Moving into our divine birthright

The star beings have been hollering in my ear, loud and clear the past few days. Rarely do I receive unsolicited visitation from them, and at this magnitude, but their message closely resonates with what we are feeling, and absolutely validates what is occurring.

They are saying that it is time to claim what is rightfully ours. Claim what is rightfully ours. It is evident that we are at an evolutionary pivotal point. We have reached, as a whole, a very new space in the energetic and vibrational hierarchies. This new space is now wide open to whatever we choose to create and claim. It is wide open because it is now devoid of much of any prior density and lower vibrating energy. Much has been cleared away, and this new lightness and higher vibrating existence, within and without, has gained us entrance into a higher realm.

And we could not get here until nearly everyone was on board. This brings tears to my eyes and makes me so emotional whenever I view this scenario. Yes, we are now here is a whole….we waited for all to arrive.

Now that we have arrived, this new space then, has a certain degree of vulnerability to it. It is open. It is our responsibility, then, to claim ownership of it. Anything and everything that has hindered, interfered with, or taken possession of what is rightfully ours, is no longer there, and no longer has any power or influence over our divine rights to what we have a blueprint to steward.

This means several things. It means that, for instance, if we have known for eons that we were meant to have some incredible land to create our dreams and manifest our higher visions of a new reality, we will now have access to this land, with no interference or roadblocks. Miracles will occur. We will be granted our divine rights as the stewards of the earth that we were meant to be. It is finally time.

This means that absolutely all the balls are now in our court. This means that denser and darker energies have absolutely no power left whatsoever (unless, of course, we are allowing and creating this within ourselves, because we are not truly focusing on where we are now residing).

This means that we are now the kings and the queens, and are being asked what it is that we truly desire….and it will be granted. I was told that we need to please be very specific, detailed, and succinct. Exacting, precise, and succinct. There is monumental opportunity here. And we can hold onto and grasp this gold ring with all our might.

In viewing this new space, it reminds me of a third world country that has just been liberated. Set totally free. Or a dog that has been on a short chain for its' entire life and has suddenly just been freed to roam all of nature, in pure heavenly bliss, ready to explore and experience anything that it desires.

This exciting energy is manifesting here in the US in the form of many presidential candidates announcing their intentions to run. There is so much excitement that at some level, we can hardly wait to get started in creating this new and more highly evolved planet Earth. With two years still to go, think of what ideas and individuals can come to the forefront during that time! Like racehorses at the starting gait, jumping at the bit, we are all so excited to get going! At some level, we know that the coast is now clear.

Another manifestation can be experienced as a sudden jolt forward. What we may have created only a few short weeks or even days before, may now become defunct, as we are pushed into a much higher version and better version of our divine futures. What a fun ride!

I have literally been pushed away by my closest non-physical companion who keeps saying, “Get out there now, and claim what is rightfully yours. Go on!” This is why we have been challenged in the past few weeks to be comfortable with asking for what we want, and in putting ourselves first. It was all pre-planned as training for this time we are now in, so that we would be able to take full advantage of this amazing space and opportunity.

Watch now, as miracles transpire, as our dreams come true, and as we begin to experience more unity than we have ever known. Happiness, joy, laughter, fun, and playing in our realities will become the norm.

Our divine rights are now truly available to us….it is time to claim them and to believe it is so.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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