Grieving The Illusions


The process continues on as we prepare for the summer months of great change, manifestation and abundance, and, of course, the never-ending process of ascension continues on as well.

If we are to be ready to manifest and create the New World at the highest levels, we must first be the highest levels ourselves. This first half of 2006 has been all about preparing ourselves to be in this space. Although many of us “crossed over” into a higher dimension in December and most notably in January, we then had to “match” where we were at all levels. The ascension process will always continue, but its intensity is being felt much more during these first 6 months.

The energy surge of April 6 had a great affect as it pushed us to higher levels in many ways. As we begin residing in the higher realms, the illusions are gone. Firstly, as we begin “rising above” it all, we begin to really see what is real and what is not. Things you may not have ever seen or noticed before are suddenly right in your face. “Have I been that naïve or blind all this time?” you may begin wondering.

What our connections were based on in the past were simply not real, only we were not able to see this and now we can. And if you try and “go back” once you have become aware, it does not work. The connections are broken and it is time to move on.

In the denser vibrations we cannot see nearly as much. We are caught under the spell of being behind the veil. This is why I have always loved giving readings (I don't do them anymore… please do not mail me (smile)), as I can view things “from above” the illusions. And then as we progress through ascension, we are continually in a space and reality of “being above” the illusions.

This can cause much frustration at times. Being able to readily see what is real and what is really going on while everyone else is operating from an illusory state of mind can literally drive you to a hermitage life! You will be unable to interact with much of the other world and many of its inhabitants.

Another primary reason that the illusions are now gone is because our “hooks” or connections are now gone. In the lower realms we interact with one another through corresponding energy….like energy attracting like energy. We interact and come together through need or imbalanced energy patterns. This is not real. As I mentioned in the last energy alert, in the higher realms, relationships are based upon mutual love for one another.

So here is what has most recently occurred. The energy surge of April 6 brought us up to higher levels. At these higher levels the illusions were blown apart. Like a bomb going off in our lives, everything was revealed in some way. Our old and unhealthy connections were severed. For the creation of the New World , we need to be connecting with the soul groups that we have planned on connecting with at this time. These connections to these individuals that will be on our team need to be pure. No hooks or corresponding unhealthy energy. And no connections to individuals who drain us. Things need to be free and clear with a strong connection to Source and with our true selves at the highest levels. This is what the ascension process continues to support and create. Again, things need to be free and clear with a strong connection to Source and with our true selves at the highest levels .

And how might this be manifesting for us at the very human level? A great grieving for all the loss. A great grieving for what we thought was real. Like a child just learning that Santa Clause and the Easter bunny were really only our parents, we may feel shocked. And this latest manifestation of the ascension process can easily place those of you who are sensitive into a state of some kind of ascension shock.

What we thought our relationships were about we are finding were simply not. We had “believed” things were this way or that way and now we can easily see that they are not.

A great ending is occurring. And if you have a birthday in this time frame of January to June, you are really getting a double whammy. During the magnified times of ascension, we really experience a death of the old and a re-birth around the time of our birthdays. Some say that Jesus was actually born today as well. Another shift in the energy in regard to the re-birth or ascension.

I have been crying for a week straight. Never before have I felt so much energy of loss or grieving. For me, it felt as though my entire life abruptly ended in one big and vast sweep of some unseen hand. While in the store talking to clerks or on the phone I get so choked up I can barely converse. And within this suffering or loss or grieving comes another level of compassion and even greater connection to Source. I can barely bear the suffering anymore. It brings me to sobs. These deep levels of pain bring us to such high places of love and compassion.

The simplest acts of support or kindness can create immense states of gratitude. And this is what it is all about. And in these higher states just about anything can bring you to tears. The beauty of a sky full of stars, the smell of a cool night, the feeling of a breeze through your hair and even the beautiful loving and feminine energy that comes from the color pink! Everything is magnified in the higher realms.

But as the old departs through the illusions being recognized, the New most certainly arrives. You may find that you did not think you could ever live without this or that, but then in comes something else that is even better. Like being on a blind date, the New can take some getting used to, but it has arrived because it matches our New state of being oh so much better.

Not only are we breaking apart with individuals and loved ones and friends as our vibrations are no longer a match, but we are being re-organized to unite with the team we had planned on connecting with at this particular time of ascension. Many are now being “re-assigned” according to these New roles.

For awhile our sense of security may feel ever so jeopardized, as the ascension process greatly serves to swiftly and consistently remove our old attachments, but we are only strengthening our true and only connection and security…..which is to Source and our true selves. As our egos continually get blown out of the water and we feel so fragile and shaky, wondering where our power has gone and where we have gone, we are only becoming more of who we truly are.

As this latest process of the past few months continues to wear away our egos and beat us down, the old is departing in oh so many ways. This is simply in preparation for the New. Our finances may be at an all time low, but we are only in transition. We are going from one reality and life to another. We will be having all that we need very soon. This latest preparation and transition phase has been a very long one, but it was necessary in order for us to be ready and in alignment to be the powerful creators of the New Planet Earth.

We are leaving so much behind in order to receive the New. But we are the leaders here. We are paving the way for all to follow. We are being watched over and guided by incredibly loving beings from “above” who are oh so grateful for what we are doing for them and for all of the universe. We were not meant to be left in the gutter in poverty. We will be supported through this process as we are so vitally revered and needed. We will be taken care of. All is not lost.

The new roles are coming in if only in small and intermittent pieces. Things are beginning to be revealed to us in regard to the very New things we will be doing. And for many of us they are quite different indeed. “How can I make money doing this ?” you may wonder in frustration. But the pieces will arrive and it will simply work. We are being guided and supported from above. We are needed .

More energy surges will arrive and place us in alignment to an even greater degree before June arrives. When we look back we will be grateful for all we went through as we will love where we are. Like the process of childbirth, the pain is worth it in the end….because look what it produced.


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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