November 1, 2005: Oooooooooo-Wheeeeeee! Here We Go!


In October we found ourselves in another pivotal earmark for ascension. Many were again given the opportunity to decide if they would stay or go…….to decide at soul levels if they wanted to evolve and support this Shift Of The Ages, or move into other realities to better serve their soul's evolution.

This decision was actually made for all souls at soul levels in July of 2004, but as these opportunities and openings come about, again and again, the decision is really about WHEN, for each soul. WHEN should each soul leave? What is the most opportune time to leave? Has each soul that has chosen to leave finished with its contribution? Has each soul that has chosen to leave found that its particular energy is no longer needed? Have they expanded (or grown) as far as they can? And then, when these decisions are made as to WHEN, much lines up for their exit so that each soul's departure benefits and activates all the souls surrounding it. Like ripples in a pond, the exit of a soul or souls creates a change in the remaining energy structures.

As mentioned in recent energy alerts, these energetic opportunities for choice create a great movement that always arrives on its heels. We knew this was coming and we are in that movement now. For those choosing to stay, we are being “bumped up” to even higher levels. This is truly an amazing time.

What does being “bumped up” feel like this time? You may feel as though you are being “shrink wrapped” as much energy is pushing down upon us each individually. Tension, pressure, lots of activity, shortness of temper, and “squeezing” may be felt. There is also what I call an “ascension spinning flu” going around. You may feel a bit disconnected and disoriented for a day or two, with an inability to concentrate or focus. The main symptom though, is a feeling of much “spinning” around you. If you are a sensitive, you may have a good case of vertigo for awhile. Shortness of breath and a sense that you are hyperventilating, even though you are not, is also typical. You may also feel a lot of energy pouring in through your crown and get very hot as well.

This “pushing” energy is “pushing” us to higher levels of being. The spinning and vertigo is our connection to our Merkabah…the vehicle which takes us to the higher realms….it is our light body. We are literally leaving this world.

Another important theme and focus now is our hearts. If you are having any discomfort in your heart area, whether in your chest area or upper back, you may be experiencing an opening of your heart.

In the higher realms, we connect through our hearts. No more analyzing, thinking, trying to figure things out or rationalizing what is occurring. Our hearts are opening at a rapid rate now. With this going on as well as the great magnification of all things that ascension creates, we can become emotional at about anything and cry, cry, cry. Thank goodness we are “losing our minds” because we don't need them!

The soul teams that I frequently refer to now seem to be wanting to be called “heart teams”. I have been told by the star beings as well as having personal experiences of my own, that before we begin coming together and creating as teams, we must first connect with each other through the heart. This is pivotal and it feels wonderful. And what a bond and connection it creates!

This opening of our hearts is also creating great benefits to all the star beings and non-physical beings that are benefiting from our ascension process here on Earth. It is WE who are ascending in the physical. This amazing experience that we are undergoing reverberates throughout the cosmos and benefits all of the universe. We are literally recalibrating all life to connect through the heart. What an incredible opportunity the ascension process is for us. Amazing what we are doing and experiencing. Yes, it is truly amazing.

The suffering is also opening our hearts and connecting us to higher levels of being and vibrating. As strange as it may sound, there is a true beauty in suffering. It brings us deeper and connects us to Source in a profound way. It also connects us to each other, as we are removed from the hum drum busy and non-sensical world of our 3D making. Caring, compassion and connecting are being generated now more than ever. So you see, there are no mistakes here. All is in order as always.

This year of 2005 has created much change. Many geographical moves. Many relationship changes. Many career changes. Many Earth changes (and more to come). Much movement within and without.

The goal here is to connect to Source, or God, or the Creator, or whatever your preference, more and more. Ascension involves the removal of density and all misperceptions that are not of Source. We are striving through this plan of ascension to embody as much Source energy as possible, as we are dying while we are alive.

Things will not be leaving or will not leave until there are things to replace them. So when it appears that everything is being destroyed or falling apart or blowing up, this is only because it is finally time, as New things are ready and here. For instance, the internet will most likely just get out of control and destroy itself. But it will not do so until another system is in place. This will be a system of telepathy and connecting without external technology. Some are here now, as they are paving the way. If it is a reality for some, it will soon be a reality for all.

We are also rapidly beginning to embody our souls to a high degree. We will know who we are, why we are here, and connect very easily and deeply to ourselves, our souls, and more highly evolved star beings. This is occurring now and will continue as we also embody more and more Source energy as we become pure Source itself. Can you feel it? Can you feel these incredible and miraculous changes?

As the earlier stages of ascension created a great identity crisis for us, we can now see why. Can you barely remember who you were last year, what your childhood was like, or even who you were a week ago?

With the higher realms energy certainly here, there are many and will be many who appear as lost souls. They have died or basically been removed from old 3D energy, do not realize it yet, and cannot find the light. They will be grasping, fighting, holding tight, over-controlling and embodying anger, hostility and attacking energy. They are trying to hold onto something, afraid to let go, and don't know where to go.

If you are a light bearer, they will most likely try to hold onto you. These will be rocky and tumultuous times ahead as the old 3D reality collapses more and more as more and more light has arrived. The light is illuminating much. And with no boundaries in the higher realms, we are finding that it is much easier to come from love, compassion and caring, than from a retaliatory stance.

In the old 3D business reality, individuals may seem to be inappropriately asking for the moon. The more you give, the more they want. If we can remember what is really occurring and that we have the ability to create fresh and new in any given moment, we may find ourselves simply letting go of much as we move out of that old reality and way of being. Remember, these individuals are lost and grasping. And many of us simply want things TO BE DONE AND OVER so we can move ahead. We don't really care how anymore, we just want it over. That world and experience is old and done. We aren't vibrating there anymore.

Things are very rapidly moving ahead now. We have made much progress. Yes, much, much progress. We have reached critical mass. As we open more and more in the months and weeks to come (November 11 will be a pivotal time), January will show us just how far we have come. We will find ourselves in completely new and different places which are much more in alignment to who we are now. They will also be much more stable and secure for us.


Are you ready to create the New World through your unique and special passion?

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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