October 5 , 2004: Restoration


Hours after the last energy alert went out, I began receiving more and more wonderful and exciting information due to our New current vibrational level, and could not wait to share it with all of you, so here it is!

RESTORATION is the current earmark of the New phase we have just entered. Many, many steps needed to be completed before we could arrive at this incredible place, and especially during the last four years of our intense preparation energetically and vibrationally, we are finally ready. All needed to be in order. And all was and is in divine perfect order as everything has literally culminated to activate at this particular time.

The planets have contributed, we lightbearing humans have contributed, many non-physical beings of light have contributed, beings of light temporarily inhabiting human form have contributed, all of the nature kingdom, etc. has contributed and the darker/denser energies of the PRIOR ruling regime have greatly contributed as well (showing us what we did not want and making us become very aware of it through their extreme behavior, causing a summoning of even more light and a higher way of being).

What is now occurring is a RESTORATION of our beautiful planet in all ways, placing it into its original state before “you know who” began its interference and so called “rule” that has been in place for eons of time. The darker/denser energies being finally removed (and in perfect timing as their influence had great plans for an amazing and dramatic further “take over” at this time), we are now ready for this next phase of restoration.

It is as if we are hearing, “Here. I believe this belongs to you.” This will occur as we are literally being given BACK our divine and beautifully incredible planet, being given back our abundance that is rightfully ours, being given back our powers as creators without all the dark influence and interference (manifesting as “issues”, lack, lower emotions, control, and on and on), and most notably, our FREEDOM. All we need do is hold out our open hands.

Everything in the physical now, will be RESTORED to its original state before the fall. All darkness will be hauled away in “handcuffs” so to speak, and we will be GIFTED our legacy. A brief note here: I am not affiliated with NESARA and only have a very general knowledge of it. What I am seeing at the higher levels is an energetic shift, so please interpret it as you may. In addition, there are many who are coded to activate at this time in regard to this “restoration” phase that have many great plans to put into action and are not affiliated with NESARA. All are needed and welcomed, and we are glad you are here.

As our home away from home is given back to us, it will then, become a reality much closer to its original intention before all the interference. A place where creation abounds, where each and every soul can freely experiment with expanding and creating in joy and love and caring, and just an amazing playground for Source energy.

In the many weeks ahead, we will see this dramatic change occur, and during this time our next evolutionary step will begin. It has already begun, as we are now needing so much sleep and rest, and in another phase of no motivation, there is good reason. As this incredible shift is occurring, and we will be entering and living in a whole New World, we will need to be New beings as well.

As we “space out”, feel lethargic and basically “not here”, it is because we are not! We are spending much time now on “the ships”, or out of our body in a space of New learning, or integrating the New energies and ways of being, and so on, depending upon your own individual interpretation….all are correct as we just create our reality as we feel comfortable.

A New World is arriving, we are in it, and will now need to be VERY connected to Source as we begin to show and guide, to be at the helm of creating this incredible New World. We will soon embody much more of our God-selves and our divinity, contributing this energy to the planet and to those we heal, teach and bring across to the New World.

Many weeks ago I began a “knowingness” that there was yet another piece that needed to be in place before I began my workshops. It was a higher level of connecting that was of great importance to the work I was to do. And now, here it is for all of us.

Yesterday I took my SUV to my mechanic as the starter switch on my drive shaft was not working well, or really, barely working! As his “assistants” worked diligently to fix it, I sprawled out on the sofa in his office, soaking up the sun and enjoying my “lethargic” state. We talked and talked, as we usually do, and it became so evident that he had finally completed his transitional journey and reached his place of great peace and his perfect “niche”.

The son of a mechanic, he had always known that he wanted to repair vehicles. During the last four years, he had suddenly had some serious health problems, had to move his garage location to another spot, and his finances had become very depleted. The new spot had not worked out well and he eventually lost all his employees and had become tense, agitated and unhappy.

At the seemingly end of his rope and his finances, he decided to relocate his garage a few weeks ago, but did not know where. Out of the blue came an offer, with the rent being $1500 per month less, and the best place he had ever been. This was the New space that I was now “reclining” in. The energy here was incredibly beautiful and peaceful, with a rolling pasture near-by and plenty of room. His employees had returned, his business had greatly picked up, and he was happy again.

But most notably, he was being “Bob”. He was very contented, very settled, very peaceful, happy and his old loving and generous self. He had found his New home, one that perfectly matched the “real” him, and everything else had fallen into place as well. And in addition, he had given me a New “start”-er right before my journey to Arizona!

This is as it will be for us all. Finding our rightful and perfectly fitting niche, feeling finally “at home”, and knowing that finally “all is well”. So as we go through our trials, adjustments and tribulations, know that there is one mechanic in Weaverville, North Carolina that has finally come home to his space. Are you ready to come home to yours?

Are you ready to create the New World?  Are you ready to make your unique contribution of passion and creativity?


I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert.  Many blessings, much peace and incredible joy in these miraculous times.




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