October 9, 2005: The Loneliness


The amazing and magical energies of the higher realms finally arrived in October and they are creating much. Weeping, sobbing, wanting to jump out of our skin, feeling off balance with everything closing in and nowhere to go, along with acute loneliness and a strange disconnect, and even darkness, darkness and more darkness are some of the current manifestations of arriving in the higher realms, but there is good reason and all is in order as we continue on with this amazing process of this powerful Shift of the Ages.

As I write this article, it is October 21, and miracles are occurring right and left as well. Our manifestation time is near immediate, and if we allow ourselves the luxury of receiving, so much will come our way.

With everything being magnified in higher realms energy, you may find yourself crying at the smallest of disappointments and crying at the smallest acts of kindness as well. We weep when we are releasing, and we are releasing an enormous amount of the illusionary world and the illusionary ways of being and relating that we had bought into within the 3D reality.

We weep when we are finally able to see and experience who we really are and we weep when we experience love and we weep when we feel unity with our beloved soul families, and we weep when we feel unity with nature, the higher vibrations, and ultimately Source……….as that is what we are becoming and merging with right now in a perfect and much more intense way.

And we weep when we experience suffering, as we so believe that suffering should not exist in Heaven. We are overcome with compassion for every living thing, as we observe this process of shifting and sorting and what it is creating as the division becomes as intense as ever…..choose to become your soul and your ever greater connection to Source, or choose to reside in another reality.

We are weeping as we are now uniting with Source and the higher realms as never before.

THE VEIL HAS BEEN LIFTED. We have reached critical mass. This was the plan. All is in order. We have finally arrived. What is occurring now is the result of our merging with the higher realms and a result of uniting with our souls and Source energy in a very powerful and impactful way.

Then there is the loneliness………..what is this strong and overwhelming loneliness? It comes two-fold.

We are releasing and letting go of a HUGE amount of the illusory reality that existed behind the veil. We are not our imbalances. We are not our “issues” or our confusion. We are not our fears or our misperceptions. And we are not our defense mechanisms that we developed in order to survive in the 3D reality.

When we let go of so much at once (and we know that we have been on this path of letting go of so much of our ego selves through the ascension process for awhile now…….so that this would be a more gentle process when we arrived “on the other side”), we naturally tend to want to grasp onto something. We want to hold onto the shore. We may wonder where we are, as we may feel that we are floating and bobbing in a land of no land………all alone in a strange and unfamiliar place where nothing seems to make sense anymore and nothing is “as it should be”.

Not wanting to be alone in this new land we have arrived in…not knowing where we are………and having nothing to hold onto can create an intense desire to be in the company of others as we feel a strange “emptiness”.

But there is a bigger and higher reason for the loneliness.

In the higher realms there is no separation. There are no boundaries. (Are you having many “boundary” experiences now?) In this reality we do not do everything ourselves. This new existence revolves around teamwork and soul team connections. We wear our “one hat” and carry our one true and purposeful soul vibration, and do and be nothing else. Anything else needed is provided by another member of our team who is being and vibrating just that. We love and support each other. We co-habitate and love and play and create and sing together. (I talk a lot about this in my book, ready for purchase later this month).

We are now in the higher realms, so then, we are feeling very strange being alone as we are no longer vibrating and residing in that old separation reality of the 3D. I have been extremely comfortable spending much time alone for the majority of my life. I usually thrive on it. Several weeks ago, I awoke in my home and absolutely knew that I would never live alone again, and that my home and my reality would be filled with my soul family and with many star beings as well. That old way of being was gone forever……..never to return.

The beauty now is that IT IS FINALLY HERE. A few years ago when I made a big “leap” into that reality, not many were there yet and a long waiting period ensued. How glorious it is for so many of us to be experiencing this reality now, as IT HAS FINALLY ARRIVED. We are here! We are here!

And as the unity energy begins manifesting for us, many are finding that perfect person and it feels like a downright miracle. We are uniting with our soul teams as well, and coming together and blending with a beautiful group energy that feels like something we have been waiting for forever.

Know as well, that our soul partners and teams are arriving for us in packages that we may not have imagined, but if we can go past their form and package and look into their eyes in a higher and deeper way, their soul energy comes shining through and a connection is most certainly there. It reminds me of the movie “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams……….his beloved family was right before his eyes for awhile before he recognized them.

You may be thinking, “All very well and good for you to say, Karen, but it feels downright eerie and strange and very dark to me. I'm feeling vulnerable and scared and grossly uncomfortable”.

When we reached critical mass in mid-August, the light (meaning we lightworkers and other non-physical beings holding the light for the planet) was then able to pull out in order to enable the darkness to have free reign and completely and totally destroy itself. This is what is occurring now.

Anything and everything can and will happen. This is a part of the process and completely and divinely planned. Expect more natural disasters (and we need not interfere with this process by trying to send light and avert these very natural and needed occurrences). These planetary adjustments and alignments are very necessary. Expect what will appear to be horrors. And know that the suffering is not as bad as it appears. As strange as it seems, at higher levels there is no suffering. And a very natural by-product of this dark and destruction energy is a beautiful unity with others, as we strive to feel better.

When things are wonderful and always going our way, we are rarely open to making any kind of change. These seemingly dark and empty times create unusual opportunities for new ways of being and doing things. They open us up and connect us. There is a graceful beauty here.

What can we do? How can we feel better?

Create your sacred space. Stay in the helicopter and do not go down with the ship. Allow the destruction and the deterioration to do what it needs to do. Do not try and “save”. This has never been a higher way and many are finally seeing this. Saving only serves to rob an individual or entity of its natural right and its own true ability as a powerful creator.

We are in the higher realms now. Have you noticed how quickly and easily you can shift from a state of lower and denser feelings and emotions into one of higher and more joyful feelings? We can ever so easily tap into an incredible stream and reality of great love, compassion and amazing joy and bliss in any given moment.

We are also in the “heart” reality now, and interacting and connecting from our hearts instead of our minds. We can throw all the analyzing, thinking and controlling out the window and be in our hearts as we let them alone guide us to where we want and need to be. Always go with what feels good, even if it doesn't make sense. This is our best navigator, and in this way we can never go wrong.

These higher energies are feeling unbelievably incredible, if you choose to tap into them. I have had many, many days where I can do nothing but sit or stand as I can feel them so intensely and I literally cannot do a thing. This state of being brings me to tears, as it is all I have ever imagined feeling or experiencing. It is overpowering and indescribable……..and there is so much love. I can barely breathe.

If we choose to get out of the helicopter and go into the stepping stone world to share our vibrations of great compassion, joy, love and beingness, we can do so, but we must first cement these ways in, so that we can fully embody them when we “visit” the stepping stone world. In this way, we will never become influenced or go down with the ship. In order to reside and exist in these lower vibrating realities, we absolutely must know how to maintain our higher vibrations for these brief “visits”. We cannot afford to “become” what is leaving. We must know who we are. We must “be” the higher realms, as we introduce it to others.

And in the now higher realms, we are learning a whole new (or forgotten) way of being. We are learning to create in the palm of our hands. We are experiencing non-linear time, when everything just seems to happen all at once, in no particular order with no particular process. We are now in near instant manifestation reality. We can access higher states of being and feeling and experiencing at the blink of an eye.

If things seem chaotic and confusing, know that we have net yet read the driver's manual for the higher ways of being. They are at our disposal now. We need to learn how to navigate and create within them. We need to remember that what we say and desire becomes our reality…………no longer a matter of trying to fit in with a pre-existing reality of an old 3D world that we felt powerless in. Expect miracles. KNOW.

And if you have been “wide awake” when you are in bed and usually sleeping, know that it is because of these incredible new and higher energies that we are now in. We seem to be able to function in a strange way now, even though sleep deprived, but still functioning at some levels and surviving this process. These energies are pouring in so intensely now, that we can feel them physically in many ways, all according to how you may be wired or where you may have any residual densities or blockages.

We sleep when we are merging with a higher dimension, and when we arrive, we are “wide awake” while we are becoming it and residing in the new vibration.

As things may feel upside down and inside out, it is only because we are now finally in the vibrations of rightside up, and the old realities are merely trying to adjust and align.

Yes, we are in strange, wild and what may seem like unpredictable times, but I can assure you that all is in order and we are right on track for this amazing, incredible and one of a kind Shift of the Ages.


Are you ready to create the New World through your unique and special passion?

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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