October 28, 2004: Resetting


October 2004 has been, I believe, the most powerful and influential month so far on our journey of ascension into a New World and New way of being. Being on the road from Asheville, NC to Flagstaff, Arizona for the past week or so, there is much to tell and catch up on.

October 15 brought in a distinctive energy of “The Day Of Reckoning”. As we had allowed MUCH time for all to make their individual decisions as to whether they would stay and experience the New World and New way of being, or move on to another reality, many felt that we were waiting forever! As the summer months (here in the US) carried a distinctive energy of “waiting” and no movement, October carries just the opposite energy.

After our individual decisions were made, the next step was “The Day Of Reckoning”. As a tremendous amount of rearranging was going on behind the scenes, preparing for a change in leadership from dark to light, so to speak, all were then asked to choose between the light and the darker Old energies of the past regime. It was time to “settle” in order to move ahead and move out the Old.

It reminded me of the Martina McBride song, “let freedom ring, let the white dove sing……..Independence Day.” In giving a recent reading to a dear friend, the same message and energy repeated itself over and over again. It was restoration, it was the day of reckoning, it was all our freedoms and abundance being given back to us. He will repeatedly experience situations with financial endeavors and notably the IRS, which will in essence say, “Here. I believe this belongs to you. And from now on you can do whatever you want with your money”. The “bad guys” will be apprehended and removed in all areas through the “reckoning” energy, and the ways of freedom, no interference, and total creative energy will be restored to their natural state of being before “the fall”.

October brought in much energy of change. The Quintiles are “five” and five is change. The energy is moving ahead very forcefully and rapidly. Last April I experienced a great leap and transition personally. An incredible and dynamic “re-birth” occurred around the time of my birthday. This seems to be a pattern for personal transitions. The number five seemed to appear from about every area possible. The night of my birthday I went to dinner with friends. One had to cancel, making us a party of five. We found a five-dollar bill on the steps of the entrance to the restaurant. We had scheduled our meeting time to be 5:55. A dear friend called that night and commented that we had known each other for five years. It got to be rather funny, as it continued on.

This time, the planet is making its transition. The quintile alignments started off the month and will end it as well. They are in a pattern of five. Five is the movement and leap into the rebirth and the New in the physical reality.

This is the most incredible energy I have ever seen. The New World is finally being born. In order for us to function more fully in this New space, we are very intently being “rewired” right now. For most of us, we will need to do the bare minimum, drink plenty of water, and gets lots of rest. We may be feeling very spaced out, not entirely there, dizzy, and barely able to function. Body aches are prevalent as well. Our bodies are going through such a restructuring and realignment that it is best we are not in them right now. In addition, we are very present in the higher realms, doing much work and having many “meetings”, so we are again, not all here. We are “upgrading” as my dear friend Michelle Denman refers to it, and a very accurate term indeed. We will need to be wired in a way that totally supports our beingness in this very New reality. For most of us, this should last about another week or so.

Some are experiencing bouts of diarrhea as well, as we are literally adjusting the New energies through our bodies. It is so amazing to me to witness the very important role we play as lightworkers, as we use our bodies and beingness to shift the energies, to align with the higher vibrations and to align the planet as well. It always goes both ways. We are in this together, integrating all.

In addition, the planet is adjusting to the New higher energies now present through weather patterns, earthquakes and volcanoes. All is in order as we move so strongly and rapidly ahead.

Another very close personal acquaintance of mine is a wonderful example of the many changes we are now experiencing as we transition into the higher realms. He has given his permission to share his story. Over the summer months here in the US, his company of which he is the CEO, began to experience a subtle loss of employees. It was not a negative or unpleasant thing, but just some employees who felt they needed to move on into other work more suited to them, or who thought they were growing in a different direction.

In addition, there seemed to be no money coming in, which was very unusual. Many promises of contracts were made, but at times, at the very last minute, they fell through, and very unusual for this company, the inflow of money actually just stopped. Finally, after several months of surviving on personal lines of credit, a decision had to be made. It was decided that the partnership would dissolve.

 As it appeared that a disaster was at hand, this was actually the opposite occurring. Why? My special acquaintance, the CEO, is a very high level being who practices the laws of attraction in his business and uses positive thought to create. He knows what he is doing. He was being elevated into his New niche by his soul, and this niche will be so much more enjoyable and exciting than he has ever experienced before.

His partner was vibrating differently and needed another outlet. This situation, then, created all of that. My friend the CEO was preparing to begin a New journey creating a higher level product that would assist all of humanity. He has known this his entire life. Through readings it was clear to see that the time is finally NOW. Energetically, it appears that he is rising into a whole New reality, creating his new product, enabling him to really take off into a life and world that totally surpasses anything he could ever imagine. In addition, he will most likely merge temporarily with another company, enabling him to sustain himself while he continues and completes his transition. The New energies of October created the final push that propelled him into his New niche, putting him precisely where he needed to be to complete his plan before birth.

It is an incredibly beautiful sight to see him rapidly move ahead into the New, and it most assuredly indicates that all is in perfect divine right order. He says it does not feel so good right now! But in the end, it will all be worth it. This is as it will be for most of us as well. As the changes are occurring, they are moving us into the niche where our soul knows we need to be according to our original plan. We will be so ecstatic when we arrive!

My move to Flagstaff has proven to be another example of this very thing. Everything around this move has fallen right into my lap. In addition, our powers of intent are incredible now. I had decided I wanted to rent my home in Asheville with no effort involved (I was tired!). It rented in one day, even before the ad came out as the new tenants came TO ME. I also did not want to pay any movers. I ended up with a wonderful crew who volunteered on their own and even brought friends. In addition, I drove across the US in a perfect pocket of weather, while severe weather patterns were happening all around me.

This pattern occurred after my arrival. I am having fun with the weather. My intent has been successful each and every time. This is the way of the New World. We are here to create what we want and to form the New World how we want it to be.

New pockets of energy will be erupting everywhere. We will activate them as light-workers and begin to form the New cities and New communities. The time is here and the time is NOW. Flagstaff will be a city of light on top of an incredible mountain that will be a gateway and window to the stars. Open communication with off-planet beings will be the norm here, as well as Flagstaff being a new hub for the New World. Flagstaff has now been activated and new people will soon be arriving.

When I arrived in Flagstaff last week I felt I was finally home. Never before have I felt so strongly that I was home and resonated so perfectly here. It was quite emotional and overwhelming. My people are here and my people will be arriving. It is finally time for this New Phase of creating the New planet Earth. It is finally time for what we came to do. It is finally time for our families of light to connect together.

Currently, I am in California as I write this message. I was told I am here to help “re-set” the frequencies and the New vibration for California before I return home to Arizona. Yes, the planet is “re-setting” for the New World. These last finishing touches are so divine. Our presence alone creates these amazing shifts. We need not do or say a thing. We need only “be”. And in addition, as we “upgrade” ourselves, we will emerge with a much stronger connection to source. We will be embodying as never before, the energy of Source and the energy of our souls. Remembering who we are and what we came to do will become a much more easier task. We will now “be” our souls as never before.

For most of my life I have remembered that I settle the new planets. I have always been the set up person for New Worlds. So now, I feel so much in my element as my time is here to do what I know to do best. I feel so much ME and connected to my soul. It feels downright heavenly and it will for you as well. And as mentioned before, the Hawaiian Islands are carrying the energy of the New World and it is ready to be released. Many are feeling a very strong pull to go there, or perhaps find themselves there coincidentally. The islands are here to reconnect us to the energy of the New World and we will then share it and activate other areas with its special blueprint.

When will the manifestations of the New begin to show themselves, you may be wondering? We need to TRUST that all is in divine right order. Timing is crucial. You cannot take a cake out of the oven until it is done, and you cannot cook a cake to perfection unless the temperature is right. All is being handled. We are being put into position for orchestration of the New. TRUST that all is well. TRUST that you are right where you need to be or being guided right where you need to go. When your time is right you will be activated.

And in addition, it is crucial to stay in positive thought, high intent and a space of love and compassion. It is far too easy to slip below this new vibration and just as easy to rise above it. It only takes a shift in perception and a willingness to look at what is soon to come. Where we are going is SO MUCH BETTER! There is much love for you here.

Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contribution?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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