July 25 , 2004: Decisions


A beautiful woman sent me an e-mail recently which said, ”I feel as if the Earth has stopped rotating and I have forgotten to get off”. She couldn't have described it better. We are currently in a most momentous space of unprecedented significance and it is a time like no other. Decisions are being made at the highest levels, and although we may not consciously be aware of what is going on, we are indeed, a part of the decision making process and feeling it at some level. But when the “meeting” adjourns, get ready!

We are in the final stages of this final phase. All has been set up for the New World, it is very nearly in place, and every living creation upon this planet has been called to make its own individual decision: Will you stay and be a part of the New World and continue your evolutionary process, or will you go and continue on in another reality? Some have already made their “transitions” and have been waiting and waiting for the outer world to reflect where they are internally. They are poised and ready with nowhere yet to go. Others are still in the process and having substantial ascension symptoms, and yet others will begin their process later on. This big “lull” we feel is reflective of decisions being made at higher levels. Each being has been given as much time as possible to arrive at their decisions in the most loving way for their souls to progress. We need to be patient and give enough time for EVERYONE to be ready. Things are very definitely building at the higher levels, as we will soon see in the months to come. As always, all is in divine order.

This is a critical time, for once the decision time is up, then “bam”, the start gate will open, the last of the darkness will be removed and the New World will begin manifesting. There is no turning back; it is one side of the fence or the other. Anything not in accordance will go on to other realities based on their soul's decision. All of the grieving we have felt over the past months as we were saying good-bye at higher subconscious levels was a part of this process. Integrating the New feminine energies of the Venus Transit was part of this process. And of course, the Harmonic Concordance was a part of this process. The New World coming very soon (be ready for the Autumn Equinox!) is a GIVEN, a “slam-dunk” at this point. It is a definite GO! As many as possible were given an opportunity to “awaken” and choose; to see how far they could come in this time, and to make a decision at their subconscious higher levels. No one will be left out or “punished”. There are pivotal times in the ascension process where we can choose to go or stay. It is entirely up to each soul, no shame given or felt as all decisions are correct and perfect. All are loved and all are embraced.

As always, the planets are in the exciting action as well, assisting in holding and creating the necessary energies for the ascension process. I know little of astrology, but in experiencing, “remembering” and reading the energies, it is always evident that certain planets carry just the perfect vibration for the next phase of this amazing ascension process. ALL are in this together, supporting in every way imaginable (yes, even George Bush!). It has been an interesting ride so far, as the plan has changed from almost moment to moment. I remember a time about four years ago when my “family” arrived in my living room and said it might be time to “go home”, as things were not progressing in our best interest. There were many pivotal points when we all decided at the highest levels of our being (I believe we are ALL in the decision making process of this grand experience, as we are ALL aspects of Source energy and ALL in on it together) which direction we should now go in and how things should “best” unfold for the planet and its inhabitants. And now, with the New World on the very near horizon, I believe it is US who will decide what this New World will look like. So again, we never really know until things unfold, moment to moment. What a beautiful creation process it is, and at the highest levels of freedom!

This can be a difficult time for first wave “light workers”. Most are VERY tired. These devoted and diligent beings had the difficult task of making the first “shake up” attempts when the energies were at their densest. We transmuted energies within our bodies, created planetary change in various ways, and dutifully carried the energy of the light no matter what the circumstances. Many may feel the urge to “retire”, and disappear into the higher realms as their work may be done. It may be time to “enjoy”, “bask” and live in a space of our beautiful creations. We get to go first, as we earned it so to speak, and all of our needs will be met with ease. I believe the choice to be up to us. Will we first wavers stay and assist with the creation of the New World?

The next “wave” of “light workers” will begin feeling that it is FINALLY their time. The energies of the planet will be perfect for what they came to do. As the darkness is at the tail end of its existence (the pain, suffering and horrors we see around the world are the last purging darkness at the surface, ready to exit, and in addition, whenever we go up a notch or two in our vibration and consciousness, the darkness always brings out “bigger guns” caused by ego and fear in a last ditch attempt to remain), we will be able to create and live our passion with NO INTERFERENCE. Can you imagine a world where we can create successfully with no interference? This will be a New World unlike anything we have experienced for a very long time.

As the process continues, others will “awaken” in waves and be ready for our guidance. As we have gone before them, we will know just where they are and how they are feeling, and especially, what to do to assist. Those who have been feeling like they know they were meant to do something, but don't know what it is, or perhaps feel that their time is yet on the horizon, will be awakened to their knowingness as the planetary frequency increases and activates them. Some are already having great successes with their New healing businesses.

Many are feeling very “unsupported” lately, as if the energies have just disappeared and they are left “hanging” all by themselves. Know that this is TEMPORARY as this is usually the case right before any New energies come racing in like gangbusters. I don't really know exactly why this is, but as always, right before a big wave of energy arrives, the energies seem to wane. It always reminds me of the tide coming in and out. There seems to be a kind of “build up” needed before any New energy arrives. As Paul Simon sings in the movie “Something's Got To Give”, “You have to drift in the wind, before you set your sails”. So for some, they are in the New and still in the Old, and for some they are still in the Old, and for some, they are ALL in the New and just waiting. Everyone is right where they need to be.

(I'm off to Arizona on July 27 for two weeks. I may not be able to respond to all your e-mails in a “prompt” way, as I am taking some time for myself to just enjoy, but I will be checking them periodically.) 

Which world will you choose to be in?  Which world will you create?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert.  Many blessings, much peace and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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