Because energy can only continue to expand, we continue, then, to progress ever forward into our arrival into the higher realms.

There is a general plan for 2006, and as we are progressing in an evolutionary way, certain steps must be completed….all in divine and perfect order. And even though there is a general plan (created by us at higher levels), there is always room for change…… always (that was for you, Mom).

Here, then, is the general plan of progression:


  • Great and wonderful higher energies began arriving near the end of 2005. This assisted in catapulting us over into the higher dimensions or higher realms.
  • January brought in a time of great chaos, confusion and conflicting energies as they became bumper cars while navigating to their new places and also, brought many energies to the surface within and without.
  • Like a bomb exploding within our world, much was sent this way and that way, all according to how each individual and each situation and each thing was vibrating. Everything was matched up to its new place of vibration and being. So then, there occurred very New beginnings and sudden endings as well.
  • Then, there was a sudden backing off and limbo period, as there needed to be integration. When we are integrating, we can become very tired, totally drained, lethargic, confused and feel depressed. Our batteries may seem to be dead, but we are simply “rebooting” for the next phase.
  • Around the middle of February arrived a very New and exciting road that connected the Earth to a higher way of being and living…….a New and vast and never before connection to the higher realms of beauty and an ethereal way of being. This created crying bouts, sadness, meltdowns and the like. We were receiving a higher energy and it was very high and a very strong light….illuminating much.
  • After this came more integrating and exhaustion or wanting to lie around and sleep.
  • So then, what is next on the horizon as we progress forward?

Doesn't life in the higher realms sound so very happy, fulfilling and joyous? Ha! Is it what you expected? The same pattern continues on and on, as this is how we progress. The basic pattern is a receiving and arrival of New and higher vibrating energies that feel great. Immediately following is a period of the opposite of what the New energy brings. This is so that all can be encompassed and integrated……..a polarity.

The “higher” we go and the more we have integrated, released and purged, the less we will experience these periods of up and down, feeling great and then feeling awful. There is no getting around this, but we are progressing…..we have gone through much.

So then, here comes March. What will March bring? With the advent of the energies arriving in mid-February, much was illuminated by this bright light. Many illusions were brought to light….illusions cannot exist in the higher realms and if you are residing there, you will not be able to tolerate anything of a lower vibrating reality that does not contain truth and a straight energetic line to its destination.

In March, much will be challenged . This will occur in the stepping-stone world. Much has been and will continue to be revealed…this will result in much being challenged.

Hurricane Katrina here in the US is setting an example of this. Many are also having similar experiences regarding red tape, bureaucracy and “the system.” I have had numerous experiences lately in regard to experiences in the Old World where I have been told by agencies and big bureaucratic businesses “I am not supposed to do this, but I am going to anyway” in order to get things rolling.

The higher realms does not have hoops to jump through. Through Katrina and other occurrences, we will clearly see that many are no longer willing to wait for what is right and needed. The public will jump in and simply begin doing what they want, irregardless of any rules, hoops or regulations. This is the beginning of the energy of challenging things…….and part of the process of the old deteriorating and falling away.

While the stepping-stone world is challenging things, many Lightworkers are integrating as they are preparing for what is ahead. We need to hibernate and conserve our energies for what is coming mid-summer. The old has to begin its process of leaving in earnest before we can come forward with the New. All is in order here. We are preparing at inner and higher levels for our emergence. We need not become involved with the falling away and the destruction.

This is a very long process, of course….this process of evolving. It cannot happen overnight (even though we may be so very ready for it to!). The old goes out, the New comes in, the old goes out, the New comes in. And just as when we cleanse our bodies, we feel worse as we are “in” the old that is leaving. But this time, we are so much higher and need not get caught up so much in the experiences of the old leaving.


  • The first half of 2006 involves integrating the higher realms, navigating to New destinations, fully releasing the old, and resting from all of this. This is the preparation phase, so to speak. When we arrive somewhere New, one always needs to adjust to one's New surroundings.
  • The second half of 2006 involves bringing forth the New. Much energy will arrive to assist. Many will be catapulted then, into creating and experiencing and living in a New way in a more physical reality.

With the advent of March involving a “challenging” things energy, it will also involve “anger” energy. “No more of this!” will become a prominent theme. “I refuse to wait any longer! I am taking matters into my own hands!” This will be rightly so as in the higher realms, there is never any waiting. We create what we want, with absolutely no dependence on anything else to decide and create for us. We are the power. And with this power will also come a great unity as we create together as groups. Each individual will possess a pivotal and much needed piece.

Slowly but surely these ways will arrive, but we had to be them first. We may have known these ways intellectually for a long time, but until we are fully vibrating and being them, we cannot truthfully and rightfully experience and create them. It is not possible. We may frequently think we are ready, but we rarely are. Continuous steps are always required. And our best progress is always made through complete and direct experience. This is what the ascension process does for us. As hard as it seems at times, it is a most beautiful gift….and it all comes for us very naturally. No forcing, healings, activations or the like.

And during all these phases, there is still the “being in the moment” and appreciation time. We cannot get anywhere until we know and accept and appreciate where we currently are. You know the old adage, it arrives when you don't want it anymore. And ascension seems to place us in a space where we are so tired and worn down that we do not care….this neutrality about things always brings all things to us. No new news here, but just something that most certainly is happening and very real.

Another way of being that seems to be greatly accentuated in the higher realms is a clear and pure body, not just a clear and pure mind. I have been told for sometime now that one can receive information and connect much more easily if one is clear of sluggish blocks in the physical body due to poor diet and the like. And the body can integrate the New energies much more easily when it is clear and healthy. For me, the time is up for my Ben and Jerry's. Ouch! Exercise, yoga, live and organic foods, lots of water and a full body cleanse are on my new agenda. Purging and shedding anything not of a higher vibration must include the whole gamut. Ugh! But somehow I am quite excited about living in this way now on a much more regular basis.

The mind will follow the body…the body will follow the mind.

So if you are feeling in any way “lifeless,” know that it almost always means you are integrating and rebooting to get ready for another leap forward and another surge of big energy due to arrive in the months and weeks to come. Like a sailboat tacking through the ocean, steady progress is most assuredly there.

Each time we may feel as though nothing is happening or ever will, know that much is occurring behind the scenes and at higher levels to prepare for our move forward. Things are almost always being “set up” when we feel a lull. We would not want to move forward until our place was set, would we? Moving forward into the same old thing is not our plan. Jumping ahead too soon many times causes grief. Integrating and becoming where we are going is the only way that really works. We are our reality, remember?


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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