Rapid Acceleration and On-going Miracles...We're here!


The energy has finally shifted, and we should be feeling more ease, peace, and certainly a gentler climate indeed. And this is when many more supports will finally begin arriving as well. Much sifting and sorting has occurred…what no longer fits us is seemingly departing in a sudden and sometimes surprising way, as we are being matched with what now fits us…so what now fits us is now in our very immediate space.

And in this space of higher realms reality, we are the masters of our own creations and certainly our own reality. We are creating our own prisons through our mis-perceptions, beliefs, and how we run our energy, but we are also creating our own heaven as well. It is truly up to each and every one of us. The new reality says “What do you want or expect?” and then it gives it to us on a silver platter. The possibilities are endless now, and manifesting is extremely rapid. Yes, there is indeed rapid, rapid acceleration with our manifestations and our movement forward, and at times, it is difficult to keep up!

These energies of the higher realms are so very awesome, that when anything enters our space that is not vibrating high, or if we have to do something from the old world reality, we can become literally enraged, very angry, or at best, a bit cranky and we may not know why. The gap and contrast is so great at this point in our evolutionary process, that we can feel it intensely.

The new reality is absolutely here, and we need only go there to experience the many gifts that it has to offer. How do we “go there?” you might wonder. Look at the highest version of everything, look at the best scenario, look at what is already here for you that you are so very grateful for, and focus on these things as much as possible. Get “on a roll” with all the miracles and you will begin to experience only those! Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate, and you will have more and more to appreciate. The higher realms are most certainly here in front of us, and we need only connect to them by seeing them, accepting them, and focusing our attention there instead of in any old world lower vibrating reality. We can easily step into this new reality by leaving or stepping out of the old one.

These are now times when all we have learned about creating and running our energies can be implemented in monumental ways, as the results will be immediate and miraculous. And in addition, being that the higher realms magnifies so much of everything, you will immediately know as well, if you need to tweak or look at any patterns within yourself that you may want to change, as you will feel and experience them in a very magnified way! So if you have been living and being, utilizing higher ways of running your energy for awhile (positive and light-filled focus, for example), you will be right in sync with the new reality and a glorious match for it.

I have never seen or experienced more miracles, synchronicities, continual communication with the non-physical beings, incredible joy and bliss, and total and complete connection to the higher realms as now. We have truly arrived. The integration and temporary separation is now over. Get ready to watch that red carpet roll out! Get ready as we can now fully anchor into our highest dreams and visions. Negative thinking and fear based thoughts are no longer real, as they do not exist in the higher realms. We are only making them up, as what is before us cannot possibly match an undesirable scenario. Those days are gone.

This energy alert is a bit briefer than most, as I will be getting married (very suddenly for the first time at age 53!), on May 5th, so the next energy alert will most likely not be posted until after that day as well. Never one who believed or felt marriage a necessary thing, this has come as an amazing, sudden, and miraculous surprise, and totally choreographed by the ancient ones. I am greatly looking forward to sharing my miracle marriage story with you through a soon to be released excerpt of Stepping Into the New Reality.

Are you ready for a miraculous life? Are you ready to reap the bounty that is now right before you? Are you ready to receive all you have ever wanted, as we have now been totally re-born into a new life….one that does not remotely resemble our lives in the old 3D reality? With the new world now upon us, we are most certainly being prepared to begin its creation through our passionate hopes and dreams, as we bring forth the blueprint that we have always known was there.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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The purpose, desire and passion behind What's Up On Planet Earth? is in bringing a higher level of evolutionary awareness to souls who are summoning this energy, and to connect and assist us during the now rapid ascension process many are experiencing.

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