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Hands Off And Eyes Upon us

The energy of a strange kind of dis-connect continues, but there is a good reason and one that is easily explained. It can manifest as feelings of not having landed anywhere, no sense of place, confusion, feelings of being “uprooted” with no direction, or even having experiences of getting scattered, as your direction might be subject to the outside whims of others. This energy is interesting, as when I write, and I would imagine that many of you are having the same experience, I spell much of everything backwards and inside out, and it takes forever to write an article now!

Here is what is occurring: When we finally integrated all we needed to integrate, after reaching critical mass in August of 2005 (hard to believe it was a year ago after all we went through to finally fully arrive in these higher realms in July of 2006), we were then ready to begin the creation of the New Planet Earth. It was then (July) that the door was slammed shut to any outside influences of “help” from higher vibrating beings.

Energetically, we are now here in an amazing and one-of-a-kind womb or energy pocket, of a New and clear space for creating. Because we are ascending in form, through the human body, we are in charge of the process and how it will unfold. Up until now, we had wonderful caring and loving guidance, protection, and support from the non-physical beings, who were basically higher aspects of ourselves, or our “future” selves, which were really our same selves, so to speak, as we are starting over and needed to be in form. May sound confusing, but at soul levels, our souls were running the show with the help on these higher aspects of ourselves in the form of non-physical beings.

So now, here we are, still running the show (even though it may not seem like it at times), but we are really running it now at more conscious levels. What this means is that all the connections and help we have received up until now, are basically gone. It may then feel as though the rug has been pulled out from under us, but this is only because we are at the point where we need to take things forward from here… all by ourselves .

We are so used to being guided, whether consciously or not, by the unseen force of our non-physical family, that this New space may feel strange, at best. But it is “hands off” from here on, and we now have the freedom to create whatever we choose to create. It is entirely up to us. No more checking in with mom or dad for validation or waiting for the next step to unfold and reveal itself. We now get to consciously choose the next step because we are ready to. We have “ graduated ” and earned it. We are here…

For me, it has felt a bit lonely, as I am so used to all the star beings hanging around and calling things to my attention. But now I realize that they are here when I need them, if I only ask. They patiently wait to see what it is that I want or need. They stand back and watch, curious as to what I may do next or create next. There is now no “plan” or “have to.” The ruts or grooves we are so used to residing in are no longer. We have let go of so much, detached from the old world and old ways, and are now connected to nothing except Source and what we choose to create anew.

All eyes are upon us, as we have much power in our hands. The entire Universe is being re-born and created again here upon the earth and through the earth, and it is up to us. This is why integrity has become so paramount now. This is why ways of respect and kindness are so vitally needed, and the only way that we can create and feel comfortable.


Why I Didn't Go Cobbing

As some of you know, one of my new passions is in building naturally and sustainable, completely in alignment with the earth and the cosmos, and all of nature. I was scheduled to take a training in Oregon for 11 days to learn the in's and out's of cob building, and greatly looking forward to it. I drove from my home in Arizona to my mother's home in California, where I had a brief visit, helped my mom with some projects she could not do herself, and left my cat Ahmee there for safekeeping while I was gone.

On the morning of August 10 th , I was to board a flight to Oregon for the training. As my brother and I were driving to the airport, at 4:30 in the morning, we heard on the car radio that a terrorist plot had been discovered only hours before, and there would be new and higher securities now in place. Even so, this turned out to be a wonderful day for flying.

The airport staff at Ontario International Airport were wonderful. Kindness, respect, caring, unity and laughter were the themes of the day. I met many wonderful people who were flying, and there was never one instance of complaining, stress, fear, or distress. The new security measures really held things up, but everything flowed none-the-less. The passengers in line with me became my friends, we befriended a wonderful police officer and his very special dog companion, and the attitude of the staff could not have been more accommodating. While walking through the little archway while being scanned, I thanked the security officer on the other end for taking such good care of all of us, and making is feel so safe and secure. He said that this was the highest alert ever…even higher than 911 had been.

By the time I reached the last security check, I walked right through along with the gentleman behind me. We did not realize that we needed to be stopped and re-checked…my purse being the main reason. When I arrived at the gate, the woman who had been behind me in an earlier line came up to me to chat. She and about 12 others had missed their flight, even though the plane was still there. They were not allowed to board and were now going to be on our flight. She had even had all her make-up destroyed, as it had been in her purse. Mine was still in my purse, but I had accidentally by-passed the “purse check,” so I got to keep it.

Just then it was announced that our flight had been delayed as a flight attendant had called in sick. But the second it was announced, someone called out that the flight attendant was now here and we boarded immediately. If this had not occurred, I would have missed the flight.

I had a lay-over in Seattle and it was wonderful too. The airline staff wanted to make sure that we did not accidentally purchase liquids, as we would not be able to take them on the plane with us, and they did not want us to be upset. I then boarded a small plane and flew to Coos Bay / North Bend airport in Oregon . The flight attendants on both planes could not have helped us enough and made sure that all our needs were met and helped me with my carry on luggage.

North Bend airport was very small, but what a truly beautiful place it was. But when I arrived, there was no one there to meet me. I had been notified by the cob building organization to come early the day before, in order to set up my tent and get settled before the next day's instruction (my flight arrived at 1:15, and I had also called as requested, from the Seattle airport and left a message that I was on time, so no-one would have to wait). I was told to notify them weeks ahead, of my arrival time and flight (which I did twice), as they would arrange for me to be picked up (a 30 minute drive from their facility), and that I would also need to pay whomever picked me up. I waited for awhile, and still, no one. Eventually, I was the only one at the airport, except the staff.

I then phoned the cob building organization, and got no answer. Eventually I was able to reach them, and was told that they would be unable to pick me up. “When were you planning on letting me know?!” I responded. I was then told that I could either wait there for 5 hours, as someone else was flying in and needed a ride, call a cab, or walk a mile into town and hang out for 5 hours and then walk back to the airport. “But I have four big bags!” I wailed. “Please let us know what you decide,” was the response and then a hang up. I had bought a tent, an air mattress, and sleeping bag for the training (OK, I'm not a camper, but it's only because I usually live in areas where I can walk out my door and be in the forest). These items would have been part of the luggage I would need to trek with when I hiked into town.

I can only say that I was taken aback and did not know what to think. The contrast of this to what I normally experience in my life was so vast, that I sat there in shock. Then the tears came, and I could not stop them, as hard as I tried. A wonderful woman who was part of the airport staff was walking by and saw me…sitting with a pile of luggage and in tears. “How can I help?” she wanted to know. I explained to her what had happened, and expressed that I needed to process for a minute, but may be flying back. With that, she picked up half of my luggage, and we marched off to the counter to see about a return flight.

Well, they waived the $100 fee for changing my flight reservation and held the one last seat for me as long as I need, until I decided. Although I had put out a big chunk of change for this training experience, it wasn't about the money. I simply could not see myself spending 11 days with an energy that operated in this way. Yes, I had picked up this energetic theme from this organization before I left, but felt that I could extract the technical information I needed, and tune out the rest. Ultimately, I was so uncomfortable with the lack of caring, I flew back an hour after I arrived. While my bags were being inspected, the staff asked me why I was going back already. I told them what had happened, and they were so upset that one of them wanted to report the cob building organization to their small town mayor!

While we were waiting for our flight back, the plane ended up being 45 minutes late in picking us up. After finally getting on the plane that was headed for Portland, and then into Ontario, I just assumed that I would need to get another flight in Portland, as my connecting flight was scheduled only a half hour after we arrived in Portland and there was really no way that I would be on time. When I arrived in Portland and got off the plane from North Bend , the passengers were so very accommodating in letting me off first, so that I might try and catch my next flight. As I approached the gate for my next flight to Ontario , I opened my mouth to ask when a new flight would be available. Before I could say a thing, the woman at the ticket counter said “Are you going to Ontario ?” “Yes,” I replied. “We have been waiting for you. Please come ahead.” And there on the plane sat what felt like a million people who had been waiting, while I got into my seat.

While in my seat, two women who were seated in front of me decided that they did not want to be seated in the emergency exit seats. I told them that I would be happy to trade with them. When it came time for refreshments to arrive, I realized that this emergency exit seating situation did not come with a tray in front, as the others did. As I plopped my elbow back down on the chair arm, a hidden lid miraculously opened and inside was a fold up tray. Talk about being taken care of! I arrived in Ontario safely and there stood my brother at the foot of the escalator, waiting to pick me up where he had dropped me off only hours before. He got a long and needed hug…


The Gap Of Vibration

There is now a substantial gap in vibration from one dimension to another. There are a variety of ways it can manifest. You may have a conversation with someone you had not been in contact with for a few months, and find that you have absolutely nothing to say to one another. There is no longer a “connect.” It is simply gone. You are residing in two different dimensions. And as uncomfortable as it may feel for us, it feels just as uncomfortable for them. We may not be able to relate to how they process or perceive, but can you imagine how loony we must appear to them?

Any lack of caring, respect, or awareness of those around you can feel downright awful. I arrived home to my beloved Arizona last night and was sitting this morning in a parking lot going through my piles of mail. There was a truck nearby with a very loud engine running for quite awhile. In the higher realms, this kind of thing would be unheard of. And as we are now wired for higher realms living, these experiences can be shocking and even confusing. But now that we are creating the New, we will be finding ourselves addressing these kinds of things by confronting them and removing them.

Integrity is a must in the higher realms. Being in our integrity really places us in alignment. Anything out of integrity can feel harsh and a great contrast. Recently, I was notified that a web site was publishing my energy alerts and charging others to read them. Wow! What a surprise. I demanded immediate removal of my work and was described as being mean spirited and not coming from love. But it was about integrity and that we are all one…this kind of thing affects the whole and cannot continue. We will find ourselves being more and more “out there” and demanding of how we feel this New planet should emerge and vibrate. Being demanding, confident and sure of how things need to be is truly the “spiritual” way, even though it may appear otherwise.

As we begin creating the New, we will need to bring things much “higher.” Even higher than what we thought was a higher way in the old world. We may need to hybrid some old concepts with newer ones. And there may not be much that we can really keep.

Following what makes us feel good and what makes us relax and accept is a true way to stay in alignment with the higher realms. The next What's Up On Planet Earth? book will most likely be ready in October, and it will explain how to stay in alignment and live and navigate in the higher realms. The higher realms way of living is near opposite of the old 3D reality. That's why we most likely appear to be very strange to those who are new to this way of being.


The Next Steps  

Until these ways of being and living are created on the outside in greater quantity, we will create them in our own immediate environments, beginning with the personal sanctuaries of our homes. The next step for many will be securing land (after your "store-front" is established). This is because we want to create the higher realms somewhere, and we cannot do this with what is currently existing. Most of us have our own unique and special vision of what we came to contribute…what we will bring as our piece of the New World . And with the arrival of what we want now at our fingertips, we will surely be successful. The key is staying in alignment with who we know we really are (our true selves), and staying in alignment with our visions and dreams…not falling back into the old world.

When we stay “out of” the old energy grooves, we are in a different reality and pocket of energy and can create very freely from here. After our personal sanctuaries we will of course graduate to small communities. This is why we are now connecting with like energies and blending into one with those who share our particular vibrations and visions.

I live in a very small town of 5,000 that combines with another small town of 2,000. There is much to be said for the small community. I have only been living here for 6 months, but am treated like everyone else already and loving it. The postmaster tells me to call her if I need to mail something after hours and she will stay open late. My bank always says “Hi Karen. How is your cat doing?” Today they said they were so happy I was back and wanted to know how my trip was. They take my deposits with no deposit slip, add them up and put them into my account, nothing said except personal conversation. The garbage personnel come down my driveway and pick up my can if it is not on the street, or ask me if I need a pick-up that day. The postal employees always greet me by name and ask me if I need to mail a book that day. They call me on the phone when they put an Express Mail in my box to let me know it is there. The photo processing store processes my film in an hour, no extra charge, and calls me when it is ready. The library knows what I like to read (my oil painting books!), and the video rental store gives me extra days and says to bring back my DVD “whenever.” And when I had my electricity connected after I first moved here, I called a few weeks later and heard, “Hi Karen. What did you do this week-end?”

I could go on and on, but my point here is that in a smaller community, we know each other more and are therefore more aware that we are “all one.” And in a slower paced environment with little stress, there is time to chat with your neighbor or the store owner. When something is needed by someone, everyone knows it and is able to help out. I cannot imagine living any other way.

As we begin migrating together according to mutual specific purpose and contribution, each community will then hold its' own special and specific purpose or theme. In two years, we will be settled into our own. If you are building a home, it will be done, complete, and ready for occupancy in two years. If you have just moved, it may be temporary for two more years. But know, that in two years, you will be fully in place for a very long while. Until then, we will be gathering more and more, whatever we need. Instant manifestation will remain…it is not going anywhere. Evolution is always step by step. But the steps are getting easier and more fun, and now we are really and truly at the helm.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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