November 25 , 2004: The New Reality


We are now in a higher frequency and it is affecting everything but in different ways and at different times. As we were right on track preparing all this time and experiencing so much purification, enough of us were ready and at a perfect culmination point for the 11:11 portal to open to the much higher frequencies and create an opportunity like no other.

This new frequency we are in is “shaking up” all that is left of the lower, denser frequencies. At the same time, it is aligning beautifully with the frequencies that match it. The results? Tension, tempers, stress and very fast moving energy is being experienced by anything in the Old ways or Old energy patterns. It can feel like “overload” as we try to continue with Old ways of being and creating. In addition, this New energy can feel like “overload” as it pushes and pushes out the denser vibrations as well.

There seems to be a pattern of “unresolvability” with things, as though we can't seem to find completion or flow with our projects. Things don't seem to be connecting as this shake-up is causing the energy to fly out of its groove looking for a new “home” if it is not yet in alignment.

Things of the Old are being pushed to the surface for release. This pattern has been on-going for some time, only now it has especially bumped up as these higher frequencies are much higher, and therefore, appear to push much harder as they are in a much stronger contrast to the Old.

Events in the news appear to be indicating that things are “going crazy”, remedies frantically being sought for about everything, and just an over-all frenzy.

The sports events brawls, changes in the political arena around Bush's cabinet, murder sprees and changes within the news media anchors are but a few manifestations resulting from the reverberation of the arrival of this New higher vibration on the planet. Like a bulldozer from the higher realms, this New energy is finally creating change in the physical, and it is time to “give it up”.

At the same time, incredibly beautiful things are occurring as well. Things, relationships and experiences that we have experienced in the “dream state” while sleeping or in the higher realms are beginning to become our reality here on Earth. WE ARE NOW IN THE HIGHER REALMS. We have murged. We are in a completely New and different reality and it is ours for the taking.

We now more than ever have the opportunity to “choose” which reality to experience. By being in the moment or the NOW, by letting go, surrendering and TRUSTING, and by “jumping” over the cliff and into the unknown with total trust, we can enter this beautiful New World.

First wave lightworkers more than most are very ready to experience the New reality. Not because they are better or more “enlightened” than others, but because they planned it this way from the beginning. Very generally speaking I am referring to the “baby boomers” or those who have been on this path for a very long time and began the first “reverberations” designed to shake up the Old planet Earth.

If you do not seem to be much interested in anything of the “New Age” anymore, feel you have come full circle (already “been there, done that”), and just want to enjoy, laugh and have fun, you are most likely readlily “tuned up” for the New vibrations and for the New World. No need to talk about it anymore as you are “being it” and embodying it and now in alignment with it. Your job is done as you have “arrived”.

As more and more individuals reach these states, the New World will begin to grow and grow. We are all right where we need to be and no one is any better than anyone else. As we enter into these higher realms, there is no more need to “defend” to “explain” to “push” to “try” to “resist” and especially to “do”.

It is time to HAVE FUN, to ENJOY and to EXPERIENCE. No responsibilities, no “fixing”, no making change. Just a space of “being” in this great space of peace, love and gratitude where we create through our intention and through this New connection to Source that creates all that is as we guide these New energies through our joyful intention alone while we are simply feeling good and having fun and knowing without any room for doubt that all is ours.

So what then, is next on the horizon? Basically speaking, our lightworker duties are over as what we came to do has been accomplished. It is now only a matter of time as the denser/lower vibrational energies dissipate with no fuel for them to survive and these Newly arriving energies sweep over the planet, taking all with them to higher ground.

As a substitute teacher in a small town in the wine country of California many years ago, I had the pleasure of teaching a sixth grade class for two weeks. This was a very special class of loving, cooperative and beautiful students in the days of class management challenges and defiant students.

One day a new student arrived in class. Poised and ready with his defiant posture, jokes and arrogant attitude that was the usual “norm”, he began his first day. With his surroundings in a seemingly different energy, he didn't stand a chance. As he was swept up in the flow of loving, cooperative and caring students around him, he had no choice but to fit in with his environment and “give it up”. He loved it. He became like them, and he was happy. No more fear, and no more need to control.

I can only imagine what it must have been like for him when he left class each day to go back into the “other world”. We can choose. We need not go back. We can stay in this New energy and bask and delight in it. It is our new home.

This is as it can be with the New energy. We will no longer need the Old ways of being and the Old ways of creating. At a certain point, all will be swept up in the New and the New World will manifest with rapid fire.

It is now time to create the New. If you are feeling lost, in transition and perhaps that nothing fits or makes sense anymore, it most likely because you are finally “finished” and ready to create the New World. Some have been feeling this for quite some time and have been “waiting” for more to “arrive”, while others will arrive in due time when they are ready to “give it up”, let go, and ride the current to “the other side”.

The dots are beginning to connect. We are meeting up with others whom we have been separated from while we were playing the game and on our “missions”. The “twins” are getting closer and closer to permanent union as we are going back to the beginning and back to Source.

It is time for your passion to manifest. It is time for the YOU to emerge. It is time to create a world with high vibrational intent. It can be as simple as shifting your thoughts from what you perceive is happening around you and what is happening with you to what you would really LIKE to have happen. Know that it can be your reality. What the media is reporting does not have to be your reality.

Make it up. Make up a story that feels oh so right and plain delightful to you. Make it all up. It will become real. Do not believe what you read or see in the media. Believe what you choose to and what you want to experience. Stay in positive thoughts and you will immediately go to the higher realms and a different reality. It is then that you will create it and when more of us begin creating, we will begin experiencing what is REALLY real. It is there and we need only tap into it. That different reality is THERE. Choose it. Go there. Expect it. Experience it. Go through the portal. It is easy now.

If some of us are experiencing it, it only means that ALL of us will be experiencing it soon. When you get there you will remember the game we played and the fun we had and you will laugh and re-connect with your brothers and sisters with such joy and delight. Get ready for it is coming. We did it…..we made it. What world will you choose?

Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contribution through your passion and joy?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,





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