I'm right.....you are wrong

Today brought in another wave of higher energy, and along with it more beautiful manifestations and experiences. Heart palpitations and symptoms of overloaded circuits, sleepiness, and even a great sense of peace could be felt as a result of new and higher energies arriving once again. When we are experiencing a break from an energy influx, it can be easy to catapult into the lower vibrations. When this occurs, we see conflicts on the rise….heads butting, opinions differing….defenses and insults growing….and thus….attacks and separation resulting.

Tension may seem to be mounting in the news and elsewhere during a lull stage, but there still exists a flow of synchronicity if we only allow ourselves to tap into it.

And along with this, the energy of busy-ness persists, as much is manifesting for us in record time….whether it be in regard to things we do not desire, or things we do desire. We are also busy with things related to transitions, but we are nearing the end of getting things into the new spaces…and it has been quite a transition indeed.

There is an opportunity here for us now more than ever before, and the opportunity lies in tapping into the higher realms reality. As mentioned in past energy alerts, we can either choose the high road or the low road. We can either choose to stay in an old reality of fear, low expectations, doubt, insecurity, and much else, or simply go higher…matching the new vibration of the higher energies that now surround us.

The new vibration and reality knows that there is a very simple solution to every dilemma. It knows that we need not go around the block to get across the street. It knows that suffering and effort are no longer necessary in this new world. It knows that we can now connect to one another at soul levels, if we only choose to disregard the illusion of dysfunctional relationships, as our higher and deeper selves are really all that exist.

The higher realms knows that what we focus on becomes our reality…it becomes our experience and everything around us only serves to act as our stage…a stage that serves to support what we are choosing in our lives and what we are choosing to fill our heads with. Our surroundings love to support what we choose to create in every way. They are at our beckoned call…willingly manifesting what we are wanting to see and believing we see. We are masterful creators indeed. Blame can only exist when we refuse to see own our own power as true creators.

In the higher realms, what we do not choose to see or what we choose to ignore or pay little attention to will simply not exist. We are making everything up, and the higher we vibrate, the more apparent this becomes. Thus, focusing on the positive will grant us exactly that.

So what is creating all the attacking scenarios and insults that are being tossed around? As we begin to lose so much of ourselves….the aspects that can no longer exist in a higher vibrating reality….we panic at some level. We are afraid that we will no longer exist, but we at times fail to realize that what is left is only the pure gold nugget of our true selves. (This is a part of the reason why we gain weight…we don’t want to disappear! But we are also holding the higher energies within us as well, creating a more full bodied physical form. We may think that as we vibrate higher we become lighter and more fluent, and here we are becoming denser physically!)

Attacks occur because we are afraid that we will be gone…that what we hold to be true will suddenly become invalid. And then what would we be about? Were we simply hooked into an illusion of what we thought was the higher road, or the right and best belief? And in other scenarios, are we hooking into our fears, because that is all we have known until now?

Clinging on, grasping to save ourselves (or who we thought we were), and lashing out at those who have differing beliefs (or even being attacked ourselves for our differing beliefs), can become an all too prevalent reality when we reach a higher vibrating rung on the evolutionary ladder.

But here is the antidote:  In the old world, the planet earth was created as a playground for creating and experiencing. Anything and everything was allowed to exist. It was right and appropriate for a vast array of beliefs and experiences relating to these beliefs, to be allowed a home or playground. Non-judgement, then, was right and appropriate in this regard as well, because there was no right or wrong, as we were making everything up, and everything was allowed.

But now we are vibrating higher. We need not wind around a hundred roads to get to our destination. We need not navigate through a swamp of endless beliefs…getting hung up on these denser energies and banging into so many differing opinions and varied beliefs.

In the higher realms there are only a few beliefs and a few scenarios present. And if we can tap into these, we will then be in alignment with the higher realms, and all else will simply exist in an old world reality that cannot touch us.

What are these beliefs, you may wonder?

We can choose to believe that others are doing us wrong, or that all is always in perfect and divine right order. We can choose to know that we are all on the same page, even though we may express this page in a hundred different ways. Ultimately, we are all one at the core of our desires.

When we find a similarity or overlap with another, we are simply identifying a unity or commonality in regard to the arena, subject matter, or similar way that we have chosen to express our higher level desires. When this occurs, we feel that we are kindred spirits, one in the same, and united with others in a beautiful and special way. This then causes an alignment to occur, and this alignment creates an opening and channel for more Source energy to pour through us on a regular basis with no resistance…..as resistance always serves to block the flow of light.

If we can know that the vast majority of the time, we are all wanting the same thing, even though we may express this same thing in different ways, we can then know that we need not attack, insult, or criticize the beliefs of another.

What we are letting go of when more light enters the planet and enters though us as individuals, are the lower level ways that we have expressed ourselves and our views in the old world. If we can jump over and arrive in unity and harmony on the same page as everyone else, with a higher level view, we can then by-pass all the conflict. There are many roads to heaven, but once we are in heaven, the roads to get there become inconsequential.

Do you remember your brothers and sisters at soul levels? Do you remember how we all agreed to take on so much abuse in order to transmute it? Do you remember that we are all one big united family with the same mission and purpose? Do you remember our common goal of raising the vibration of the planet through ourselves? Do you remember that we all have a very specific mission or purpose in bringing forth the new world through our passions and areas of interest and expertise?

I will say to you, that if you are in alignment now with your passion and joy (or specific purpose in creating the new world), you will continue to experience the most awesome synchronicities you could ever imagine. This arena will place you in alignment with the higher realms reality. The small stuff is totally inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Sweating the small stuff and focusing on it, will only serve to pull your invaluable energy away from the heaven you could experience now. Jump over and beyond this. There is a great expanse of heavenly experiences just waiting for you to jump into.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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