March 14, 2004: Resting" Our Way To Heaven"


As the process continues for our readiness into the next phase where we will create and manifest the New, we find ourselves in a mode of tiredness, lethargy, little motivation, no passion, and a surrender energy. All is in divine right order, as this phase is a necessary prerequisite for our “jump” into the New, soon to arrive.

We are wanting and needing much rest now, as we will need these energy reserves we are building when the manifestations of the New begin. At the highest levels, our bodies know what they are doing, as this has been the pattern for some time now…..a sort of need and desire for “hibernation” right before a New burst of energy due to arrive. We are preparing to “reboot” within ourselves and the planet.

Many are reporting great fatigue and a variety of symptoms relating to the eyes. Many months ago, we experienced a mass occurrence of bone ailments (fractures, breaks, etc.). At that time, we were being “restructured” and building a New energetic human beginning that manifested through the foundation of our bone structure. And now, our eyes will soon be “seeing” things differently. As we are in this last stage before a leap into some New manifestations, our eyes are needing adjusting. And as we are right on track, unable to tolerate the lower vibrations, and as our own vibrations have reached a higher level and integrated much of the New energy, we are “seeing” things differently and through New eyes. Blurred vision, heavy eyes, “pressure” around the eyes, and a gritty, sandy feeling in the eyes, are just a few of the symptoms. The New energy is pushing out the Old (i.e. the “pressure”) to make way for a New way of seeing, and to fully embody our beautiful New energy.

In addition, these symptoms of fatigue also have an earmark of “surrender” energy. As we surrender so intensely during this time, we are beautifully “letting go” of the remaining Old energy within us that will not be in alignment with the New that is on the very near horizon. This current energy is not the release by “pushing” that we have experienced so much of in the past, but is of an intense feminine nature. Letting go…..relaxing…..surrendering…..opening. Even this can be very tiring, as we are embodying more, more, and even more of the New energy. This greater embodiment of the New energy is also for some, resulting in back and neck pain (we are running kundalini energy up and down our spine, readying ourselves for expanding into our “butterfly” or angel energy wings), as well as rashes (more purifying), among other things. As usual, we have a lot going on at once! (Remember, we are not so much in “linear” time anymore). Take the time to rest, rest and rest, for very soon you will be in an energy of much activity of creating the New. And know that this is just a phase in the process. We are nowhere near done. As we are returning to Source, to the beginning, in order to start brand New, we are releasing all of our multidimensional selves, all of our connections to our guides, all of our energetic patterns of connections to physical family members, all of our past lives and anywhere in our existence that our original spark of life has extended and expressed itself. We are truly going home.

As some are unaware and still holding onto the Old, they are experiencing frustrations, shortness of temper, and a fear of letting go and loss of control. TRUST is the key here. We are being lovingly guided through every step of this process by our higher selves… our souls. If I talk too much on the phone, it automatically disconnects. When all has been communicated through a conversation, my soul says, “Time is up. You are now wasting your energy. Conversation is over.” This occurrence has happened over and over for me. With an abundance of “3” energy, as this is my soul path of “communicating”, I am learning and being guided to use it in balance and in an appropriate way. At the higher levels, our energy is used for the purpose at the time. Get in and out. No extra, wandering, unfocused energy without specific direction. This state, in tandem with our New state of “being” is part of the New way of the New energy.

Recently, Wayne Dyer was on PBS, promoting his New book and teaching of the Power of Intent. Not since President Clinton confessed to his affair with Monica Lewinsky on T.V., have I experienced so many watching the same program. We are “tuned up”. We are now aligned with energy much higher than the energy of an affair. We are craving and wanting higher vibrations on T.V. and in our outside world. Here is an example of a manifestation of the New into form. We DO NOT want the Old energy anymore. We cannot tolerate it. We are in alignment with something New and we will automatically begin creating it on the outside now. It is the law of energy. It cannot not happen.

In addition, the time is ripe for our teachings. As Wayne Dyer demonstrates how eagerly and voraciously he is intercepted by much of the main stream, he shows us as well that we are moving now into our time of service through teaching. 2004 is a “6” energy and the energy of teaching. “What is mine to do?”, you may ask. All of us have an abundance of higher level knowledge. We need not learn anymore. We now know all we need to. We are ready. No more hesitancies or delays. Others will desire our knowledge, and we will express and distribute it in a way that is unique to each and every one of us, and we will LOVE doing it. It will be as easy and effortless as breathing. We will just be “being” our divine unique selves. I would write these energy alerts no matter what the circumstances. I cannot not write them. It is my highest state, and yours will easily unveil itself to you. It will “come” to YOU… will call to YOU. You will simply be “being”. Oprah Winfrey once said that when she did her first talk show, it was like “breathing”. She said that she could have never imagined it for herself, through her own planning. It “came” to HER, and as we find ourselves in the “void” that the ascension process creates (as we loose our Old identity), it will reveal itself to you as well.

As we began laying the foundation in our lives, within ourselves and in the outside world these last few months, and with enough of us reaching a critical mass, we will soon burst through with wonderful manifestations of New. Many are getting ready to move into New homes, New work, New relationships, and New outlets to express what they are now desiring.

In the past few weeks, my granddaughter Amayah has been exhibiting some strange, New behavior. She has become very demanding, knows exactly what she wants, has to be totally and completely in charge, and will not tolerate a “no”. This behavior has become VERY EXTREME, and cannot, therefore, be missed. With all of us concerned and confused, “grandma”, of course, decided to check into things. At a soul level, this amazing crystal child…..this little being of 3 ½ years…..was waving a red flag to get our attention. As she laughed when I connected with her soul, it was clear that all, as usual, was in divine right order. Amayah is showing us the next phase. She is guiding us into the soon to manifest New energy of “The light is in charge now. We will not tolerate anything less. We know what we want and what is needed. Anything else no longer has a place here”. Amayah is reminding us in every moment that we have the power and it is time we owned it. As this energy takes over within us and manifests without, she will no longer need to hold it for us and wave her red flag to get our attention. Her job will then be done. She knows exactly what she is doing, and is at total peace doing it. Will we rise up? We will claim our power of light? 

Which world will you choose to be in?  Which world will you create?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert.  Many blessings, much peace and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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