July 18, 2004: Surviving The Final Phase


The Venus Transit brought in a New foundation and a New energy, resulting in many adjustments and changes and there is much to tell! We have arrived in a New World and we are learning its New language and ways of being. The foundation now beneath us, the New air that we breathe, and the life force that pulses through our veins and sustains us is now of the feminine, of love and of abundance. We must adjust to this and “become” this New blueprint if we are to prosper and thrive, and what a wonderful New way to have to adjust to!

As this is the “rebirth” energy, we are then in the “building up” phase with so much of the releasing and cleansing completed. I have personally been feeling a desire to lift weights, which is very unlike me, but just a manifestation in form of this “building up” energy. This “building up” phase of integrating and aligning the New energy of love and of the feminine has accelerated and activated the FINAL PHASE of cleansing and releasing. We are tired and exhausted and wondering if we can tolerate yet ANOTHER step of purging and purifying. But WE ARE ALMOST THERE! And when we arrive, it will be so worth it! Have you ever been in an unusually bad mood and come across someone in an unusually great mood? Perhaps you could not relate or even imagine what it would be like to be so happy as you were enmeshed in the energy of your “bad” mood. Have you ever been in an incredible mood and come across someone in a very “bad” mood? Perhaps you could not imagine how they could be in such a space. We are currently in the “bad mood” space and cannot imagine the incredible New World that is right at our fingertips ready to break through. And as so much is being purged and released in this final phase, there is much “muck” flying all around us which we are picking up at many levels. We are wading around in it, trying to peek through it to the beautiful light that lies within. The clouding will eventually dissipate and the brilliant light will shine through and forever remain clear. We have come so far and we have raised our vibrations so high, that this latest adjustment phase seemed not to fit with where we are. Disappointment energy is at an all time high as at some level of our being, we KNOW that things are about to change. We feel disappointed because we are so close and it is not here yet. The deep disappointment is only because WE ARE this close! We KNOW that it is time. We have had many glimmerings and manifestations of the great New World that is so near, because it IS so near! There is such a vast chasm between how far we have come and the final lower vibrational energy that is now being released, that we are feeling an immense let down, going from this one place to yet another. It has been a long road of many, many lifetimes and many experiences, but we have finally reached the summit, looking out over Shangri-La, ready to come home to Heaven on Earth. Yes, we are finally at the summit.

So how has our journey progressed? We had a “rebirth” resulting from a critical mass being reached from all the purifying and aligning that the Harmonic Concordance created. The Concordance opened us to the higher realms. It opened the door and literally “opened” us up as well. Many felt they were being “gutted”, and so we were. We released much. We had many various and strange transitional symptoms as we went through the “tunnel” (for a detailed description of symptoms, please access the “Ascension Symptoms” page at www.whatsuponplanetearth.com). As we had infused our spark of energy throughout the universe for eons of time in many different realities and experiences, it was also time to release and set free all of our aspects. We also had access to the higher realms as never before and much was opened up and revealed. Now the “rebirth” energy has arrived through the Venis Transit. This is the energy of the New with an earmark of love, the feminine, and of abundance. It is highlighting relationships, anything not of an energy of “love” (or WITH an energy of love, as all is magnified), and anything not vibrating the feminine ways of unity, support, caring, nurturing, receiving, etc. (or that IS vibrating these things).

This New feminine energy that has arrived in full force has gripped and anchored within us, creating the New building blocks for us to forever build upon. It has begun a chain reaction of breaking many patterns of the Old. The flood gates of the feminine have opened with great force and magnitude and here we go! What are its current manifestations?

Many are feeling exhausted and very tired of “accommodating”, doing for others, and generally just “doing”. We don't want to “do” anymore. We don't want to be responsible for everything and everyone, and have to “do” things that do not inspire us. We seem to have no energy reserves for this type of activity. There is no longer anything in us that we can access to accomplish these activities of the Old world and the Old male energy that used to dominate and make up that Old reality. We don't want to “try”, to “push” to “convince” to “make happen” to “work harder”. The active action oriented Old energy of the male just does not feel right and most certainly is not in alignment with who we are rapidly evolving into with every fiber of our being. In addition, integrating any energy of this magnitude is very tiring to the human body. But we have accomplished much in readying ourselves for this phase of evolution, especially in the last four years, and we were ready. Everything was in order. We had summoned our readiness for the New World and for our ascension into the light and the planets, as always, gave us their unique and specific contribution as well. A convergence was created and within this, a manifestation occurred.

The energy of the feminine wants to “be”. It wants to bask, to self-nurture, to create, to receive, to experience. It doesn't want to “work” (that word will soon become obsolete!). For several months now, we have been integrating this energy at various stages and increments. Many of the past energy alerts have referred to this New way of using energy and of creating that we have been adjusting to. The difference now, is that we are LIVING in the energy 100%. It is within and without us in every way and we would benefit so much by speaking the native language of this New “country” we have arrived in. It has to do with just being, having FUN, playing, and enjoying ourselves through activities we are INSPIRED to do, not activities we “have” to do. If we allow ourselves to embrace these ways and not feel guilty about being there, while we put out our intention to the universe of what we need and want, it will most assuredly arrive. When we show the universe that we want to have fun and be taken care of by exhibiting and vibrating this ourselves, the universe most always follows our lead! I have recently been told of an Abraham-Hicks message board at Yahoo-Groups.com. The participants there are conducting a 90 day experiment beginning in August using exactly this principle, and will be documenting the results. Some have already begun and are having incredible results. If we don't feel like “doing” anything and just goofing off and having fun, it is because we are SUPPOSED to! We are being guided now. This is not a mistake. Source energy is at our disposal as never before and we are being inspired and nudged to create in the New way of the New World (this is precisely what Sherri coaches about. See her link below). And also know that even though these energies have manifested within us, as always, the outside world has not yet caught up. Until things begin to change, and they most assuredly will have to if everyone is feeling this way, we still have to balance our checkbooks! And if we are continually enjoying ourselves and feeling good, which is our natural vibration, think of how this will raise up the vibrational level of the planet even more rapidly!

This New way of doing only what we want to is also a part of the New model for the New World. As more and more of our lower vibrational aspects have spun off of us, we will eventually be left with our “golden nugget” of pure energy that truly resonates with who we are, what we LOVE to do, and what reveals our unique gifts and talents. There will be a niche for everyone. All areas will be covered, as what one individual does not like doing, another will LOVE to do, and we will eventually, then, make up all the pieces of one great, whole and complete “pie”. Currently, we are a gold nugget in the side of a mountain. We were for a time, barely visible. As the outer layers of dirt have slowly been removed and chipped away, more and more of our “gold” is being revealed. We are now greatly visible with a brilliant gold shining through. There are only small fragments of dirt left to be removed, and then we are free! We are almost there.

As we integrate more and more of this New energy, old patterns not in alignment are flying off of us as never before. More and more women are claiming a New kind of power. Their regime is at hand and they know it. As women are so much more comfortable with the feminine, they will lead the way and the men will follow and support until all are in balance. Women are no longer wanting to support men or the male energy. And please know, that there are many men out there who are in wonderful alignment with the feminine already. Much, much is being broken free and cast off. As we are no longer in alignment with the darkness as well, and we know it if even at subconscious higher levels, many are NOT TOLERATING any kind of abusive energy, dark comments, and dark activities, etc. At the higher levels of our being we know the darkness is OVER and has absolutely no power (the same for the Old male dominance), so we are standing up in all our various ways and in our various experiences and declaring it to be OVER. WE KNOW IT. It no longer has any power or place. We will no longer tolerate it. Our souls are tuned in and know very well what is going on and are directing us.

In addition, we continue to release all controlling and suppressive energy at all levels. Recently I had an experience with my “root” family or non-physical family of origin. When I used to give soul readings, I always enjoyed the aspect of connecting with each individual's family of origin, or star, or whatever you prefer to call it. Each “star”, planet or vibrational Home has been represented here by sending a member or members of their “family” to experience the Shift of the Ages here on planet Earth, there-by connecting that shift back to their Homes so that all can reap the benefits of this “starting over” and returning to Source. Many have been invited and are represented here. There is a vast array, and our “parents” are very protective of us, watching over us every step of the way. They have always planned on removing us if the ascension plan had not manifested or the shift had gone amuck. Now, as we are “returning to Source” at all levels, we are going back to the VERY BEGINNING and casting off ALL aspects of ourselves, including our relationships with our “star parents”. Part of the reason we are feeling so tired, according to Archangel Michael, is because it is part of our internal coding and a signal or trigger that it is time to return to Source. He says that when we have experienced all that we choose to, we are ready to return all aspects of ourselves, and it manifests as us being very “tired”. Only this time, we are ALL going through this process at the same time! I had made a decision that involved me feeling good, and I suddenly had an unsolicited visit from my “family” above. They advised me according to their plan for me and I rejected it! We are on our own now, as we are evolving to the point of knowing what is going on and making our own decisions. We are great Masters in our own right. WE are the ones here on the Earth going through this incredible shift in human form, and WE will be showing the way for all to follow. We have earned this right and are entitled to it. We are the New creators and can create the New World exactly how we choose. We have been and are being “rebirthed” and not only are our physical familial relationships changing, but our non-physical ones are as well. Yes, we are releasing all aspects of ourselves and now need only have a direct pipeline to Source.

We are also experiencing a kind of “glitchy” energy. Things are not flowing as smoothly as we may like in certain areas. This is because the Old is moving out and the New is moving in and they are butting up against each other in the crossing. As always, computers and electronics are adjusting to this New influx of energy and acting strangely, and Old business practices with their record keeping and various methods are having a difficult time catching up. This crossing of the Old and New is also causing a bit of “friction” energy as well. Many are still having the urge to “clean out” and make way for the New. We are cleaning out closets, homes, files, computer records and on and on. In addition, as is always the case with an infusion of New energy, much of the New is manifesting as well. Things in alignment with the New ways are really taking off and great and exciting things are happening for many as well.

Some are feeling “off balance”. This is just the integrating phase and will pass. It is manifesting as dizziness, loss of balance while moving and just a general feeling of spaciness or disconnection. We are not totally here or there yet. I am finding that I have nowhere to go. I have been spending a lot of time on my property by myself, as I seem to feel there is nowhere that I choose or want to go right now. These changes that are occurring within us have not manifested in the outside physical world yet. Therefore, I am most comfortable in this space I have created and for me, as it embodies all of the higher ways that I resonate with and desire. There is a beautiful flow and incredible peace for me here. It is not time to “go out” yet as the final touches are still being implemented in the outside world at the highest levels by the highest beings. Most has been completed and put into place, but there is still a small remaining aspect left in relation to “completing the fence” so to speak. We cannot take the cake out of the oven until it is ready, or it will fall apart! Some of us are already in alignment and “waiting” while others are still completing their process of transition and coming into alignment. All is in order. When the light begins its largest and most concrete manifestations in form (this Fall), there shall be no stone left unturned. The transition has been choreographed to the finest detail for the smoothest and gentlest ride for all, and all will have an answer, a place to go that fits and a New Home.

Doctors will be catching on at a more rapid rate that people are having strange and unusual experiences and symptoms, not going crazy, and have health situations related to ascension. As more and more individuals who have decided to stay, begin experiencing these things, this can be the only result. I have had visions that doctors and hospitals will be very supportive and savvy and know just what to do. My personal MD asked for my web site address this week, and she is a mainstream doctor. Yesterday I spent the day with my two month old grandson Simeon, four year old granddaughter Amayah and her six month old cousin Heaven. (And thank you all for your many e-mails of concern about my relationship with my daughter. I still see her regularly, although perhaps “differently”. We still hug a lot and tell each other we love each other, but our connection is currently very different. It feels like she is at the end of a very long tunnel and I cannot reach her!) These New little beings are so amazing. Their parents are quite amazed that they are performing such unusual physical feats for their age, and far ahead of their “projected” timeline for these activities. And my daughter continually tells me that it is as if Amayah no longer needs a parent. So what will happen when these little beings enter traditional mainstream school? With enough of them now coming forth, the system will have to change to accommodate them. When Amayah was three, she told her teacher that she was ready to move up a grade! They will show us the way. While talking with Simeon and watching him laugh, I suddenly had a dark thought. He immediately began to cry. They are so advanced and ready for telepathy and emotional communication. They will be great training tools to keep our thoughts in line! It is so wonderful spending time with these little ones. They feel so much like Home.

So how can we keep our energy up and be the most comfortable while we are experiencing this Final Phase of this particular stage of ascension? The thing that has worked the best for me is to continually stay focused on what I KNOW is coming, even if it is not here yet. I continually picture in my mind what I know my dream life will look like, and it is coming to me very surely and steadily, right on track! We can drink lots and lots of water. I have recently doubled my intake and it has made a huge difference. Practice lots of self-care. Rest a lot if you can, and really pamper yourself. If your health and emotions allow for it, be of service to humanity. Spending a few hours daily answering all of your e-mails keeps me very steady and focused and I love doing it. Get some exercise, even if it is only a brief walk daily. Stay in touch with those you love. We have a great little support network where we continually share all the good news we can, and continually talk of the many changes that are coming while we discuss evidence that is supporting that they are nearly here! What's Up On Planet Earth? will probably be offering a Yahoo Group in the very near future so you can all connect if you choose, and do the same. It is very uplifting and we hope to be offering a zip code exchange as well. And TRUST that things are right on track and in alignment, being taken care of by many, many beings who are setting things up for our arrival. All we need do now is have fun and continue to anchor the light. As Sherri is an expert at this, here are her insights as well:

As many of us have been experiencing feeling stuck or being in a state of not feeling really wonderful, it's important that we all take extra time right now to nurture ourselves and look for ways to feel better.

 There are many things we can do to accomplish just that, but the most important thing to start with is to make it a priority each and every day that you are going to commit yourself to FEELING GOOD!  That is your most important task!  Nothing is more important!  And you will find that if you make it your only task, all the other things that you think need to get done will fall into place much more easily!  The art of feeling good always starts within.  It's an “inside job”, an emotional journey.  Our thoughts, our intentions and our focus are what we create in our experience.  So if we can give our attention to the priority of feeling good and having fun, that is what will show up for us.

I suggest that before getting out of bed each morning that you state your intention to the universe.  Part of my daily mantra has been, “I always choose to feel good!  Nothing is more important. No matter where I am, no matter what I am doing, no matter who I am with - I choose to see the positive aspects in everyone and everything. I am satisfied with where I am and eager for more.  I always make the best of wherever I am.”   One very important aspect in finding your way to feeling good is to be okay with where you are, knowing that as you make the best of it, things just have to get better and better.  It's the Law of Attraction in action – what you focus on expands!

Another thing I'd like to suggest is to make a list of things that you like to do, that make you happy, that bring you joy or satisfaction.  Then take 3 – 4, even 5 things, if you're daring, and DO THEM.  Every day!   You'll find that after a few weeks you won't want to stop because you're feeling so good!  Take your time and put as many things on the list as you can think of and then add to it as you come up with more (and you will once you make this a habit).  They don't have to be things that take much time or energy either.  One of the things on my list is to keep fresh flowers on my kitchen table because every time I see them it makes me smile!  Another thing I like to do is to dance and sing, so everyday I play music I love while I'm cooking and I sing my heart out and dance around my kitchen.  You'd be surprised at how those seemingly little things can raise your spirits or take them even higher! 

Something else I'd like to mention is not to be hard on yourself if you're in a place where it's become hard to even think of something you'd like to do that would feel good.  When you're in that space the best thing you can do is to find some relief from your current state of being.  The thing you need to know is that you CAN get out of it and find your way back to joy, but it will take a few steps along the way.  You can't get from depression to joy in one step.  It's usually necessary to work your way up the emotional ladder by reaching for the next best feeling.  You'll know what feels better to you.  If it's anger or blame, work with that feeling for a little while.  Then you can reach for the next step, which might be resentment.  Then maybe it will be frustration.  Just know that you are making progress.  Also know you don't plan on staying in any of these lower emotions for long because you are taking the steps up the ladder and each one you take as it feels a little better is getting you there!  Pretty soon you'll be feeing a lot better and you can see that joy is really within your reach!  It's all about finding relief and taking care of ourselves, finding the best ways to feel good in any moment.

We're all really here for one reason.  We are here to know and experience joy and freedom.  Our growth and expansion in the process is a natural byproduct.  Life is supposed to be FUN!  So make it your mission to find ways to enjoy each day.  Start with the suggestions I've given if they feel good to you.  Or you could look to your childhood for some favorite forgotten pastimes you used to do, like watercolors, molding things with clay, playing a musical instrument, perhaps or walking in the woods like you're on an adventure in an imaginary kingdom.  We all have our own ways of feeling good, we just need to start practicing them as often as possible!  Have fun with this and remember, nothing is more important than taking the time to feel good! "

Which world will you choose to be in?  Which world will you create?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert.  Many blessings, much peace and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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