June 4, 2004: Our Rebirth


As we make this transition into the New World, into this New energy of unconditional love and compassion, we are being “re-birthed”. As we are entering a whole New reality and a whole New world, we, ourselves, will also be a whole New us. It is a New way of being, a New life, a New phase, and a New experience. The past will never be again, the suffering and pain will never be again, the person we thought we were and the way we vibrated will never be again. The Old has been washed clean, has been cleansed, has been released and let go……...Home is here as never before. The New us and the New World are emerging from beneath the rubble.

Many are beginning to make their transitions now and are being “re-born”. Each and every one of us is arriving and transitioning in a way unique and special to our own particular vibration and reality. This New World, this “Other Side” I can only describe as truly spectacular. I have personally been here for about a month now, and it only gets better. And I can assure you that if you are not here yet, you will soon arrive in the very near future. The peace and love are beyond words. There is no fear here. The beauty in the simplicity, the gratitude for life and all living things, the great joy and love that is felt in the presence of all people, and the moment to moment way of being have been just divine. Nothing here seems to matter much as stress and worry just don't have a place. I have a beautiful and peaceful sleep every night. No agendas, no planning, just “being” and experiencing this spectacular energy. I still get emotional, but it has only been the emotions of profound gratitude, appreciation and great love.

My cat and I recently moved to a new home on a peaceful half acre of land. My cat, Ahmee, has been used to much more commotion around her, as we had a temporary residence (nearer to healing services I needed for my leg) in a more populated area. She now has a beautiful space completely to herself with no other cats around, with no need to defend her territory, and she basks and bathes in the sunlight and Earth energies all day long. Yesterday I watched her sitting in the grass with a breeze blowing her whiskers, as she gazed upward toward the Heavens in total bliss. What a beautiful sight. It is the same for us. This great peace, this wonderful feeling of finally being so nearer to what feels like home, this unity with the Mother, with Source and with each other………we have finally made it to the next phase.

There seems to be a process many are going through right before they make their big “breakthrough”, but again, it is different for everyone. “Darkest before the dawn” is probably the best description. If you are feeling totally discouraged, having experiences of absolutely not being able to tolerate any more of a specific situation or pattern in your life, feeling as though everything is “futile”, feeling stressed out and exhausted from “trying”, wondering if things are ever going to get better, and feeling totally “over-done” with this current life experience, then you are right on the cliff ready to jump off into the New world and into a New reality. You are THIS close. When you get there, it doesn't really matter if things get better or not, and that is precisely when they WILL get better.

It seems that many of us come to a place where we finally “give it up” or “let it all go”. It's all about surrendering to Source, letting go of control, being in the moment, and TRUSTING that you will be OK. When we decide that feeling good and knowing that our well-being is the only thing that matters, we can finally arrive with ease in these higher realms. This space of “nothing is really that important” and “nothing really matters” is truly divine. For me, I had come to a place where I was no longer willing to experience my body as a transmuting instrument for all the energies around me and of the Earth. After 50 years, my body was completely exhausted, traumatized and depleted. My sensitivities were so extreme that I came to a place where I just could not exist on this Earth for another day. It was then that I finally said “I have had enough. I am done.” And I really meant it this time. This put me into a space of being willing to totally let go, to be willing to end this current experience, and to welcome a transition into something else. We are dying while we are alive. This experience of my own personal reality was then, my own personal doorway and impetus for being willing to jump off that cliff.

Others are finding the doorway with great ease. They have just been waiting and waiting and now they are here and ready. Some are arriving through healing experiences. Some are arriving through losses that enable them to appreciate more. Some are being activated to this space of love and compassion by visiting healing power spots. But in most cases, when we are willing, our transition comes with much greater ease. We must be willing to let go, to surrender, to quit holding onto the Old and what we thought was real, to let go of our misperceptions that we have gripped onto so tightly, and to just be in acceptance while letting go of how we thought things should look and be, and of who we thought we were. In addition, our souls are guiding us as well. They are setting up situations unique to us that open that doorway. We have all been programmed to evolve according to our own individual blueprints at our own specific times. When the Earth frequencies reach a certain pitch for you, your time will come. You cannot not make this transition. It is being orchestrated by your Higher Self. All is in divine right order. There are no mistakes. When our egos and darker parts of ourselves cry out in resistance and fear, afraid of their demise, all we need do is love them.

I have found that “losing my identity” is not that bad. I now feel so much lighter, and with the seeming innocence of a child. Dropping Old parts of ourselves while TRUSTING in Source, allows the simplicity of the divine to shine through. And although our relationships with family members and others may change, it is not that bad either. If there is love there, it will continue to be there, and our relationships can only grow deeper and stronger. Love seems to be all there is anyway. Feeling alone and disconnected from our guides is not that bad either. As we transition, we become so much more connected to Source, that it feels as if we are a direct pipeline anyway, and we no longer need a “middleman”. As this connection to Source is increasing so dramatically, we also no longer miss “home” so much and our desire for our parental “family” almost becomes obsolete. It is as if we have gained our freedom, left the nest, and are now free to create the New World in any way that we desire. We are indeed the leaders and everything and everyone else will follow “US”. We have earned our wings and are ready to fly! “Becoming” so much more of Source eliminates all these fears and Old ways of being. If we only knew how great it was to “die”, we might have done it a long time ago!

As June progresses, this New divine energy will oh so slowly permeate and integrate itself. How nice to have a powerful shift that finally feels so wonderful, without such a powerful and abrasive punch! The solstice will anchor in all of this New that spring has brought in. It is then that the many changes will begin to manifest into form. Already, we are seeing some evidence of the “house cleaning” I spoke of in months past (today the CIA director resigned). Much has been going on behind the scenes. All must accept the light or move to a different reality. As things, conditions and structures continue to fall away, those of us who have transitioned already will feel oh so safe. We will be untouched in our peaceful vortex of love, while everything whirls around us. As many begin to notice our peaceful and loving energy, they will say “I want what she is having” and we will begin our teaching and service.

Which world will you choose to be in?  Which world will you create?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert.  Many blessings, much peace and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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