October 23, 2005: We're Finally In The Higher Realms To Stay


October 22 brought in the peak of another turning point energy. This energy asked us, “Which way will you go? What are you willing to let go of? What have you had ENOUGH of? Are you ready to leap off the cliff and fall into the higher realms?”. This turning point was just one of many in the on-going see-saw process of our evolution into the higher realms.

We have been in this type of energetic turning point before…….it basically symbolizes choices that all souls must make in regard to staying and becoming a part of the higher realms, or staying behind as some may not yet be ready, or perhaps some have chosen to leave the planet through physical death in lieu of ascending through the body.

This turning point offered us the opportunity to make our choices from a higher dimensional perspective, as that is certainly where we are now residing. In the higher realms we are able to see above or through the illusions of the old 3D reality. This higher energy is enabling us to see each other for who we really are…….without the old 3D masks and illusions of “issues” we may be operating through. This time and this reality is absolutely amazing.

And miracles are abounding. When we are ready to trust and finally know that we can have what we have always envisioned, it most certainly gets us there. These higher vibrations we are now residing in since reaching critical mass are enabling many miraculous things to occur indeed. And when they begin to happen, we begin to trust, and this in turn leads to even more miracles as we find ourselves in a state of allowing.

Many are experiencing divine miracles in regard to relationships with the opposite sex. How the masculine and feminine are now interacting is a true indicator that we have reached the higher realms. Many are uniting with their perfect mates. The masculine is now truly supporting the feminine. This amazing and beautiful dance of the sexes is creating a New male….one that loves, nurtures, supports and is radically THERE for the feminine. This is allowing the feminine to greatly open and bring forth the feminine energy. Women can now feel oh so totally free to express who they are and to bring forth this divine feminine energy as they no longer need to “protect” themselves or embody any defensive posture. (Thank you men…we are loving it!)

The group energy of the higher realms is also beginning to become a glorious reality as well. As we let go of fears, doubts, and negative thinking, we find ourselves in an amazing place where we are coming together with very little ego and in this state of being, we allow our soul groups to congeal. Shared housing of mutual and loving support in various geographical locations is FINALLY becoming a reality. We are so able to see now the old illusions we were carrying of density and of a fog that disallowed us to remember who we were. Yes, the veil has been lifted.

This turning point energy that feels like upheaval means that we are rapidly approaching another sorting and sifting point……..it means that a Newer and stronger energy will be arriving shortly and this Newer energy will assist in pushing things forward in regard to the decisions that were made (either consciously or at soul levels). Sifting and sorting. Leaving the lower dimensional reality behind. Will you stay behind or move ahead? Will you allow radical trust to take you where your soul desires that you be? Will you allow yourself to remember that decisions need not be made for reasons of money? Will you allow yourself to be in this most incredible space that allows for magical things to unfold? Will you allow yourself to get out of the way, to quit trying to make everything happen yourself…..to quit trying to carry that big burden of responsibility that is wearing you out, and open to receiving the love and support that arrives with your arrival in the higher realms?

After reaching critical mass in August, a re-calibration period ensued, which resulted in the roadblock energy. We seemed to be unable to move forward, no matter what we did. Things were not ready yet. The necessary energetic climate that we were requiring was not there for us to move into. Then in October, the moving ahead energy finally arrived and it is still here……….

This moving ahead energy created much for us to do and some of us are tired. But we are tired from almost too much of too many good things! Things are manifesting right and left as miracles abound. Think something, and it miraculously appears. And the less emotion and importance and energy that we surround something in, the more quickly it will appear.

So you may be feeling a bit frazzled, over-loaded, over-stimulated and hectic as we are finally putting together all of the steps required of us to become ready for JANUARY. JANUARY. JANUARY. A very important and pivotal month. We are nearing the end of this year of “destruction” of 2005….the year when much needed to leave; the year of many great changes. The year of much sifting and sorting. The year of making choices. The year of the greatest changes in the physical that we had yet to experience, as it was finally time.

So as we have finally let go of so much and have finally reached levels of critical mass (the majority of the time through an intense discontent which provided the lift off and desire to be somewhere else), we are now beginning very New phases and actively putting them into place at this time. We are preparing for January, as all must be in order and in place for 2006. We must be tucked in and cemented into our New positions in a way that does not allow for any upheaval or wavering of our spots or roles. We must be very grounded and very steady in the higher realms, as more upheaval and loss of the old reality will continue on.

Staying in the higher realms reminds me of the movie “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams. Near the end of the movie, his character goes “back” to try and retrieve his wife from the darkness where she ended up after committing suicide. It became tricky, as the longer he stayed there, the harder it was for him to re-access the higher realms. Listening to others who are still in old 3D thinking and ways of being, and doubting and negative thinking can very easily place us back in the darkness and the lower realms. And as we spend more and more time with our soul families, we will support and encourage each other through positive thinking and great reinforcement of this higher realms way of being.

We will get used to and come to expect miracles. We will remind and support each other in the ways of intending and expecting what we desire. We will send out energy ahead of us in order to pave the way for our arrival……we will consciously create what WE want, instead of the old ways of taking what is being given to us. And as we build great energy and creating power through the law of more than one coming together, it can become an exciting time indeed!

If you are not having an experience of connecting with others in the higher realms, please feel free to read the latest messages on this website, as they will serve to remind you of life in the higher realms until you are able to spend more and more time there yourself. And know that all that I have spoken of here is a reality for me…it is not something that I am seeing and desiring and writing in order to cheer you up. These things are my world and I am sure are the world of others as well.

We are also finding that yoga is serving an amazing and almost necessary role in maintaining and supporting our existence in the higher realms. It is the form of yoga that involves stretching and holding postures in a loving and gentle way using breath. This practice greatly enhances our ability to stabilize and maintain the energies of the higher realms within us. I am finding that I need to practice it every day…..it makes an incredible difference. And we are also finding that there is a New form of yoga, yet unnamed that is developing as a way to connect to our souls or higher selves, as well as serving to maintain and embody that connection to the higher realms.

Can you feel them? Can you feel these incredible energies of love and gratitude? Do they make you cry when you see and experience anything not of the highest ways, as you are nowhere near that reality anymore and it feels so painful? Do they make you cry when you experience amazing heights of higher vibrational reality as you feel so blessed?


Are you ready to create the New World through your unique and special passion?

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,





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