Integrating............Once Again


Sleeping, exhaustion, fatigue, a “dead battery” and lethargy are some of the indications that one is integrating. If you end up plopping down on the couch every time you try to attempt to do something, or simply cannot get out of bed in the morning, or don't seem to want to talk to anyone or do anything, or feel simply apathetic or passionless…… may very well be in the “in between” phase of integration.

Like a bomb exploding in the middle of our worlds, sending everything this way and that way in many different directions…including people, jobs, residences and the like, the intense and fast moving arrival of the very New energies of the New World had us going in many different directions…….and created in some a feeling of “nothing is fitting” anymore! “Where in the world am I now? What is this strange space I am now in?” The old feels down right ughy and unpleasant and certainly undesirable and intolerable, but this New feels very strange and perhaps not quite here yet. And we know we cannot go back. “Back” is done and over and inaccessible now.

We must become this New space…..this New reality……this New vibration…….this New way of being and living. And because of this, many are now in the space of integrating. This New way must fill our every pore and every fiber of our being. It must infuse us to where we embody it as we become this higher way and more highly evolved human.

All the past years and months of letting go of so much in order to embody more Source energy and more of who we really are has finally brought us to this place of integration at a New and higher level than we have integrated before.

As if traveling to a New land, we are absorbing a New culture so to speak. And before we are ready to go out and create it and live it, we need to adjust and integrate it into our being. One of the phases of the ascension process has always been a period of lethargy, passionless and “out of gas” energy. Like a computer, we are simply “rebooting” ourselves for a very New experience at a very New level of being.

So if you are able, take this time to really pamper yourself, sleep until noon and simply rest and rest some more. If you can allow yourself this self-indulgence without any guilt, you will really be supporting yourself in your ascension process. And when we support ourselves, the universe always responds by saying “Oh! So this is what we are doing! OK………all your needs will now be met as I take care of you since you have declared that this is what we are doing!” It always works. The universe will always follow our lead as it treats us the way we treat ourselves.

This rest and integration period is needed as before long things will be rapidly moving forward again, only this time we will be in a much more pivotal space of the New and very ready to create a New life and New reality.

Everything needs to catch up. Much has moved into another space and this affects many things. The summer months will bring great movement and much excitement. Before we receive so much and all we have wanted, we need to be ready in regard to our New positions as well as in regard to our beingness .

I recently moved into a new rental home. It is a temporary home but in a New and permanent geographical location. This house is brand new and has never been lived in before. So along with this came many new adventures. Never had a phone been set up here, so that was quite an ordeal………the heating system had never been used and needed adjusting………there was no refrigerator here………no window treatments……and so forth. Before I could get settled and comfortable, I needed to set up the New foundation….and I'm still not done! This is the same with our current situation. It is brand New and needs to be integrated, adjusted to and set up.

And on top of everything else, this house is “new” and I'm an old, rustic and rambling ranch house kind of girl, so I am feeling very out of place here. So again, this is the same situation as many are experiencing right now. Temporarily somewhere while we are integrating and adjusting. But one step further as I am integrating and exploring this New area and getting ready for summer when I will then know exactly the spot where I need and want to be. A step-by-step process. This is how ascension always works. It is the easiest and most pain free, even though we think we are always being stretched to the limit!

This New place many have arrived in I liken to a “clean slate.” It is as if we are starting fresh and New with New partners, roles and homes, etc. It seems that much else has been washed away with this final cleansing.

Another prominent occurrence is the “arrival process.” Some are here and some are not. If you are one who has dropped much of your ego, surrendered, given up (or let go as the ascension process greatly supports us in doing), in a new space of simply being , feel like you have been through the ringer the past few years and don't care about much anymore, you are probably here. If you have let go of being in control and don't know who you are anymore, you are probably here. If you no longer run things from your “mind” and head, you are probably here. If you don't work at a regular job anymore, you are probably here.

No worries at any rate, as you will be here when you are ready and when it is your time. Or you may simply choose another route, another role and another reality to experience and match where you are vibrating. No judgment….all is always in order. There are many opportunities that bring in the “exit points” and we can take them when they arrive or wait for the next one that will arrive down the road. We need to be ready and willing to let go. The more one holds on, the more discomfort until finally we are able to let go and move on. This is how the process always works.

Also know that when we bump up to higher levels of vibration, our bodies feel resistance to the old and we can experience symptoms of allergies, headaches and body aches. When we resist (either consciously or subconsciously) we send out this energy or chemical within us and it creates the discomfort that manifests as allergies.

And we are also responding to the chemtrails as well as they attempt to affect our immune systems and our bodies go into resistance once again. Whenever we move up a notch we are bombarded again….but it is a nice compliment in a way as it only serves to represent any fear of our new power. Over the years I have simply chosen to ignore this situation of chemtrails as what we buy into and focus upon always magnifies itself. In addition, it is always best to rise above and simply not become a victim. We are much grander than what the chemtrials may bring and we will always win out. It is best to focus on something else.

As more and more higher energy and higher opportunities (or openings) for New connections to the higher realms present themselves in the months to come, we will then embody and begin living more and more in the higher realms. This way of being will most certainly “take over.” And on the forefront is sustainable living, among other things. Living in total harmony with the earth and the planets as all flow together to support themselves and to support this higher connection to the stars and to Source and to all of life and the cosmos. Wheeeeeee! Here we go!


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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