Rapid manifesting and overwhelm


September 1 st brought in more of the rapid manifesting energy, and it appears that we are learning a New way of living and being, as we adjust to this energy that is here to stay. After all the integration from January until July (it's hard to remember that “old” way of being!), we were then off and running. We have reached a plateau and are now fully residing in this next level of higher vibrating reality. Yes, it is here to stay, and rapid manifesting is a part of it.

With so much appearing for us so quickly, we can easily become overwhelmed. And in addition, things are arriving in bits and pieces, with fragments here and there, creating a scattered situation where we may not be able to think straight or even make a competent and aligned decision! And from time to time, with the heightened sensitivities we now possess, and for many of us, that we have possessed from the very beginning, some of us may want to sit down and have a good cry or a brief meltdown.

When the energy moves this rapidly, it can be difficult to reside in Old World reality, as this kind of higher vibrating existence was not designed for the 3D ways. For example: Higher vibrating reality supports immediate manifestation. If one were to believe that they had to do everything solely by oneself, as in the old 3D reality, one would manifest a variety of arrivals of things that one would have to handle all alone. This would not support higher realms living and being, and thus creates the overwhelm.

With so much coming at us all at once, it can be greatly beneficial to go deep and identify what it is that you really want. If you were to say that you wanted more work, so that you get more money, then you would probably get it, but would then be overwhelmed by too much work that you had to do all by yourself. And “work” is a 3D reality anyway!

It is important now to be in alignment with higher realms living and being, so that these things do not continue to occur and rapidly burn us out. It can help to “pull out” periodically, and connect to nature or focus on a creative project for awhile. In Remembering Your Soul Purpose , I mention many times the need to only wear your “one hat”. Other purposes that are needed to complete our own, are meant to be filled by someone wearing their own particular hat. We are only one piece of the project or purpose…we cannot do it all ourselves.

It can also help to really identify and clarify what you are wanting. With so much coming at us all at once, it supports us in practicing clarity, as things can arrive that we were used to in the Old World , and find that we are no longer interested in them. We can simply say, “No thanks. Thank you for allowing me to see that this is not what I really and truly want. And now I know more of what I do want, because what has arrived is not making me ecstatic or touching me deeply, or even assisting me with alignment with Source and who I really am.”

So there is an interesting and expected scenario occurring now in regard to manifesting. Do we want to continue to manifest old and lower vibrating ways of doing things and a lower vibrating reality, or do we want to go higher? When we go higher, we really connect. Our hearts and souls overflow with love, gratitude, unity, and a wonderful feeling of home.

Yesterday I “pulled out” of it all and decided to redecorate my bedroom. I wanted a change and wanted to design a bedroom that consisted of things of the earth and that would align me more with “earth living” reality, so that I would be more ready for a new earth built home.

My previous colors were a sage green and a dusty rose. Now I am into teal, eggplant (or purple), and the earth colors. First, I replaced my previous wall art with some felting art I had created the week-end before. Made from alpaca fiber, it really made me feel at home, and was oh so natural.

Next, I painted some furniture in these new colors with some painting techniques I love. Currently, I am “transitioning” a big wall-hanging that I got in Taos . It consists of many panels of Indian embroidery and fine detail. It was not in my color scheme, so I am gradually adding some teal and purple panels and beads, etc., so that all will blend together in my bedroom.

And then I will start on some pillows in these colors and made from alpaca fiber as well, which I have just designed. Soon I will add a new bedskirt with the same color scheme.

And this is what is occurring now, as we transition into the New. Bits and pieces of aligning with the New, and most importantly, having all the New align with itself. It cannot happen all at once. Gradual pieces here and there…seeing what no longer works and then creating a higher version of that particular purpose.

The New smaller communities of similar purpose are really beginning to come together now…following this same scenario of bits and pieces. I cannot imagine another way of being. And it all involves the attraction of similar energies to one another. This scenario is more and more prevalent the higher we vibrate.

In the last energy alert of September 1 st , I mentioned a felting workshop that I had attended here in my area. For two days, we learned felting. We were gathered on the 40 acre alpaca ranch where I board my alpacas.

The first day, we learned, and the second day we created all day…whatever we chose, with our incredibly talented teacher nearby. We were fed incredible meals outside, the weather was miraculous, we bonded together as we created…amazing artists from various places…we mingled with the animals as they poked their heads out from the stalls while we created…the very animals that had produced and were sharing their fiber with us. We spent time with the alpacas as well, as we visited their areas of community. We took breaks and shared….we were a small group, free and connected to nature, and with a similar purpose, and it felt oh so familiar. Our teacher Jane Hoffman, whom I have come to know, is dedicated to the earth and sustainability, to the environment, and to nature. She is an incredibly gifted weaver, natural dyer, and artist. We were most certainly a whole…she was us…not above or beyond in any way.

Connected to the earth…in alignment and in harmony with the animal kingdom…connected in unity to our group…having all our needs met with delicious home-made meals…and creating all day. This is the blueprint for the New smaller communities, and it felt divine and oh so familiar to be there for the week-end.

This is where we are rapidly heading. This is why supports are coming to us very quickly now, which are matching our purposes. Like energy aligning with and attaching to like energy. Unity and bonding in similar purpose. Unity and bonding to the earth, which is the doorway to the higher realms. And unity and bonding with our true selves and our true purpose.

Some helpful guidelines for these rapid manifesting energies:

Pull out and spend time in nature or in a creative project if need be. This will place you in the higher realms way of being immediately and help you to re-calibrate.

Become as clear as possible in regard to what you are really and truly wanting…not to what you think is possible. Even if it does not yet exist in the world, it soon will be. (Example: I am waiting for some new publishing scenarios that are not yet here, but I know they will be soon. It is not my one hat, but will be someone else's. And being a writer, I will connect easily because of similar vibrating energies.)

Feel free to reject anything that you may have attracted that does not feel right or bring you a wonderful feeling of “YES!” A new and higher way will eventually arrive. If you attach to the older and lower vibrating ways, you will only become frustrated, out of alignment, and tense, there-by blocking your flow of energy and disconnecting yourself from Source.

Be prepared to compile pieces of the old that are useful and would still work, with new and higher vibrating pieces (like my bedroom!). Like an experience with clay, we are molding a New reality and New way of being. It can be great fun. Keep what is still vibrating high, and disregard or detach and dis-connect from the rest.

We are gradually, then, beginning to arrive at the New communities scenario, as we begin to congeal together in a higher vibrating way…and it feels glorious, but we are only just beginning!

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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