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The energies have been quiet of late, but only because all is in divine and perfect order. The current status of our evolutionary process involves setting up along with getting clear and asking for what we want .

It is fairly still now, so that we will be allowed time for all of the above. We need to be fully integrated into our new spaces, as there will be much movement and many shake-ups after the first of the year. With many new opportunities now available through the advent of the 11:11 portal, setting up for our new roles is being supported through many solutions arriving for us that we may not have known, seen, or been connected to before.

We are in totally new territory now. There has been an opportunity for an arrival into a new reality. This can manifest as “graduation” dreams, classes being completed, a feeling that we are no longer where we used to be and need no longer have any of our old experiences, or perhaps even a sense that things will now be O.K. forever more. Yes, another rebirth has been at hand, but another of many, many rebirths to come.

There is a procedure and plan involved with this new arrival. Before we can experience these new supports and solutions to much of anything, we must first have decided what it is that we want to do now. If you are feeling lost, confused, and uncertain about your next step, it is only because the old has been removed and you are in a new space…only it is up to us to define what we want in this new space.

There is no right or wrong here…only what makes each of us come alive, matches our soul's identity as closely as possible, and simply feels just plain good to us. We are the ultimate creators and the decision makers here. One situation that can cause confusion regarding what we want to do next, involves our hesitancy in asking for what we want, or in other words, believing that we cannot have what we want.

Most of us have been used to reacting to situations that seemingly arrive all on their own, or perhaps are accustomed to fitting in with a situation or whatever is dictated to us. In these new and higher vibrations, we get to create what we want ….and we get to have it. We need not have to fit in with an old outdated reality or structure.

Declaring what we want, is a mainstay in higher realms reality. In order to get into practicing this way of being, we will be subjected to situations that give us this opportunity. In the last energy alert (November 19 th) , it was mentioned that there was a situation here in the US involving a book and interview with OJ Simpson. This situation was created at higher levels, for the specific purpose of giving individuals the opportunity to state what they did and did not want as a whole (as this affects the shifting and momentum at a critical mass level). Since the posting of that particular energy alert, O.J. Simpson's book and interview were both cancelled. The outcry was heard and adjustments were made.

Because the opportunity was taken by enough of the whole, to voice what was wanted, we were then able to move up into an even higher level in our evolutionary process. And because this opportunity was taken, we will not need to be clobbered over the head by an even stronger or more severe opportunity.

Asking for what we want can occur at individual levels as well. Opportunities will reveal themselves to us that we did not believe were possible. Thinking that there was only one way, or even one road or solution, will now be proven otherwise. Our eyes will open as we begin to see other realities that we were not privy to before. Going outside of our own boxes that our mistaken or rigid beliefs held us hostage in, is a regular occurrence of evolution.

Becoming clear is mandatory in order to begin receiving these supports, miracles, solutions, and connections. Energy needs to know where to go…it has to attach to something. It can greatly help to write down what you are wanting now in your life. Say you are wanting some land. If you are entertaining thoughts in your mind about the ocean, while at the same time entertaining thoughts about the desert, the supporting energies will become confused, dissipated, and not know where in the world they are supposed to go!

Once you get your main idea in place, all the remaining pieces will eventually come together. Your plan, idea, or desire will fine tune itself as you progress forward, until it is a perfect fit in all ways. If you create something and it does not feel quite right, you can always tweak it or begin again.

Once we determine what we want to do next, just watch as the setting up progresses. Each piece will come together, each problem will have a solution, and all will come together in a perfect puzzle with every piece intact. And know that the timeline is perfect as well. Any shake-ups or big changes on the planet will not arrive until enough of us are ready and in place. This is what we are doing now. After we are fully intact and grounded in our new spaces, we will then be poised to offer our services to those in need. These are our store-fronts. There is a perfect pattern and plan here…all is in order.

When the integration is complete….bam! Much movement will occur with the planet as a whole. Much more of the old will come crashing down, but we will be Ok as we have been given this time to arrive and integrate into our new spaces and roles. This time of setting up and gaining clarity is a great gift. We planned it at higher levels, and no one will be left behind. We are all in this together. Do you remember?

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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