March 6, 2004: Arriving In The Higher Realms


March has brought in some intense energy. As if two hands are pushing, pushing on our backs, moving us forward, we are being propelled into “preparation” energy. We have integrated much of the New energy brought in by the Concordance (until the next phase!), and now we are readying ourselves and the planet for the manifestations of this integration.

Many are wrapping up the Old in a variety of ways, as well as “setting up” things for a New phase in their lives. This intense energy is causing a “busy” lifestyle, and a feeling of “hectic” and “much to do”. As this preparation phase (that resulted from the integration and alignment of the New energies) ends, get ready for a big blast of the New. Around April, manifestations will rapidly come into form. We and the planet are now aligned differently…….in a New way, and therefore, New will manifest. When enough of us have reached a certain vibrational point, and reached a critical mass, this will be a natural by-product. Many forms of the Old will become a thing of the past.

Yes, we are running a great amount of energy now. My three-year-old granddaughter's latest mode of being has been to dance wildly, and run and jump everywhere she goes. Those who are highly sensitive are feeling the sense of “overload” and “pushing”. This has also been manifesting as panic and anxiety and some have reported short, intense bouts of depression with complete clarity afterwards. Each of us experiences these energies in our own unique ways.

As we are rapidly evolving internally from this New energy integrating within us, our external world must now change as well. There will be much we can no longer tolerate. I received e-mails from those relating the last energy alert to NESARA. This rising up of the people, this intolerance to the Old, is about our New personal vibration. It is about claiming our natural and divine state of personal empowerment and freedom. It is about we as people and about our current vibration and the plan we are now ready for and have decided to implement. It is about US acting and not depending on anyone or anything else. It is about the current energy status of the planet. (I have to say, I am not connected with NESARA at a planetary level, and only have a general awareness of it).

All of these New manifestations will be in alignment with our New higher vibration. For example, many are becoming highly sensitive and this will continue on. My daughter recently acquired a new cell phone. Her ringer sounds like a beautiful whippoorwill, and every time I hear it, I tease her by soaring around the room in a flowing dance. It is a soothing, flowing and harmonious sound. I love it. My cell phone, on the other hand, has quite a different sound. It is older, and the ring is harsh, abrupt and makes me jump. I can hardly bear it anymore, and have been vigorously pursuing ways to make a change! As we continue to evolve, our outer world will have to evolve to be in alignment with the New human. We will be activated and intensely moved to create the New World. Can you imagine a world of no noise pollution, of beautiful and peaceful sound, of breathtaking and flowing visual environments, of gentle love, respect and peace for all? This cannot not happen. It is the law of energy. This is how the New World will arise. All is in order.

As the New energy integrates within us, our sense of “no identity” is growing as well. As we have cleared more and more, we are feeling more and more “empty” inside. This “no identity” feeling is part of our ascension process. Sometimes I look in the mirror and have no idea who I am looking at. A close and dear friend of mine, a 21-year-old young man and a highly sensitive and gifted artist and psychic, is experiencing a similar process. Each day we call each other and say, “how is your dying process going today?”. As we can no longer do what we used to do, as trying to maintain the Old ways is fruitless and we eventually give up, and as Old friends and acquaintances begin to disappear from our environment, we find ourselves in a strange “void”. Being around other people can feel like an “acting” job, very unauthentic or perhaps like hollering down a long corridor as we try to make some kind of connection.

As our identity disappears, so, it seems, does our self-confidence…..and perhaps even feelings of our power. Know that this is temporary. We will all get through it and come out at a New and incredible other side. We are beginning to embody the divine. We are evolving into states of total “being”……with a whole New way of running energy. A few years ago I was a passenger in a very mild auto accident and crushed my leg. While lying on the gurney waiting for surgery, my soul family in the non-physical came to me with a message. They said I would not be the same person after the surgery…..that I would be making a leap. Having a very large angel with me and watching over things up until that time as well, I knew all was in order and calmly proceeded into surgery.

Well…..I have to say that I didn't leave the hospital as calmly as I arrived. I ended up with no identity. I used to tell people that all that was left of me was the souls of my shoes! As I lay there after a week, with dirty hair, bags under my eyes, and having experienced an unusual loss of blood, I can only imagine what I must have looked like. But a strange thing happened. Those who came to visit all commented that I looked unusually beautiful. I assumed that they were being polite, but later on I realized what had occurred. The only thing left behind within me was the divine……and that was what they were seeing.

As we find ourselves in a place of what may feel like “nothingness”, know that this is the space where all “emerges”. In these higher realms, there is no duality…..everything just IS. We cannot push to makes things happen as there is nothing to push against. It is here that we will begin to remember how to use and “summon” energy. This energy of Spirit that we are so connected to now, will create and accomplish at our beckoned call. We will be freed up to just “be”… just be present and in the Now. It is then that we will find and begin our teaching…..our service to others to show them the way to the other side.

Losing our identity and finding our divinity is a miraculous and incredible experience and process, and I have to say, can at times be confusing and alarming. Imagine a woman having had the experience of living her life alone on a deserted island, and starting her period one day. She would probably be alarmed, afraid and confused. A doctor would probably put her on anti-depressants, as many are finding seems to be their remedy for the ascension process! (They are only going by what they have known up until now.) But when we know we are going through a process of ascension, that all is in order, and that we are all in this together (for the “mass” ascension we planned), and experiencing many of the same symptoms, it seems to ease things just a bit. Don't you think?…..

Finding others at your same stage of ascension can feel like a Godsend. There is an immediate and direct connection, as you are at the same vibrational and dimensional level, and you don't feel nearly as alone. It is as if they are sitting right next to you…..not at the end of a long corridor! Imagine how grand it will feel when we are all there together! (I am in the process of creating a “connection to others” section on the What's Up On Planet Earth? web site, as support and connection seem to greatly assist those going through this process. I'll keep you posted!)

As we are embodying more and more light, the darkness is hanging on for dear life, making its last ditch effort to maintain its position. Messages relating to fear, to predictions and catastrophic earth changes, and to horrendous cleansings are just the last of this darkness attempting to maintain its control. Ignore the gloom and doom. Ignore the fear based news media. Ignore all fear generating tactics. The light is the power… is here…..and WE are the light.

Which world will you choose to be in?  Which world will you create?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert.  Many blessings, much peace and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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