March 29, 2005: The Internal Tsunami


On March 10 th I awoke in California with great clarity and an extreme urgency involving messages regarding a now arriving energy that would sweep the planet with a great cleansing.

As messages go, this was one of the most clear and intense that I had yet experienced. Even to the point that I relayed it to family members, which I rarely do.

Then it dissipated for several days, and finally arrived around the 21 st of March. BUT, it arrived energetically and not in the physical. I hesitated for awhile in reporting this information, as it was getting VERY OLD receiving information at times that never manifested. I wanted to be sure.

So much can change in an instant and as we are so instrumental in this creation process and how things will unfold, one never knows. Although there is a definite target we are aiming our “arrow” at, and although we are all in this together as the “bow”, there is still much wiggle room from the time we let go of the arrow until it reaches the target. How it gets there is frequently a surprise and subject to change.

I believe we have experienced an internal tsunami. It feels very strongly at an energetic level that we have most recently just gone through all the emotions, physical feelings and great cleansing that a tsunami would bring.

The timing was set for now, and the great surge of energy arrived with the same result, but it did not manifest geographically. Will there still be Earth changes? Most likely some, but one never knows how things will eventually manifest. We can only report the information we receive at the time, and there is always room for change, so please, don't shoot the messenger! (smile)

What has this internal tsunami brought? Yes, it cleansed through water, but it was the water of our tears. A very monstrous wave arrived, but it was a wave of energy that pushed and cleansed and moved out the old and brought in the New.

What is arriving now is what was due to take place after a big cleanse. Many are feeling the urge to go “out” and build and create and start the New, as one would do after much had been washed away.

I recently received an e-mail which said, “I think I have lost it even though I feel I am just finding it.” She couldn't have described things better.

We have been “bumped up” into even higher realms now. What was due to manifest after the Earth plane had been readied to a degree is beginning to manifest now. With so many accelerating with their ascension process, things are rapidly moving ahead and creating these changes in the plan.

And yes, April will be pivotal. Most at the forefront are the geographical alignments. During this time, many are either moving or visiting new places where they will eventually move to.

If you are feeling a great sadness or feel as though you are grieving, know that you are grieving for the loss of the Old planet Earth and your Old manifestations that were necessary during that time.

This big wave of energy is carrying many from the Old planet Earth to the New planet Earth. On this New planet much occurs as it does in the higher realms.

The creations emerging now are of a New way that we had not experienced before. They are creations that reflect a higher way. A higher way of experiencing and learning through color, vibration, sounds, symbols and so forth as well as a great coming together in the creating through group and partnership energy.

In addition, we have done much at the higher realms to ready for this time and this is why many are suddenly coming together in form to finally create what we had been putting together in a higher reality. And as all time exists simultaneously, we are finally beginning to see things manifest because we are in a higher realm and vibration.

So many limitations are gone now because we catapulted into a higher vibration which released the illusions we had bought into.

Much that we had always envisioned is beginning to finally manifest. It is a glorious time. And because of this new arrival into an even higher realm, many are re-uniting with their beautiful soul families.

As the illusions are lifting, for those that are sensitive or psychic, much is being revealed in regard to the roles our physical family members and loved ones played in the old world (as many relationships are being redefined or ending), and we are finally re-uniting with our families from the stars in the physical.

The veil of illusion is most certainly lifting, the masks of who we thought we were and who others were are being removed, and we are coming together to create our projects and our heart's desires, as we had always intended. And it is glorious.

Are you ready to create the New World through your unique and special passion?

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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