June 29 , 2004: Integrating The Venus Energy


Feelings of tiredness and fatigue while barely being able to keep our eyes open, along with the still existing sadness are the current energies we are experiencing now, and for good reason. Bouts of diarrhea, body aches and allergy symptoms are prevalent as well. We are releasing and cleansing at a very deep level. The spring equinox brought in the New, and the summer solstice is now beginning to manifest these incredible New energies. This New energy of the mother, of the feminine, of the New World, and of the Venus Transit is now our New way of being. As so much love begins to permeate throughout us and our world, there is much to move and change.

The Harmonic Concordance opened the doorway to the higher realms. The Heavens literally opened up and revealed many New dimensions now at our disposal, and created much New freedom for us as well. We, as humans, experienced this in many different ways. Some felt themselves in more than one dimension at a time, spacing out with memory loss, feeling a sense of “no sense of place”, while some became disoriented…..not knowing where they were or what was what. Many of us lost our motivation and drive and our sense of purpose, and there was, as has been for several years, all those interesting and strange physical symptoms! We are becoming multidimensional, dying while we are alive and taking our bodies with us, and this is no easy task. The Concordance opened a “tunnel” of transition, and the Venus Transit grounded in the energies of the New World and gave us a New sense of place. We are now Home and Home is here. Things are (or will be according to where you are in your process) feeling oh so comfortable and familiar…..so much more like Home.

As we evolve higher and higher vibrationally, through our summoning and through the changes created by the planetary positionings, things are becoming different than ever before. As we continually purify to embody more light, we feel a variety of physical sensations, but we are also feeling emotional and spiritual sensations as well. We are becoming totally free from all of our connections to any other aspects of ourselves in other realities. At times we may feel deep emotions without knowing why. This can be another aspect of us in another reality. These aspects are spinning off of us, as we return to Source and purify back to our original spark of life. We may feel a sadness, as if something is dying or has died. Eventually, this will feel like a new sense of “wholeness” or a completeness. It feels like a New strength or “lightness” with a New simplicity of self. We are also no longer connected to guides in the non-physical, as we have grown enough to now guide ourselves, although they still welcome our questions and requests for help. This may feel like a strong sense of separation, or aloneness in the beginning stages, but after awhile, with the embodiment and stronger connection to even more light, it begins to feel ever so wonderful. Here is the freedom, here is the joy, here is the simplicity. We are free from our star families. We are free from all. We are free to create the New, to answer to no one but ourselves, to lead the way for ALL to follow.

These New energies brought from Venus have arrived at a perfect time and in perfect order. They are all about love. As they are here to stay and are showing us the New way of being, they are permeating all, ever so slowly, like a golden elixir filling our every nook and cranny. We have completed much of the “emptying”. So, for awhile, we felt so very “empty”! Now we are being filled, but ever so slowly. Relationships are highlighted now, and everything else related to how we run our energy of “love”. Things not vibrating with an energy of love seem to stand out in stark contrast. I have noticed how different the Old world was. Everything seemed so “flat” without this heightened state of love. Now, things not of love seem so very far away, in another reality.

The Old masculine energy is really taking a hit. Women are feeling grossly uncomfortable having to do all the supporting, nurturing, loving and caring in situations where the male is used to receiving. Some men of the “Older” generations may be in for a lot of change, if they choose to stay! Women are feeling this shift as well, as they are really undergoing a great need for self-care and putting self first. Yes, the higher states of the feminine are affecting both genders as they are striving for balance and wholeness in a healthy feminine way.

As this New energy of love slowly moves in, it is aligning within us. The great fatigue and dragginess we feel is our body and spirit dropping all the remaining Old within us, as we begin filling up with these higher states of love, caring and respect. We are integrating. We are aligning. As manifestations of the New begin in our lives, we may loose people, places and ways of being. It seems as though anything not vibrating love, drops away for us, but only to be replaced by incredibly New people, places and lifestyles that match our New vibration. We have entered into the “rebirth” stage. The Old is finally over, the darkness moved out, the pain and suffering gone and trickling out. We are now in a New World, a New Life, almost like a New incarnation for ourselves as we are fresh and clean, the cleansing over or nearly over.

With this New energy that began showing up in form and in our physical reality over the past week, I experienced a sudden disconnection from my daughter, only child and best friend of 22 years. We no longer vibrated in the same space. I could never have imagined that this would happen. As hard as I tried, I could not re-unite with her in the way we had always been. Our Old connection felt totally wrong. We are in different places now. As in the transition process through death of the physical body, we always unite with our loved ones on the other side. They are waiting for us to welcome us Home to an incredible New reality after we have released and let go. Will I see her again in a New way? Absolutely yes. I will welcome her home with open arms when she has made her transition. If you are experiencing loss of a loved one, know that it is not necessarily permanent. We will ALL BE UNITED again, if that is our intention and desire, but it may be in a different way. And know as well, that my daughter is loving me from the highest soul level. I am needing to make a trip to Arizona to scout out locations for a New home and she is releasing me so that I can feel free to leave her. I have lost about half of my family and friends of late, but know that I will be united soon with soul family members. Some relationships are deepening and strengthening, and some are leaving. Releasing the energetic ties from my daughter has taken a real toll on me physically, but will soon pass. She was the love of my life for many years. As we will all be integrating this New energy of great love, caring and abundance, we will all be ending up in the same place eventually. Her loving soul is supporting me in moving into the New and helping me to make it a reality. We seem to be either feeling good around certain people, or not feeling good. This is our guidance system. It will show us the way.

If everything seems gone, or “empty”, or still, or purposeless, it is because it IS. We are at the threshold of a New reality and it is just waiting for us to create it. This New reality will evolve from the heightened states of love that have arrived. It will be a different world and a New way of creating. Everything else will cease to be. We may be feeling like we just want to just “be”, to just play, to just have fun, to just create. All those mindless chores, checkbook balancing experiences, computer tasks, and dreaded responsibilities seem nearly impossible to perform, as they are of the Old World and we have evolved into the New human (whose natural state of being is playful, creative and loving!). As things, businesses, emotions, health and relationships, etc., sort and sift out, things may seem empty and gone for awhile, but when the New begins to slowly arrive, it will be so worth waiting for!

As we experience this letting go and clearing out aspect of integrating the New, we may feel like cleaning out closets, file cabinets, Old computer files, and whatever else that no longer fits us. If we look back at who we were and what we were doing over the past few years, we may wonder where that person has gone! A whole New way of being awaits us. All the Old dreams we may have had, but were pushed by the wayside from the purifying experiences and light worker responsibilities we may have had (especially over the past four years), are now ready to manifest. I'm ready for my ranch in Arizona and a second home in Asheville. I'm ready for my horse. I'm ready to teach my classes. Our dreams are returning because it is time. No more interruptions. No more delays. No more interference from the dark forces. No more inner child tantrums and fears from old wounds. Get ready for the New. Watch as the Old regime tumbles down and the light reveals all. Watch as the world finally begins to emerge as a world we have been waiting for for so long. It has begun. There is no turning back. Are you ready?

Which world will you choose to be in?  Which world will you create?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert.  Many blessings, much peace and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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