March 15 , 2005: A Necessary Delay


As the energies bump up exponentially and in a rapid fire pattern, there has also been a delay in the plan for the geographical Earth changes.

Although the intense energies and phases are rapidly occurring now, the intent is to allow as many as possible to “bump up” into the higher realms before there occurs a big sweep and removal of the Old.

Many are still in the throws of geographically relocating and many are still experiencing and aligning with the energies of the New as they are “arriving” in the higher realms.

April will be a pivotal month as there appears to be a plan in place for many to be in their “spot” the first week of April.

I have never before seen so many having ascension symptoms and experiences relating to arriving and being in a higher dimension. For me, this is a beautiful sight as there is a mass or group push into a place where one could only describe this experience by truly being there and experiencing it first hand.

People are rapidly reaching ascension levels that are just now learning what it is. Yes, things are really bumping up and affecting a much greater number of the masses as the time becomes critical.

“Dying” while being alive is a phenomenal experience, and doing it en masse is a rare occurrence indeed. As the energies and the process are rapidly pushing at this final hour, much is being “captured” and lifted into the safe arms of a higher realm of reality.

As the illusions are rapidly being revealed and broken apart, it can seem that much has reached a level of what appears to be insanity and chaos. Bit this is only at the levels of the Old Planet Earth, and a necessity as all is being stretched as far as it can go.

When large amounts of light pour in, there always results a large amount of darkness as well. The chasm is ever widening as “dark” and “light”, or lower and higher vibrations become ever evident in contrast, giving an opportunity for distinctive choice.

One could say that when we bump up into a higher vibration, the darkness increases its efforts of enslavement and tries to interfere with this process of our natural freedom, but that is only at the lower levels, or where you choose to place your focus and reality.

At higher levels, we are only releasing more and more of the lower vibrations, and going deeper and deeper until we reach a higher vibrational point of knowing that what appears to be “darkness” is actually an illusion and we can choose to not participate in that particular reality anymore.

As we arrive in this higher realm of vibration, we begin to see that we do not need these experiences of pain, suffering and lower vibrational ways and at this point, we can literally choose differently.

We need not process, heal, or examine a thing. We need not anchor energies, intentionally hold gatherings, intentionally try and connect to the light, clear energies or talk of spiritual things. It is here that we are poised and ready to have fun, enjoy ourselves, know that we are the creator gods and can create whatever we choose. Those Old ways are gone, never to be experienced again.

The ascension process is a totally natural thing, and we will ascend and vibrate higher completely without trying. No one and no thing escapes this process, so the best way to actually support the process is just to allow it and trust and let go. You need not become “activated”, connected or interfere in the process as it will do it all on its own.

As the ascension process greatly accelerates, so do some symptoms for many. Lately, there seems to be an epidemic of skin eruptions, as we are releasing in many ways. But as quickly as the eruptions and other maladies appear, they soon dissipate.

Being catapulted into another dimension also brings on its own unique experiences. Many are still feeling like they do not know where they are and are disoriented. The dizziness continues as we are “spinning” into the next dimension. As many of us are deeply connected to the earth herself, and the earth is rapidly releasing and shifting, some are feeling a great ache in their joints, muscles and bones.  

And again with these earth changes beginning and the earth rocking and rolling beneath our feet, come the back and headaches, foot aches and lower extremity aching.

As we arrive in a higher dimension, our way of experiencing and living can be very different. As there is no linear time, we can experience the past, present and future occurring at strange and incongruent times and not necessarily chronologically.

I have had many experiences lately while sitting in my car at a stoplight, where all surrounding me seems to be moving past while it is actually sitting still. Things appear to be moving and not moving at the same time; the bed, the bookcase in the library and other interesting phenomenon.

Some are still seeing things out of the corner of their eyes, and if we consciously choose to shift our perception, we can see things in another dimension and different reality.

We will are ARE learning to navigate the dimensions, and in time these seemingly strange phenomenon will not seem strange at all, but in addition, we will totally be in this higher dimension and we are just currently experiencing the transition.

If you are having any of these particular experiences and they are uncomfortable for you, you can focus and bring your vibration down (as it is easy to go back down again through intent, but not as easy to go “higher”). Becoming busy with day to day activities and distractions can help as well.

Much is rapidly being bumped up in order to be in a safe and unaffected place before a massive cleansing occurs. All must be ready and in order. All must be in place, therefore, this unexpected but necessary delay.

We have so much help. This plan is being supported by all at all levels and all is going in the same direction. The denser energies are becoming as dense and low as they can in order to provide the necessary contrast for choices to be made, and those souls providing this great assistance in the contrast are doing a perfect job.

Things need to become so bad before we are finally convinced to move along and create something new. We need to come to that place of no attachments and that means no connections or desires for the old reality. A complete release.

We have each other. We are coming closer and closer to being at the same levels. We are getting ready to reach the finish line at the same time on this incredible journey. When we arrive, we will be able to see our companions and friends and be ready to welcome more and more to this new higher dimension we find ourselves in.

We are reaching the promised land. This process is very individual and this journey can only be traveled by you and you alone. No one can take you there but you, but when you arrive, we will all be waiting.


Are you ready to create the New World through your unique and special passion?

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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