October 1, 2005: The Break-Through


The “fever has broken” as we have finally pushed through the door and into some clearer, lighter and easier energy. As of last night, we broke through the barrier of the energy build-up, and are now free to move forward.

When we reached critical mass, we arrived in much greater numbers into the higher realms and higher dimensions. This resulted in many exciting and unusual experiences of higher vibrational reality for the initial leap, but as always, what soon followed was the “roadblock energy” and the “darkness”.

What feels like darkness always accompanies a leap forward, as what is not in alignment with a higher vibrating reality within us is released. Also, the “dark forces” come out with a vengeance the higher we go, as if trying to sabotage our journey and evolution into the light. The higher we vibrate and the more light we embody, the more intense the darkness appears. But if we know it will pass and it is simply a part of our evolutionary process, it can soften things a bit.

From the highest perspective, there are, of course, no dark forces, as all energy always goes in the same direction with no polarity. As all is an illusion and we are making everything up anyway according to what we believe to be true and probable, what appears to be “attacking us” is simply an energetic aspect of ourselves and our beliefs that we have supported into coming into form by allowing and believing in its existence.

And what is the roadblock energy? When we leap ahead in our vibration and evolutionary status, there always accompanies each leap ahead with a time for re-calibration and integration. During this time, we experience the polar opposite of whatever “earmark” this New energy embodies. If we are experiencing a leap in consciousness and higher reality and vibration of “acceptance” for instance, we would first experience the highest form of acceptance in order to feel and know and tap into what this is like, and then we would almost immediately experience a time of “judgment” or “resistance”, or whatever the opposite might be.

With this recent leap forward, we reached some incredible higher realms and this resulted in a new reality of near instant manifestation and amazing creating abilities. What followed, then, was a period of what felt like absolutely no creating abilities and a “prison” like state, where we felt completely stuck with what may have felt like no possible solutions or roads to moving forward. Trapped with absolutely nowhere to go. There was good reason for this, which I will explain shortly,

The gift during this time was in being in the now, in learning and vibrating acceptance, in getting out of the way by letting go of our egos and their lower vibrating intentions and agendas, and most certainly in connecting in the new higher realms reality of heart to heart, while we were out of our minds! Out of our minds and into our hearts. Into our love and compassion and non-judgment. And surrender was the road to get there and allow these higher frequencies access to ourselves.

Accepting what is while choosing something different. “I can no longer function in a reality where I am dictated to. I must have my freedom”, you may have been thinking. “I am the one who needs to decide. I need to choose my reality. I can no longer live in a world that is deciding for me….in a world that I HAVE TO FIT INTO. I need to create a world and reality that FITS ME”. You've got it……and this is precisely where we are heading.

As the prison and roadblock energy held us back, the energies began to build up and pile up upon themselves. The things that we WERE able to create, as we knew they would arrive, seemed to all happen at the same time and on top of each other, without the benefit of a road to move forward onto.

With the door now open, this pile up energy can now dissipate and allow these creations a place to manifest. With the integration and alignment of these latest higher realms energies much more “settled in” now, get ready to see your manifestations coming much more into form.

The roadblock and pile up energy may have resulted in a tightness within your body…you may have felt constipated, your period may have been strangely late, or you may even have been very achy as you were stretching as far as you could go within, as the “door” was not yet ready to open.

Then last night the energy poured in, pushed everything out, we had a great release, and now there is so much more lightness for us. If you are one who is sensitive, it can help to exercise, get in the water and move, and drink lots of water. As the energy hits these blockages within us, it can also help to do a cleanse of some sort. And during this time, you may have also felt a desire to clean out your closets and let go of many things. If so, you are lightening your load, as you are readying for your metamorphosis into a human angel, with no responsibilities and no baggage…….a being who simply “is”, while floating around the planet assisting all others through the purest vibration of you.

So what, then, does the future hold? We can never predict such things, as we are creating fresh and new in any given moment, but generally speaking, we do have a path that we are following into our evolution as higher beings of light and we are most certainly on it now, as all is unfolding precisely as it should for this grand Shift of the Ages.

This latest move forward is creating many things for us:


  • A difference in our sexual relations. We no longer need to experience an orgasm through specific genitalia areas. Many are having “full body orgasms”, or basically feeling incredible energy all through our bodies simply by connecting with those we adore. In the higher realms, sex is an obsolete term as we no longer need it. We get the same thrills from connecting in higher ways.
  • We are connecting with our soul groups and soul teams as never before. We are remembering who we are at the highest levels and what we came to do and be. We will be sharing homes in different locations as we will love to spend time with our soul companions whom we adore. As we laugh, play, remember each other and adore each other, we will find it more and more difficult to part.
  • We will have multiple partners. With so much of our egos out of the way now, we know we are all family and all one and lovingly and acceptingly spend special time with each and every one of our soul families in a unique and special way, as we will also unite as a whole.
  • We will begin manifesting instantly and begin remembering and experimenting with higher ways of manifesting. Creating in the palm of our hands, easily utilizing telepathy, downloading information into others in lieu of explaining things verbally, and so forth. What fun this will be!
  • There will be open doors and portals to the star beings who will share their worlds with us in a loving and respectable way, as we will now be on much more equal vibrating turf.
  • An instant and easy connection to our loved ones and others who have departed through the 3D death experience. We are basically in the same place now.
  • In the “stepping stone” world, sustainable living with different sources of energy. More highly evolved forms of healing for those in need of healing.
  • A continual collapse of the old systems and structures with more natural disasters, as a higher vibrating world emerges.

These things and more are possible now. Basically speaking, the first wavers or baby boom generation will be residing in these very higher realms and higher ways of being, and the bridge generation, or next age group down, will be assisting in the “stepping stone” world, as many who have chosen to stay will begin awakening and seeking answers and assistance.

The first wavers will vary their time in between existing in this higher reality, and visiting the stepping stone world as human angels of light, compassion and great love. With all their needs met, they are now free to do as they please.

What is the door or key to the higher realms? As we are dying while we are alive, one would never see a hearse with suitcases strapped to the top. If we are willing to let go of who we thought we were, let go of everything we thought we knew, let go of anything that is holding us here (i.e. jobs, responsibilities, caretaking, etc.), and have radical trust that all our needs will always be met as we stay in the flow of Source, we can find ourselves in states of bliss and harmony and within a space of incredible vibrations.

Please know that I am not suggesting that you quit your job and leave your family. Just know that this is the process. It is about “being” instead of “doing”. About “allowing” instead of trying to be responsible for making things happen. About being in the moment. About trusting. About letting go. Allowing is the feminine, intending and believing is the masculine, and being is the spiritual. And the beauty of it is that we need not try and get there, as the ascension process does all of this for us. It is designed to create within us states of letting go……states of not caring anymore as we feel beaten down and exhausted. When we no longer care, we create that wonderful state of neutrality where we can create instantly. When it doesn't matter, we always get what we want!

So get ready for this continual process to continue to unfold as we reach this next phase, and know that all, as always, is in divine and perfect order.


Are you ready to create the New World through your unique and special passion?

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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