October 2 , 2004: The First Day


October 1st brought in the blueprint and energy of our “first day” of the New World. Arriving like a beautiful gift in the middle of the night, some awoke very early in the first hours of this first day feeling physical and emotional shifting as this New spectacular energy arrived through the Grand Quintile alignment.

Our bodies and emotions were integrating, but oh so briefly as we have come so far in our evolution and alignment and can finally embody the New World in all its glory. Migraine headaches, allergy symptoms, intestinal and digestive complaints, and much energy around the heart were some of the indicators of this New energy arriving.

And we are still sleeping and sleeping, while feeling very tired. The last few days I have slept for 12 to 13 hours per night. I can't seem to wake up. In addition, many are feeling a great depth of unconditional love and compassion and a feeling of great anticipation and excitement.

The earmark of this past week has been financial. We are feeling stretched to limit with our supply of money and wondering where we will ever get enough or how we will ever get out of the seemingly increasing debt our society has been built upon.

There seems to be no source of financial support for us, and we may be wondering “I have done my part, am using the Laws of Attraction, making my own contribution, have given and given so much, and yet why am I not receiving in return?”. We cannot give from an empty pitcher and this is causing weariness, edginess, a feeling of “where is mine?”, and great discouragement.

We have reached into our energy reserves as far as we can possibly go, activated the “back-up generators” as many times as we could, and are now, quite simply, done. We have had enough. And for good reason, as all, as usual, is in divine perfect order. We are “done” because that Old way of being, that Old way of our economic structure, of our financial systems, of our system of debt is also quite “done”.

So guess what is on the horizon?

As we finished our final steps in September to allow us to usher in the New World in form, we are now ready through the support of the Grand Quintiles and other astrological occurrences of October, to begin the New. It is here! I feel it in every fiber of my being. A big burden has been lifted. We are free and clear to create and move forward in OUR way….the way of the light.

 As strange as it may seem, we will now be receiving everything that we will possibly need. Anything we desire is at our fingertips. I have been repeatedly told and have repeatedly seen this New way of being of total support and abundance arriving at our doorsteps. We will absolutely be showered with the financial and energetic means to have and accomplish anything we choose. First wave lightworkers will be the first to receive as they are more “ready” and know more (you know who you are) and it will continue in waves, as the “first wavers” lead the way and support all others. Everything we want and need will arrive for us.

It was hard for me to believe myself, as I have become quite weary as well, but there it was, unable to miss. It was a strong realization and knowingness. Although I had “seen” it and been aware of it for quite some time, it is not the same as when it finally arrives in your space! And what a shot in the arm! We have completed our “assignments” from the Old World and are now moving into a New reality of total pampering, incredible receiving and a life of just being and experiencing all that we desire. We have earned our gold watch and pension.

“And how will all this great abundance arrive?”, you may be wondering. It is not up to us to know the how or the exact when and where. We need only sit tight, get giddy and have fun, and simply KNOW that it is coming. It is not for us to make it happen (unless you are part of the team that knows it is involved in this aspect). Just TRUST that it will. And remember, it will come in waves. Your time will come when it is your time….very simply. And in the meantime, you will be fine.

Having all that we need will cause a great ripple and shift in our way of being on the planet. If you are ready for your “twin” (for lack of a better word) soul, for instance, as our personal and planetary vibrations have finally reached that point of reality, you will not “need” that person. In the higher realms, we are only simply elated to see our closest energetic counterpart and not coming from a place of “needing” someone to make us feel good, support us, or give us something we cannot give ourselves.

You will know you are ready for your perfect mate when you no longer long for your mate but know he/she is coming, when you feel whole and complete within yourself, and when you no longer wonder about or desire your union. This is precisely when it will occur and when your perfect energetic counterpart will also be whole and complete and be able to sustain him/herself independently.

I had a wonderful dream last night. I was “settling up” with all the souls I had become involved with in the Old World. We were laughing and remembering how we had interacted with ourselves during that time and in one instance, I ended up “owing” an old boyfriend four dollars in order to finally balance and complete our experience! (Funny, I would have thought that he owed ME!) We have completed the Old life and the Old reality and the game we set up to place ourselves in for “fun”. It is over. When we move forward now, it will be in a totally New way, with expansion coming from experiences of love and support, not of pain and suffering, and a time of great union.

Relationships will change as well. As we evolve higher and higher, and realize that we are never really without and do not “need” one another, and as our egos begin to diminish, we will experience a reality of multiple relationships. We will all just simply delight in the company and joy of each other as we create, create and create, and serve and serve and serve. Community will also greatly change as we have never really experienced community here for eons of time. We have had a very limited and isolating version of feeling we had to do everything ourselves and forgetting that we are all one. Having all that we need will change so much and put us right where we have been heading for so long.

Are you ready to create the New World?  Are you ready to make your unique contribution of passion and creativity?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert.  Many blessings, much peace and incredible joy in these miraculous times.




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