Laying the New Foundation - Meaning of Our Store-Fronts

Greetings! (Several of you have written wanting more clarification on the meaning of store-fronts. I have written a brief section at the end of this energy alert for those of you who may be interested in what I frequently refer to as "our store-fronts.")

Like aftershocks following a massive earthquake, we have experienced several minor shifts in the weeks following the solstice and full moon, and even since the last energy alert of July 1. As more and more souls catch up and find themselves in very new energetic spaces, this creates another shift of unity and cohesion, and thus, another awesome shift of a positive feeling nature occurs as we suddenly begin to feel as though more is settling in.

Yes, we are settling in now, if even in small and continuous steps. Re-connecting is the theme and purpose now, and until we find ourselves re-connecting to a fair degree, the road can seem rocky, unpredictable, scary, out of sync, strange, confusing and nonsensical, and perhaps even grossly uncomfortable as we do not seem to know where we are or what is going on around us and within us.

This last energy upheaval of the June 21st time frame reminds me of the Big Bang theory of evolution. I really know nothing of physics and these types of things, so please bear with me. What is occurring now is something similar to the Big Bang if one were to read the current energies of late. These energies of June blew just about everything out of the water or out of its old groove so that much could begin again. This is what is causing the stress, insecurity, confusion, and nonsensical feelings many of us are experiencing. After we have separated and spread out as far as we can go (and some are still spreading out), we can then connect once again.

In this way, we may find that our loved ones and those near and dear to us are leaving and going somewhere else. It may seem that we are being permanently separated from those with whom we have shared the closest connections. It may seem like much of everything is "going away" and that our lives have completely broken down and fallen apart (along with ourselves!). The separation needs to occur, as we need to find out who we really are, we need to re-connect to our true and authentic selves, we need to connect to Source more fully, and thus, establish a new and stronger re-connection with our foundations. (Some may not need to re-connect at all, but are simply waiting and respecting the re-connection experience of others, if even at a soul or subconscious level.)

This separation phase involves a journey which we can only undertake on our own. It is a very private one, distinctive to whom each and every one of us truly is, and needs to be undertaken before we come together once again. It is a rare gift and very sacred process between our souls and our creator. It involves stepping into our soul shoes if we have not yet done this already.

After this has been accomplished, we then begin the re-connection to our brothers and sisters once again, and when this occurs, we feel a joy and completion I can barely begin to describe. The time-line for this process can be different for all of us. Some are quite done and others are just beginning. It can greatly depend upon our willingness to let go, surrender to Source, get out of the way, and trust that all is in divine and perfect order.

When the re-connection occurs, the masks are removed. For those of us who have been able to see behind the masks for a very long time, it can be quite emotional to now connect more deeply to another who has just now removed his/her mask. It is like coming home! And it is glorious to finally have company!

As we near the boundary before we cross over to acceptance and connection into our very new spaces, we can feel a tightness, much stress, like the walls are squeezing in on us, and a fear and panic that we do not know how we will now survive or where we need to go. It is then that we know that we have hit the wall and can go no further within the old reality.

Similar to the dying process in the old 3D reality, if we can trust and let go, our journey will be much simpler and filled with much more grace and love.

The old reality is indeed gone, and staying within it is what causes these very uncomfortable feelings. As much is beginning to now collapse like a snowball rolling down a massive hill, capturing everything in its path, we really have no choice but to surrender to a higher way of living and being in order to experience a peace, contentment, and unity which can only exist on the other side.

The beating down of our old walls within and without which occurred over the past several weeks had a very distinctive purpose. When this phase was occurring, we may have felt that we had been traumatized, beaten up, banged around, and simply worn down. Our ego states needed to be worn away. We needed to arrive at a place where we realized what is was that really and truly mattered. Specific desires and detailed manifestations we may have held for a very long time, could now be replaced by knowing that perhaps what we really and truly wanted all along was the love of another, the simplest things in life, and a unity with our brothers and sisters.

Watching our loved ones and animal companions suffering with their own specific dilemmas, struggles, and traumas was difficult indeed, but if we can know that we need only honor and respect the paths they have chosen to get to the other side (without saving them), we can then trust that all is indeed in perfect and divine order.

Each and every human being, animal, plant, and the earth are going through this process now. So then, it may have felt as though so much suffering was occurring as the earth and all her inhabitants are adjusting to the new and higher vibrations which are arriving at rapid speed.

We may have reached states of being where we greatly cherished the simplest things in life, a small act of kindness, the beauty of a small flower blooming, the sound of a bird singing, and a great gratitude for anything vibrating as goodness, light, and beauty. And it is then that we finally know what really and truly matters. In these times, the contrast can be profound, but it creates within us states of gratitude, clarity of what truly matters, and a deeper connection to those around us....thus assisting in the creation of the unity which we could not seem to embody and embrace any other way.

(We decided as a group of souls who came together to create a very new world and reality that this is how we would accomplish the next phase. Things were not moving fast enough...not enough of the inhabitants of the earth were we decided to go with the crash course which creates the states of being which were necessary for the evolution of the planet.)

Old desires were perhaps initiated from more of our ego states, and as these connections to our ego selves being to dissipate more and more, our desires may change as well. We may not know who we are anymore, as so much of who we thought we were has now left. In this way, we can wonder how to behave now, or perhaps what our real and true power is, or where we are indeed headed as so much of our old selves have now departed.

How to cross over that wall and begin experiencing the other side of miracles, unity, immense love and wonder, and living the life of our true and authentic dreams?

Let go. Just let go of what you thought was real or important. Allow what is truly real now to enter your space and your reality. Take time for yourself...make it all be about yourself now and what you need to do to rest, self-nurture, exhale, be in the moment, let go of responsibilities, and just stay in your own sanctuary and bask. Find a way to re-charge your battery, rejuvenate, and allow time for you. Say no to commitments, gatherings, appointments and have-to's as much as you can.

Allow yourself time for you, have a willingness to no longer make anything happen, and you will find that everything will simply happen on its own without you needing to be at the helm. Letting go of what no longer feels good or right will allow the new to arrive and place you in a very new space at the same time. TRUST.

When we arrive in a higher vibrating space, we usually do not feel like doing a thing. This is usually because we are now filled with much more light, vibrating higher, and in this reality we do not make things happen on our own. Much like the feelings we might have when newly in love with another, we can find it difficult to concentrate, get serious, have any kind of discipline, or go to a job and be present. In the company of love energy, we can get giddy, feel spacey and lost, ungrounded, and just plain lazy while seemingly only wanting to do things pleasurable, joyful, and fun. We are re-booting as well as we ready for the next phase.

And after we have our period to exhale, bask, self-nurture and remove ourselves from the outside world, we will again be ready to serve along with experiencing the life of our wildest dreams. Weaving in and out of this process we may also find that much is manifesting for us....much that we could only begin to dream about.

When we arrive in Heaven, it is different for each and every one of us. We can choose what we believe Heaven should look like or what we want to experience. We then create our own specific Heaven on Earth and this is happening now. There are many, many versions of Heaven and no one version is right or wrong. Each version represents who we are, what we value and enjoy, and what we are about.

In the old 3D reality, after we "died," we were allowed to experience whatever we chose while we rejuvenated and rested from the 3D experience. After we had our fill, we would usually be ready to move on and many times move on into a position of service to a lower vibrating reality. And this is what is happening now.

So then, when we are not residing in our Heaven on Earth, we will be providing service through our store-fronts. Our store-fronts will comprise about 25% of our time while the remaining 75% will be spent residing in and creating the very new communities of another reality here on Earth after we are done basking and having our fill of rejuvenation energy.

Our Store-Fronts

Until we no longer have the need for money, we will need a portal for money to arrive through. We will need a space on the dimensional border where we can be found. And this will be our store-fronts. As much continues to collapse, our store-fronts will exist to provide service to those on various rungs of the evolutionary ladder.

Our store-fronts will be varied and will reflect what our own specific gifts and talents are about. They can be artistic creations, healing practices (healing will still be needed for those who are at certain levels of their evolutionary process, but after individuals reach a certain threshold, healing can be detrimental), teaching services for the creation of the New World, and the like. The store-fronts will completely reflect who our true and authentic selves really are, and this is our gift to the world as we continue to serve and assist our brothers and sisters on varying rungs of their ascension process.

And again, store-fronts can also be about our contributions to the creation of the New World. You will know what your store-front is about, as it will reflect something that is really you. And as so much of who we thought we were is leaving so rapidly now, what is left is then the pure gold nugget of our true and authentic selves.

It was planned that we would be taken care of during these times. It was planned that we would experience much abundance during this time of new beginnings. We will all be fine. It has been pre-ordained. We have waited until enough of us were ready. It is now time indeed.

More and more miracles will manifest for us in the very near future. Yes, it is finally time for our very new beginnings, and new beginnings they are indeed. I could never have imagined that mine would involve the new connections with old and familiar souls that I have recently re-connected with. Oh, how I love the surprises that Source delivers!

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,


camelman555 10th July 2008 2:29 am

yes the nurture , the wellspring



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