this is a grand plan that is all so very intentional. These entry areas to higher dimensions are deliberately set up to appear as ugly and dark, so that most will be repulsed, fooled, and turn back. And if one tries to access a higher dimension through this portal by sheer will, intention, or force, they will most assuredly have a very unpleasant experience.

But once on the other side, it is a completely different story and it can be difficult to ever leave once one arrives. It is a reality and energy so removed from the old world and mainstream creations, that one would think they have truly arrived in heaven on earth. I tell you this because it is all so similar to what most of us have recently experienced. We must go through the darkness to arrive in heaven, but we go through it in a way that is not forced, intentional, or which comes from an ego’s desire.

We arrive by allowing, transmuting, letting go of our arrogance, and having this experience seemingly not even be our own idea. It comes though a gentle acceptance, a willingness to let go of all we are being encouraged to let go of, and a deep trust that we are being guided to the perfect place and the perfect circumstances for our next level of existence, even though we may not consciously know what that is.

I am reminded of one of my favorite Carrie Underwood songs, All-American Girl:

Since the day he got married,

He’d been praying for a little baby boy

Someone he could take fishin’ throw the football,

And be his pride and joy

He could already see him,

Holding that trophy taking his team to state

But when the nurse came in with a little pink blanket,

All those big dreams changed and…

Now he’s wrapped around her finger,

She’s the center of his whole world,

And his heart belongs to that sweet little

Beautiful, wonderful, perfect All-American girl.

When Oprah Winfrey was approached with an offer for a television talk show, she was not really interested. It was not in her plan. She resisted. But after she eventually took the plunge and did it, she said doing it felt “just like breathing.”

At times, Source, or our souls seem to know more than we consciously do in regard to what is best for us. And when we arrive at this new place, we may indeed seem uncomfortable at first, as it is so very new. This is because we have let go of so much of the old, and a very new fit has now arrived for us. But if we can know and accept that this very new home is as perfect as it can be, and the best fit for our new selves and our new reality, and if we can trust that it will in time indeed be right for us, we can then experience more joy, love, ecstasy, and contentment than we have ever known.

The familiar is gone. We have evolved beyond it. Our old comfort zones can no longer be. Being willing to let go of our old groves and securities can only serve to allow us through the gates of this very new reality.

There are those who have been preparing for their strongest desires for a long time. They have been waiting for the right time, even though they may not have been consciously aware of this. They may have experienced false starts, sputtering and seemingly getting nowhere for quite awhile, as their desires had run so deep, were so innate, for such a very long time, that they could not understand why they were not manifesting. “After all, wasn’t it my life purpose here?”

There are those whose wildest dreams would not seem to manifest, but after much release of mis-perceptions and ego desires through the process of the past few years, these desires may have changed or become clarified.

But we are now ready to manifest our deepest desires. Finally, oh finally. The time has come. It is time for all we have ever wanted to arrive for us. It is time for our dreams to come true. We no longer need to embody that sense that we are trying to get somewhere, arrive at a destination, get everyone on board through healing and teaching, and the like. Those days are over (although these methods will still be utilized by some to assist those still in transition and who are at varying levels).

We are now indeed at a very new plateau and in a very new reality on planet Earth. We have entered a new playground of experience. We get to create, play with energy, and manifest whatever we want with no interference.

Some may be so accustomed to being dictated to, that this new freedom may not be comfortable. Like a dog who has been on a chain its entire life, and now set free to explore all he desires, this new change may be too much of a shock. For these individuals, it may be a matter of reclaiming one’s true power. But for those who have already come to a point of knowing their true power, this time will be an awesome one indeed.

Many new babies are being born right now. They are coming to experience the new planet Earth. They know that the coast is now clear. They are arriving in masses. They come with great strength, giggles, and awesome dreams for creating and sustaining a new reality. They will serve to sustain the shift and to embody these higher energies. They are a part of the new. They are a very new breed than ever before. We are now over a great hurdle of evolution, and these new little ones will make sure this new plateau remains intact and stabilized. They are very aware and know exactly what they are doing.

They will insist on a new reality, and accept nothing less. They are very firm indeed. They will serve as the founders for a phase that is yet to arrive. They represent a very new wave. And it is a big one. They are choosing to be born at the time of new beginnings, as this time carries a very new energy that they resonate with, and it is this ray or level of vibration that they can access easily.

While these new little ones and our other children are creating the new, many of us baby boomers will get to finally retire, and simply enjoy the pleasures of a new playground of creation. We can rest, be taken care of, create lives of our dreams, and reap the rewards of a great plan accomplished.

What is your deepest desire, you fondest dream, your heaven on Earth? What joy will you choose to experience? What responsibilities will you finally be ready to let go of? What kind of peace will you know? What does it look like? Will you be ready and willing to experience a great change?

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,

Karen Evolution glyph swirl


gamze 15th January 2008 3:46 pm

Dearest Karen,

I dont know what I do without you. Your energy alerts are always coming with great synchrony. Today, I felt myself just like your definitions. I had lots of physical symptoms juts like you define, but an inner voice said me these are all about the transition. And theni here is your message for us. THANK YOUR SO MUCH DEAR KAREN FOR THE PERFECT GUIDANCE. You cant even imagine how much I love you.

Greetings from TURKEY!!

Rob Meyer 15th January 2008 6:07 pm

You are always right on time. Have a picture of my dreams.

Two Eagles - Wolf Clan - Earthship Central

Ash kana ma nena, shingala!

Bella 15th January 2008 8:25 pm

Best ascension guider you rock karen! You hit head on everything that is really going on. You do not play ego games, you keep us moving. so many are looking for recognition and money these days, you just spread the love. Thank you bless your soul

Kelly 15th January 2008 8:48 pm

I loved this channeling today. It definitely resonates with me.

First thinking about my 9 month old niece, I see that she is very enlightened already. She gravitates to me and we share a deep bond. Even when she is sleeping, if I walk in to the room, she raises her tiny head and smiles at me. :)

Next I am ready to move on to this next level. I am purging and transmuting all the negativity from 2007, and boy there was alot for all of us! I am using Ho'oponopono with good results.

I am planning a cross country move. Also a new job that I actually LOVE. I am manifesting the job and the home. I am ready to leave at a moment's notice. Very excited about 2008, it is going to be a great year for all of us. We can finally be happy. Find our true joy. Have total peace. Have the most unconditional love we have ever known.

I also think 2008 will be the time we come together with our twin flames. I feel that strongly, knowing it is time for me to be wth mine. I am spending a good deal of time doing my inner work, preparing for this great new reality!


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