May 2, 2004: Bringing "Heaven" To Earth


Beautiful things are on the horizon, as we have finally made the critical leap into the New energy we all have all been waiting for. Currently, we have been placed in a sort of “holding cell” with our individual energy. This may feel like a sort of detachment or disconnection. What is actually happening is that we are being protected and held at bay until all things are in place for our arrival into the New. Much is going on behind the scenes. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, we all got together, as we are the ultimate decision makers and creators of this incredible process of ascension into the light, and created the next step. As always, we know what we are doing and have choreographed it beautifully.

As we wait in our “protective bubbles”, things on the earth plane are being set up. Much is being done in regard to setting in place the energy and foundation of the New. The Old has been escorted out in mass, and our New homes, so to speak, are being readied for us. It looks incredibly wonderful and exciting. We are finally coming into an energy that will feel much more comfortable for us and much more like home. Hallelujah! The energy of the Spring Equinox was so very powerful, as it needed to be, to really shake things up. As certain energies were then “displaced” as they no longer matched the energy of the New, they were then politely and lovingly escorted to a new home. It looks sort of like a war has taken place in another country…..the Old regime was removed……and now the light has come in to fill the openings. So now, loving New energies of the non-physical (which are also us, in another infusion of our own energy and light) are putting in our New furniture, making our beds, and filling our cupboards readying for our coming home.

As the influx of the New energy arriving at the end of March planted the “seed” and the New energy within us of where we now want to be within our physical location, career location, personal relationship “location”, and so on, we will soon, then, be moving into the place of these “New” aspects of ourselves. My grandson is due to arrive May 10. We have been eagerly awaiting his arrival, knowing he will come when he knows the time is right. As my daughter has reached a state of uncomfortableness in her body (and is over-ready for the arrival!), I recently spoke to this New being Simeon that we are so ready to receive. He says that he will come when the New energy is integrated and in place, setting the foundation for the New world that he has chosen to be a part of and to usher in as he embodies it within himself. As my granddaughter Amayah arrived on the Summer Solstice during the Grand Cross alignment of 2000 (when all that New feminine energy arrived), over two months premature but with absolutely no health ramifications from her early arrival, we know that these new little beings know exactly what they are doing. In addition, Simeon carries an energy of full integration of masculine and feminine (determining his sex through an energy reading was near impossible!). His particular energy is of one who brings everything and everyone together. So here is the New Unity energy once again. A gentle and very loving soul, he embodies great peace as well. Here is wonderful evidence of the arrival of the New.

So then, many who have been feeling the “no sense of place” energy that the New influx brought, will soon be feeling so very right at home. The earth plane is evolving beautifully into a place that we have envisioned for so long. And know that the darker, lower vibrational energies have played a pivotal and important part as well. ALL decided to take part in the evolutionary process into the light. The darkness beautifully did its job of showing us the contrast, or what we could no longer tolerate, so that we would finally be VERY motivated to desire and create the New. We summoned the New energy at the same time that the New energy arrived, there-by meeting in a perfect convergence of creation. ALL has taken part in working together…….we just had to reach pivotal points where enough energy had reached a point where critical mass was affected. It could not have happened any sooner. Although we have been ready since we arrived on this planet, ALL needed to be ready. Now watch for the snowball effect. The New energy will really roll, and at the same time, the Old will still be falling away and falling apart (there-by that feeling of out of control or deterioration). The trick is to hold onto the New, or whatever makes us feel good, or whatever we need to do to nourish and feed ourselves while we follow our passion.

Another phenomenon of evolution is affecting us as well. Some have reached a point where they can absolutely not do things that they used to. Some have experienced situations in their lives that have greatly encouraged them to stop, slow down, or just to “be”. What is happening here is the refinement or the “pruning” of all that is within us that is not ours to do, that does not match our purest form of the energy that is ours to vibrate. We cannot do what we used to because we are not supposed to. We are reaching our evolutionary place of only wearing our own particular hat. For some of us (and this phenomenon is predominantly affecting first wave lightworkers), we created a scenario that literally forced us to “give up” control of much. And being in the moment has become the only way to be. This is in divine right order as well. If we our going to be evolving into intentional community, we need to experience the feeling of giving things up to others……of letting go of the control. When we get there, I have to say, it feels wonderful! What we give up is always someone else's “hat” or passion, so the pieces of the pie are always in perfect place. We will then gravitate to whatever flavor or theme of pie we all vibrate in sync to. What is yours? What is your vibration or passion about? What is your “piece” to contribute?

Personally, I can no longer maintain or be a large part of designing my website. I simply need and want to write, teach, be “out there” serving, and in my creativity through painting and sewing. Recently, when I was ill, I received the information that the cells of my body were not communicating and working together as a whole. There was no “group process” going on. I was told that as my body was a microcosm of the planet and all of its energy, when it regained health and began working together from the effects of the medication, then I would be vibrating the New group consciousness, or the New unity consciousness. Then, I would be able to attract my vibration on the outside as well. This affect will soon be integrated into everyone and is already taking place now. (We will soon be offering our web site and energy alerts in Spanish, due to the passion and heart of Roz Sarmiento-Williams). So then, we will be creating small little vibrational communities for ourselves, and coming together in a voluntary capacity of support. Know that the process is on-going, and that we still have a long way to go, but if we are in acceptance of where we are, and can find joy and be in the moment, we will always be right where we need to be.

If you have a passion for web design or maintence, or a great interest in forums or in moderating them, we would welcome you in joining our volunteer staff at What's Up On Planet Earth? and contributing your creativity and ideas. Please feel free to contact Karen.

Which world will you choose to be in?  Which world will you create?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert.  Many blessings, much peace and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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