May 27, 2004: Into The Divine Mother


Are you ready to complete our transition into a New incredible energy of divine love? June marks the arrival of a very feminine “New”. The powerful punch of the Spring Equinox energy moved us forcefully ahead, making sure that we would most certainly arrive on the “other side”. We were literally moved from one reality into another, and now the door will open wide for a complete 5 th dimensional experience. Although the March and April energy pushed very hard, these many steps and phases have been necessary, so as not to shock us all too terribly much, and to allow for as comfortable a transition as possible. We are always stretched to the maximum for our preparation, as we continue on evolving into the higher realms.

The Spring Equinox brought in a very intense “NEW” for us, with many changes. Many experienced so much New, that it became overwhelming, at best. As we were transitioning from one reality to another, we found ourselves feeling “spaced out” (back and forth in different dimensions), losing our memory (part of it was in the Old world and part in the New, as we became disconnected from one reality and began tuning into another), a lack of concentrating ability, and wanting to rest and bask, as we were gathering our energy and strength to embody this New loving feminine energy. This past year, many experienced their lives unraveling and falling apart. This was the Old on its way out. In addition, we felt a loss of control. It was as if we had no control over anything going on. Again, we were tapping into a New way to create and manifest, in total co-creative ways with Source. We have had to learn and remember how to get out of the way and to allow Source to do the work that follows our intention. We are remembering how to “be” and not “do”, and most of us are certainly mastering the art of being in the moment.

After I felt my great transition taking place within me and in my own personal way through my “hospital” experience, things were never the same again. I had dropped much of my old ways, perceptions and behaviors that I had been holding onto my entire life. About two weeks ago, I received the distinct message that the darkness was now gone, that the pain and suffering were now over, and that we would never have to go through it ever again. This phase was necessary as it was instrumental in our evolution into the higher realms, but that reality is now complete (things had to get so bad in order to capture enough attention from the masses so that as many as possible would be willing to create and transition into a New world). In doing a reading for a friend and in experiencing this myself, there is now really nothing to butt up against. There is nothing there anymore to stop us, to control us, to resist us, and to oppose us. We will experience this as a waiting for the other shoe to drop (out of habit), but it never will. As we begin to realize that something entirely New is going on, we will begin the fun and exciting process of creating our own delightful realities. And know that, as always, New energies take time to trickle down into a manifestation. In addition, it is also always a choice for each of us to make in whether we choose to accept, believe and be in this New reality, or not to.

Some are having experiences of being totally OK, and in the Now. Nothing seems to matter much anymore, nothing is worth getting excited about, as everything just ”is”. After my own personal transition, I have to say, that I am experiencing the greatest love and compassion for all living things. This New space is very full of incredible love and much peace. As I write this today, I am sitting in a New house full of boxes, watching the grass grow taller and taller on a half acre that needs mowing, and observing a never-ending trail of ants in my kitchen and living room. Very uncharacteristic for a person described as a “go-getter” and with a decorator mentality!

What will things look like and what will we experience with this New World and New Reality? Currently, we are just completing the “transitional void” which began around the first half of May. During this time it seemed as if nothing was happening. There was a stillness, business was very lagging for many, there was very little movement in many areas. Nothing was “coming in” so to speak. We were integrating the New that had just arrived and preparing to receive a higher realm. It was the end of a recalibration and final touches were being made energetically to lay the foundation for June. Things were not ready yet. All was being prepared for us. Yes, we have a lot of help! The last few days have brought in more emotions, a feeling of sadness and of weeping. Our hearts are beginning to open as we are beginning to feel this wonderful New divine energy of the Mother. There is an underlying feeling of gratitude as well. And gratitude carries the same vibrational frequency as the frequency of love. It is high. Some relationships are breaking apart and some a reaching a much deeper level. Those in deeper level relationships are feeling total acceptance, allowing, gratitude, and a state of “being”. We are beginning the stages of seeing others as their true divine selves, as their work identities, their life-style, and their little quirks are not really them. It is only their spark of life and their spark of Source that we can see now and that we remember. Light Workers are uniting everywhere, as we remember and are so very comfortable with the New energy. The Unity energy that we have FINALLY moved into will become much more ever-present. We will begin it within ourselves, within our homes (as we will be creating the New World there first. Many have been wanting to just be home lately!), and then branch out into communities. As we become so united as Light Workers, our joy and connection to each other and to Source will be instrumental in assisting others who have yet to or who are struggling in making their transitions. We will have a great desire to serve, more than ever before.

Will there be discomfort as well? Probably. Whenever the light arrives, it stirs up anything not in alignment with it. This New energy will not pack a punch, but will come in slowly and gently in a rolling way. If we feel we do not deserve to be loved or have a resistance in some way, this will most likely cause discomfort. Again, we will be adjusting. This is already causing the “weeping” feelings for some of us. We will adjust as we always do. Letting go is always helpful as well as being in the moment. The more we hold onto the Old, the more “ouch” we will experience. We will be loving each other more than ever before. Our love will serve to transform as we will embody it as never before. When my mother came to visit recently, her blood sugar dropped to normal (she is diabetic) and she began sleeping for the first time in several years. Our love will create miracles. As things will begin to pick up again in June, they will pick up in a New and different way. Businesses will be strong and move forward if they are embodying the higher states. The feminine is in charge now. Businesses will be successful who are supportive, intuitive, loving, respectful, caring (and good listeners!). My brother is the CEO of his own company. He requires all staff members to be educated regularly through the principles of Wayne Dyer's “The Power of Intent”. These are the principles and ways that he desires his company to embody. He has a very successful future ahead of him as he is in alignment with the current energies (as my readings also say so!).

It appears that this New Reality we have just been placed in is all about love.

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Which world will you choose to be in?  Which world will you create?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert.  Many blessings, much peace and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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