July 2003: Strange Energy


Have any of you been feeling the “strange” energy? This past month has been an interesting one energetically, but part of our process into the light. Many have reported feeling “displaced”, lost or disconnected. For some it has manifested in acute stress, “I can’t do this any more”, or simply a loss of zest for life. There is a strange emptiness and some edginess. All these symptoms are the same planetary energy manifesting in different forms in relation to each individual’s unique vibration. Being highly sensitive myself, I have felt it acutely. Even though we are always connected to source energy (or light), occasionally our planetary light connection waxes and wanes. It is like a big wave in the ocean that is either in or out. Since mid-June, we have been in a substantial wane. When we feel disconnected from source, we tend to disconnect from each other, there-by intensifying this energy even more.

All is in order, as this is all part of what I like to call the “building up” phase. (Wait until you hear what’s coming!) We had an enormous burst of energy in the beginning of June. We were manifesting right and left with rapid speed. It was almost more energy than we could accommodate. It was as if we were 60 watt light bulbs having to hold 160 watts of electricity! Immediately following was a short period of purification (due to the strong jolt of light we received). Many experienced rashes, diarrhea, with extreme fatigue and what felt like stress. Then came a period of several weeks of deep sleep, “I feel lazy today”, dragging energy, but much rest. When this pattern appears, we are almost always preparing ourselves to accommodate another big burst of light. Everything is always so beautifully orchestrated……..it seems that we are continually in alignment with these shifts of energy and protected and prepared in every way.

In most all the readings I have given recently, everything looks to be coming together and manifesting for us all at once in August. All the seeds we have planted will manifest. For some, they will receive much more of what their dominant vibration is. All this is an indication that a wave of light will soon be arriving. It looks like a big arm has been raised in the air, and soon the message will come………”OK, go!” and the arm will come down. This is a good time to get really clear and to fine tune what we want to create for the arrival of this next wave of energy to support us.

Although the energy may seem strange now (a friend recently described it as very “weird”), it always has a purpose. It is as if the planet is “recalibrating” (as are we). An energetic “pause” button has been pushed. The energy of the earth is being “reset”. We are in neutral, idling, with little current movement. In looking from a higher dimension, things, as always, are in place and in divine perfect order. We are adjusting to the new higher vibration, the new ways, the new patterns, the new world! We can’t do things the old way any more. We’re being bounced out of our groove. You can’t put a square peg in a round hole……we need to reset. If we choose to create things from a higher consciousness, in alignment with the higher vibration we are in, they will manifest very quickly for us, as they match the current vibration. Our time is here! Yes!

There is much going on behind the scenes. Being in the “building up” phase (as the foundation of light has been completed), much is being moved into place to occupy this incredible foundation of light. Our new leaders are emerging! There will be wonderful surprises with the next coming election. Since the darker/denser energies can no longer exist in our new higher vibration of light, much is being exposed. As mentioned in the April Special Edition of What’s Up?, our real reason for occupying the Middle East is finally coming to light (that’s a perfect term!). And also mentioned many, many times, and I can’t emphasize how strongly this information continues to come in, is that we have been “taken over” by the light! It is by far our dominant vibration. There has been a changing of the guard, so to speak. The light will begin to show in form. It is as if we are living in Heaven but don’t realize it yet. People want to see proof on the outside, but fail to realize that we create it from the inside. The majority of my readings with individuals show the same pattern. People have made a leap into the light, into a higher dimension, but continue believing their old lower dimensional beliefs because they are so used to them. We don’t need them anymore. They are actually not there, but we are so used to them, we believe things are going on in or lives and around us that we have just imagined out of habit. A new way is right here at our disposal. It is up to us……..we no longer need to continue these old patterns and old ways. The road is clear. The red carpet has been laid! Let’s get on it! Are you ready to create the new world? Are you ready to realize you are the powerful being you were meant to be? Are you ready to create the proof you have been looking for that the light is here? Yes, of course, WE are the light. It is us……….

Imagine, if you will, being very aware of who you are. You ARE your special gifts and talents. You naturally vibrate them. They are effortless for you. You are just BEING. You don’t vibrate exactly like anyone else. Your particular energy is unique to you……..a perfect compilation of your incredible gifts and talents which result in a beingness that only you possess. No one expresses their particular gift in exactly the particular way that you do. You wake up each morning joyful to be alive. You cannot wait to be and do what you came to be and do. You have a passion and joy for where you choose to direct your vibration….for what you choose to create. You live in a community where all is in harmony and balance. Your particular community has, at its hub, a particular vibration that you resonate with. There are other communities on your beautiful planet and each have their own particular vibration, or theme. You are known for who you are and how you vibrate, so when your community needs that niche filled, you are naturally the one to fill it. It is expected that you will, as you are highly revered for who you are, and your vibration naturally completes the perfect harmony and balance of your community. You don’t need to be “off” and “on”, as you are continually BEING and doing your gifts, talents, joy and passion. There are gardeners, architects, inventors, artists, multidimensional communicators, and more. Your community interacts in perfect harmony with nature, the nature spirits, with the planets, and all of life. All is represented, needed, appreciated and accepted. You each have a specific and individual vibration along with the identical vibration of the whole. Everyone and everything has a perfect niche and all is effortless. Source energy flows with no resistance. There is regular communication and visitation with light beings and beings from other dimensions. Higher knowledge is easily accessible and experiencing other worlds is a common occurrence. You are all united in the same goal and in the same direction. You are all one. Art and creation abound. Quality hand made works of art fill your home and enhance your environment. They are a contribution of each individual’s sharing and expression of who they are, as are yours. Architecture is magnificent. There are water wheels, windmills and unusual ways to harness energy. There is no monetary system, as everything needed is fulfilled by someone expressing and being their gifts and talents, their passion and joy. All is freely given. To live in your community, you need only to be, to express and to allow. Being who you are at the deepest level (from your soul), expressing through your creations and allowing source energy to pour through you. Do you remember our communities? Do you remember what we came to show and to guide?

The time for these communities is now. The energy and vibration of our planet is finally ready for all we have always known. The road is our passion. The way is our joy. All we need do is follow them ……to really know and remember who we are.

This “strange” energy we are feeling serves as a great and wonderful contrast. Feeling inside out, disjointed, and with no flow can really spur us on to create the opposite. If the world looks upside down, not feeling quite right, why not guide it into harmony and balance? If we feel so disconnected, why not start connecting with each other? Is the current, very uncomfortable energy showing us what doesn’t feel good, what we DON’T want, so that we can become clear about what we DO want? Is it showing us the polarity, as usually happens before a shift?

I belong to a wonderful business networking group here in Asheville called the Berkana Group. It consists of approximately 20 people and only one profession can be represented in a category. Each week we express who we “are” and what we “do”, have an inspirational quote and a few presentations of our passion (or “business”). Then we give each other leads and suggestions, etc. Sometimes we have a mixer for others to attend. What I especially like about our group is that it is similar to the new world. It is a small community. Each gift and talent (business) is represented. When the need arises for a particular talent and passion, we know who to call or refer.

Some of us here in Asheville have a community garden. It’s at the home of one of my friends………..a sprawling farmhouse on some acreage. We are passionate about the garden, with continued new emerging ideas of how it can expand. Each individual has their own particular contribution and gift to bring, as well as the main theme we all share of producing delicious food. My passion is communicating with the nature spirits, the angel of the garden and the devas, and receiving their guidance and support so that we all work as a perfect team. A wonderful artist is able to paint rocks to label the varieties of vegetables and herbs. Others really know about gardening, and so on. I love this project as it makes me feel more at home…….closer to the new world; a central shared goal with many different contributions helping to support it and bring it into form. (Each time I leave our garden community, I have to say, the “other world” seems very strange! The separation we have created in our current society is profound. It stands out in stark contrast.)

I have personally received an unusual amount of visitation the last few months from light beings. They are passionate about assisting our beautiful Terra, our beautiful Earth. They need the human element to complete the process. They can only do so much. It is a team process. They have been especially encouraging and persistent about creating the new communities. This, they say, is the next step. I have to say, this wasn’t a hard leap for me. All was in divine order, as I really resisted this step back in May. With these “strange” energies currently present, and with feeling that nothing really “fit” anymore (our outside environment wasn’t matching the inside vibration), the new communities were one of the few things that felt right, felt good, and like home (remember, we’re also becoming much more of our multidimensional selves as well). I believe I’ve known about the communities for some time, but just had to get uncomfortable enough to really want to go there! We humans are a strange breed at times! But what perfection our surrounding energies are in to guide us there……

Which world will you choose to be in? Which world will you choose to create?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this newsletter. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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