Lull- Abyes, Re-Connections, and Being Cold

I recently moved into a house which needed a lot of work, but the rent was extremely low, and it was a very unusual find, directly across the road from my newly acquired property. Being that I will be living here while I build a home across the road (or rather a studio above a barn, until I am ready to build my dream home!), and requiring beautiful surroundings around me as they vibrate so much higher, my real estate agent/neighbor/friend/angel and I decided that I should paint the interior of this modest rental home in some awesome colors.

What a project it turned out to be. The old paint on the kitchen cupboards was a pretty ghastly and intense color, as was another set of cabinets, but my landlord who is away in Indonesia for five years teaching “green” was more than agreeable to whatever I chose to do.

First, I had some sanding to do. Then, two and sometimes three coats of primer were needed. After that, two coats of color were needed. Then, the teal color I had chosen did not dry dark enough, looked baby blue instead, and I had to have the color altered and paint again! I began to wonder if this project would ever get done. Would I ever be able to live in a beautiful and comfortable home? Would I be able to feel “right” in this new space? Would this project ever be completed so that I could finally unpack and settle in?

And this is the way it is with our current energetic space. The process of arriving at our new space…the year of new beginnings…a higher vibrating dimension…and the “other side” takes several steps to complete and to ready us for this very new life of our dreams.

First, many of us experienced scenarios of strange and wild dis-connects. Our intentions seemed to miss their mark and end up somewhere completely different. Scenarios were unfolding which did not make much sense, confusion and mis-communication abounded, and chaos was ever present. At times, it felt as though we were in a strange dream where we had no control over anything that happened in our lives. Things seemed to take on a life of their own, and we may have found ourselves wondering who, if anyone, was at the helm.

This was a period of re-aligning, or re-setting. Once we reached the critical mass needed to break through to the “other side,” or new reality, it might not have unfolded as we had imagined. Small miracles and wonderful manifestations indeed occurred, but only in small steps, or of big ones, they were intermittent, with starts, stops, and intermittent success. Other miracles abounded with no effort, and this pattern is continuing still.

Here is what is occurring: Yes, we are greatly re-aligning and re-setting ourselves. As some things come into alignment, a manifestation then occurs. With so much re-aligning all at once, these new alignments are arriving in small steps, one by one, as we begin to create an entirely new and whole way of being, a new life, and a new us. Small and continuous steps…as each phase is completed.

In this way, much can manifest only part way. We may find that a project or scenario gets only partly finished, but not completed. It may seem like it can take forever to make any progress, but as each step comes into alignment, with perhaps many changes taking place during the process, the project is eventually completed, and in a way which now suits who we are now and how we are now vibrating.

If we make a decision that we are not comfortable with, we can always choose again. This is the beauty of creation. It is never too late to choose again and start a very new reality and a very new scenario. This is where we are now. We are choosing new and better scenarios for ourselves. We no longer need to “settle” or to accept less than what we desire as our heaven on earth, in all areas of our lives.

We are aligning now with our true and authentic selves. This means that this more purified self has risen to the surface, ready to be birthed. This self is much more in alignment with our soul, or with our higher self, whichever is a more comfortable term for you.

Because we purged and released so much of the old lower vibrating aspects of ourselves in 2007 (and throughout much of the past 8 years as well), we are now ready for much more of our higher self or soul self to be birthed. In this way, we are now ready for a new reality to manifest which is reflective of how we are vibrating internally. Our outside reality is now coming into alignment with our new soul selves and this is what is creating all the changes in what we are now in alignment with.

And this takes time. It does not happen all at once. And know as well that this is a monumental step we are taking. We want it to be right. The baby blue needs to be teal!

Here are some keys which may be of assistance to us:

If you are one who has not been in alignment externally with much of your true, authentic self, then you will find that much will be falling away in your life. This is not as bad as it may feel…honestly. Your new will arrive very soon, and it will be better than it has ever been before. The transition can be confusing, but if you are willing to let go effortlessly, the new will arrive in record time.

During this time, there may seem to be a lull. A big lull, actually. Lulls occur when we are re-setting or re-aligning. It may seem that everything has left us, and we are in one big void of nothing, or seemingly going nowhere, but in actuality, we are in an adjustment phase of re-aligning.

It is during this time that we can then become very clear about what it is that we really and truly desire for ourselves. Here is the key for this phase: What is in alignment with our true and authentic selves will stay. What is not will leave or become unbearable. And this unbearable part can at times feel like hell. This is because we are now in heaven, and in this way, staying in alignment with who we really and truly are and what it is that we really and truly desire, will keep us there. Hell comes when we are out of alignment with our heaven, or rather not allowing it in our space.

Say that you have a job or career that really feels like you. Suddenly, parts of it simply leave. Your business begins to falter. What is leaving is the part that is not you and was not yours to do in the first place. As we evolve, we refine to a great degree. You are simply refining into your true self and your outside reality is manifesting just that.

It is not possible to be in a job that is not a good fit in every way. There absolutely have to be parts of it that fit who we are, otherwise we would not have manifested it in the first place. These are the parts that we wish to keep. Dream jobs and dream relationships are ones which match who we are in as many ways as possible. The more overlaps of alignments there are, the better the fit and the more we are in our heaven.

What is it that you absolutely love about your job? Are there any aspects that are effortless? These you will want to keep, and the rest will leave your space. In this way, you will always be in your heaven, and in alignment with your heavenly self. This is how it was intended to be. This is occurring for many of us now whether we desire it or not, and all because we have now arrived in heaven. Residing in heaven means we have to match it. Otherwise we can feel as though we are in hell instead.

Are you doing things and staying with jobs, individuals, or geographical homes because of a sense of responsibility or have to’s? In the higher realms, there are no have to’s. These only cause pain and suffering for us. It is OK to let go. We are not responsible for the welfare or happiness of others.

This can take a great amount of trust. Jumping off a cliff is not an easy task for most. But taking the risk of following our heart of hearts, of loving ourselves enough to allow and be willing for our new to arrive, and to really and truly trust that we are worthy and ready for it, will bring it to us in no time at all. Putting ourselves first and trusting that this will be OK, will allow something much better to arrive for us.

There is another interesting scenario manifesting now for many as well. One of the many common stages of the ascension process involves re-uniting or coming together with friends, family, or loved ones whom we have not seen for quite awhile.

After this initial stage of dis-connecting, we are now beginning the stage of re-connecting. We are re-connecting, then, with the aspects of others in our circle which vibrate higher. We are re-connecting in order to build our new foundation. We are blending with the higher vibrating aspects of others to re-unite once again and to begin the process of creating a new whole.

This phase can manifest as coming together with old friends and family during our dream time or even in our waking lives. Currently, the majority of the new movies being released now in the US are second versions of movies with a same cast that was successful years ago, or re-makes of successful movies or shows from the past. A re-uniting of the higher aspects of the old to begin anew. Pulling in a new foundation which works for us or has worked in the past.

Yet another phase of this process involves not feeling good about ourselves. We may have dreams that we are horrible people, or perhaps even feel bad about ourselves in our waking state as well. Have we harmed others unintentionally?Are others angry with us? Have we wandered off our intended trail? Are we on track?

This stage is common as well, as it is only part of the re-aligning process, and many are experiencing it at different times. You may have felt it a few weeks ago, or perhaps not at all yet.

Another manifestation of this transition is being cold with an inability to get warm. This is yet another common stage and symptom of the ascension process. Shifting from one vibrational space to another frequently creates this state of being cold. At times I have to get in a hot tub in order to warm up. Many are waking at dawn as well. At some levels, we are very much ready to begin our new lives in a very new reality. We want to be here.

Some are noticing back pain, yet another common symptom. I frequently comment that we are sprouting our angel wings, and this only means that we release much in the area of our backs and necks, as this area opens up to higher vibrations and to re-alignments. The more we open, the more we become our intended angles of the earth.

As much completes the re-setting and re-aligning process, we will indeed finally begin to experience the life of our dreams. Yes, this will indeed be the year of new beginnings, but we needed to complete the necessary stages first. Are you ready? Are you willing to take a chance and let go of the old and what no longer feels good to you? Can you trust that your heaven is right there in front of you, just waiting for you to allow it into your life? Can you focus your attention on all the wonders around you instead of all the horrors of the other world?

We are integrating much now, and all, as always, is in divine and perfect order. I can’t wait to see what will happen next!

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...
Until next time,

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