November 19, 2004: We're Here!


We're here. We have arrived. We have completed the next phase into the higher realms. Wow! What a quick, intense and phenomenal journey, and most assuredly, a very different place to be than what we have yet experienced.

There is so much light here that it literally is hurting my eyes. It is brilliant, bright and full of joy, love and a very distinct absence of any density. Almost a shock to the system!  

The election brought in a very quick, intense and deep manifestation of darker, denser energies that needed to be brought to the surface. We experienced this as a purging of attacking, and what almost what felt like venomous and angry energy. It was deep, but quick. Loved ones snapped at us, e-mails attacked us, and so on while releasing and experiencing this phase. Thank goodness it was so short!

Then we went through the “tunnel” phase. It was like trying to squeeze a square peg into a round hole, or better yet, too much density trying to push through a filtering screen. When this happens, we may feel great pressure energetically and it can also manifest as reality in our current lives. It can create what feels like stress and anxiety, or a feeling like you don't know where you are.

In addition, nothing no longer lined up energetically as it no longer “matched” the New higher vibration we were rapidly accelerating into. It was extreme, intense and brief. Things seemed to short circuit as all was embodying much more energy for the push ahead. Many experienced “overcharges” in their dealings with money, or what felt like “gouging”.

This latest transition was very brief. Beginning with the incredible energies of the October alignments to set the stage, we next needed to experience the shifting energetically in the physical before all could manifest in form.

This morning I awoke at the final destination and it is divine, although a bit unnerving if I think about it! What does all this mean?

We are now in an incredibly higher realm. The only unpleasantness that exists here is truly in our minds. Manifestation is extremely brief. Think it and it appears. The energy is incredibly light and floaty with very little density. It is almost a shock to the system, like arriving on a different planet!

If we believe we are in the Old world, we can create that as well. There are light beings everywhere as we have landed in their “home”. If you put out your intent you can experience them. It is up to you. You can create whatever world you choose for yourself here, but if we all share a similar vision, we can also create en masse and create a New world we all manifest together and that looks the same for all of us.

What does this say about the war and the Old world, you may wonder? For me, it appears as shadowy energy with no substance. It looks like a ghostly presence with no base in reality, and certainly not real. It is only being kept alive in the minds of those viewing it and believing it.

Eventually, as people continue to relate in the Old world ways, they will say, ”Wait a minute! I don't have to do that and experience that anymore! That no longer exists!” They will almost feel as though they are acting, and they will be, for it is not real.

The Old ways and Old world reality will eventually fall away as there is absolutely no foundation to support them in this New reality we have just created and arrived in. It will be just a matter of time until more and more individuals “wake up” and choose to become a part of something very New and different.

This process will also result in quite a disruption for Old world energy. It may seem chaotic at those levels as those still wanting to embody the denser energies will find themselves very lost without a rudder or a shore to hold onto. The best thing we can do is to stay in the New energies and New world as we create a beautiful place for all to come to. We are best to hold the space here for others and not to go backwards where they may be. We will usher them over when they are ready and welcome them with open arms.

As many begin transitioning, they will, of course, need our help, guidance and assistance. I have had many visions and now again they are at the forefront, of our hospitals and health care professionals being very savvy about ascension symptoms. They will be part of our accepted reality and there will be much support for this process. They are beginning to wonder now, and will be asking for our advice, input and expertise. My MD is Asheville asked for my web site address herself about 6 months ago!

So settle in, enjoy yourself, get ready to manifest your heart's desire and watch as the New World unfolds before your eyes. Which world will you choose?

Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contribution through your passion and joy?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,






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