Peace At Last...But Only for Awhile

At the time I wrote the last energy alert, my daughter Ari was in the hospital with complications involving her pregnancy with twins. Not due until the end of August, there was a strong possibility that they would need to arrive right then, and they were very small indeed.

Solomon, or “Baby B” had an overabundance of amniotic fluid, and Arion, or “Baby A” was severely lacking in amniotic fluid. Called Twin to Twin Transference Syndrome, the placenta feeds one baby and not the other. Solomon was working so hard to keep them both alive that his heart became over-stressed, placing them both in danger. This situation created a sudden difference in their growth, as Solomon was rapidly growing and Arion was rapidly lagging behind.

At the same time, my mother experienced complications with her heart, as it began exhibiting symptoms of failure (she has a heart condition.)

Ari began daily sessions of amniotic fluid drainage, and eventually things just sorted themselves out after 6 days in the hospital. My mother experienced a new balancing of medications, and now feels better than she has in a long time. Her heart was not failing at all…she was just reacting to a medication which needed adjusting.

And this is what is occurring now with the energies, although this phase is nearly complete.

We are balancing our energies and things are now fairly sorted out. Just like the twins, energies within and without which are extreme, exhibiting an overabundance or an “under” abundance, are meeting in a very healthy middle. This is vitally necessary for the next phase of evolution which we are soon to enter into.

For instance, if you are one who is more aggressive, fast forward, exhibiting reaching, “make things happen,” and the energy of “responsibility,” you have most likely been feeling that you can no longer do it all by yourself. It is time to sit back and allow others to take up the slack. And if you sit back and pull in a bit, you will find yourself in the middle with a good balance.

If you are one who usually sits back and waits, allowing others to take over, you would be needing to step up to the plate and jump in, meeting in the middle with a good balance.

There are many other scenarios within and without requiring a new balance, and the energies of the past few weeks required that a healthy balance be present, as this is all that can exist in a higher vibrating reality. Adjustments were needed in order for us to be in alignment with the energies we were now residing in.

Pushing, chaos, and much movement was created by this new arrival into the higher realms. And in addition, as we move into unity consciousness, we are readying to experience what true unity is all about. If we do not yet know the meaning of healthy boundaries, we soon will.

If you are one who is very open, you would need to pull in a bit and put up more of a barrier. If you are one who has a strong wall around you, you will need to open up more. In addition, we are learning a strange paradox of opening more and coming together while having a good boundary as well.

As of June 2 or so (there are always windows around energy shifts) many suddenly decided to simply pull out of much. To step back, put much on hold, simplify, let go of what we thought we might have wanted, and give ourselves a break. The latest energies were almost too much, and pulling out and stopping was a needed requirement. A time to exhale and rest. There were other reasons for pulling back, as I will address further on in this energy alert.

With all this balancing occurring within and without (the without involved the severe weather conditions, etc.), we have now reached a pivotal point where we are poised at a brief standstill until the next phase is due to arrive.

In addition, as we are rapidly expanding, which is creating a melting down or releasing of the old. Manifestations include crying jags (not for the loss of much this time, but because we are releasing and opening), and even experiences of looking in the mirror and wondering who in the world we are looking at.

As we balance out, we greatly change. We let go of our old defenses and of the old patterns within ourselves which were too exaggerated. And in this way, we are then much more poised to re-unite once again with our brothers and sisters.

After much comes apart, it is then ready to come together once again for a divine reunion of energies which are now vibrating much higher indeed.

Yes, we are now experiencing a brief period of peace, perhaps manifesting as exhaustion in some, fatigue, feeling drained or even spacey and lost, wanting rest and sleep for awhile, but all in readiness for the summer solstice.

And what a solstice it will be! This will be one of the most dramatic and intense solstices I have ever experienced. The earth will crack open energetically, releasing intense and highly vibrating energies which have been hidden for eons of time, and much will be revealed as we are catapulted into a very new energetic space as a planet where we have not been for a very long time.

The lightbearers needed to pull out in order to allow for more of the fall. We needed to be in a different space than what will be falling with even more intensity than what we have currently experienced up until now. We are not supposed to be holding anything up….much must go.

The unity consciousness is not taking hold as easily as it could. Many on the planet are not letting go as they could. In this regard, a more shaking up will be needed, and this will arrive with the summer solstice. We are being held back in order to be safe and secure. And after even more shaking up and digging deep, more individuals will hopefully be ready for the help and guidance the lightbearers can provide. They must be left alone with complete non-interference from us in order for them to find their own way, to be willing to allow for something new, to examine themselves and what is no longer working, to finally realize what is truly important to them, and to then be ready for a very new connection.

We will be rocked to the core during this time of the solstice. So enjoy this time of rest, re-evaluation and putting much on hold, as in a few weeks we will experience yet another wild ride. I will be reporting more on this as the time grows nearer, as this will be a monumental event indeed.

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,

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