Ready, Set, Go! ...But Not Quite Yet

The dust is beginning to clear and the creations we have been longing for are on their way to us now, but only with a slow stutter, as things will not really take off until the end of January. Our new creations and passions are trying to peek through the din, just waiting to arrive in full force, but not quite yet. With so much energetic debris flying around the past few months, due to the deep excavations and cleansings, there was seemingly no room for anything to take hold or find a clear passage...but now there is more room, there is more space, and things will begin to take hold and manifest.

January is the month that we will finally land somewhere, be able to take a breath, and gain a bit of catching up from all the months prior. It is a settling in point and a grounding point. We are also experiencing a disconnect from the old, from the cleansing experience, and readying to connect to the new. For me, this has manifested as having anything electronic in my home not work or connect to anything! We are also detoxing and letting go from the experience of the past few months, and this can create body aches and pains, intestinal distress, headaches, and fatigue. The experience of the past few months is now being removed from our systems.

But not for long, as this year our creations will begin to be noticed...WE will be noticed, desired, asked for, and needed. 2008 will most assuredly be the year of abundance for us. And even if the old world or much of the mainstream will be shifting, changing, seemingly suffering and grasping for a foothold, we will remain untouched and unscathed.

It will be our time. We will be safe and removed from the old, from the suffering, from the lack, and from the fear. We will be residing in another world, a new and different reality, and living the life of our dreams.

These past few months may have left many of us feeling traumatized, exhausted, irritable, frazzled, and needing a long rest, or perhaps even just a period of time for self nurturing and an escape from any moving energy. And this is what January will give us. There is an emptiness now, an almost bottoming out, but this is just the in-between point right before all the magnificence arrives. We may feel as if we have "dropped" somewhere, but this is only because all the excavating is finally over.

Yes, the bulldozer of deep cleansing has gone to another place for the time being, even though we are still detoxing, adjusting, and re-aligning. Are we now soon to arrive in the Promised Land forever more? Will we arrive in Heaven for a permanent residency? Well......

The longer the cleansing and experience of darkness is, the bigger, longer, and more magnificent the experience of a higher realms reality is when it eventually arrives. So then, this will be a monumental one indeed. This new space we can now find ourselves in is a new rung on the ascension ladder, a very new plateau, and is indeed a bit different from all the rest.

But we will not be able to stay here forever, and we would not want to. As we progress with our spiritual evolutionary process, we find ourselves in realities that are more and more pleasant than any before. But eventually we outgrow them (as we evolve into beings embodying a higher consciousness, and therefore our desires change), and then....poof! We must graduate to a new level where we are now vibrating. So then, the process seems never ending, but the realities get better and better.

Each new reality exists with creations we have desired. As more and more of our ego selves or mis-perceptions begin to dissipate, we then begin to desire and create something different. The ultimate end for this particular level of reality we have chosen to exist in on the earth plane, involves a reality of service and of purified creation for the entire whole.

The ultimate goal we had decided upon derived from a blueprint from eons ago...a blueprint that always worked, and was used in a universal way. This blueprint was the base for most of the creations of new planets, for new civilizations, and for new birth of form. It consisted of a purified self that was connected very fully to Source, as well as a distinct and unique gift, talent, and focus for each individual.

In this way, each individual soul would comprise a piece of the pie, or a hub of the wheel, and each wheel would have a similar purpose at its core. And throughout it all, would weave a commonality of Source energy, which is the glue that holds everything together and serves as the ultimate connector.

What will represent a core, or a hub of commonality? Geographical locations each contain their own specific energy or theme and purpose. Thus, those residing there will naturally resonate with that purpose. This is why some areas do not resonate for us at all, and others feel like a taste of home. Many communities are now fully embodying a theme and purpose, whether they are sustainability, a strong sense of community, high levels of creativity, a deep connection to nature, connections to the stars, or perhaps even connections to deep within the earth.

The current themes above are also universal to each and every hub, so it may seem a bit confusing. But these hubs (or areas on the planet) which already exist, contain a stronger and more substantial theme in one of these areas. This is because these themes and predominant energies were needed to comprise a piece of the whole, and thus contained one stronger or more exaggerated theme or purpose.

Ultimately, things will balance and even out, each theme mentioned above will be embodied by each and every hub in equal amounts, and a new and more distinct purpose will then unfold for each area. This has been the same for individuals. We were carrying or embodying an exaggerated theme, so that each theme or purpose within us would contribute to making up a complete whole.

If you have ever found yourself being resistant to or angry with another individual who seems to be raining on your parade or purpose, or simply following a different road or passion and cannot seem to agree with yours, this is only because they are embodying their own specific theme or purpose, and thus, see much around them through this particular filter or lens. We needed to embody our own special themes and purposes in grandiose amounts so that they would not be deterred or watered down by the lower vibrating energies. When we see through a specific filter, it is as if nothing else exists, but our own purpose or desire! And all others may feel like enemies or individuals trying to sabotage us.

But this time is over. We have reached a new and different plateau now, and things will be different than they have ever been before for eons of time on this planet.

Much is being condensed. What does this mean and how will we be affected? As so much of the lower vibrating energies have been usurped and are now residing elsewhere, we are then left with fewer and fewer energies and creations within and without. This manifests then, as a condensation of a more pure state, within and without. The lower vibrating creations, whether they are in thought forms, emotions, perceptions, physical manifestations, and the like, can no longer exist in this higher vibrating space.

So then, as certain geographical areas needed to comprise one specific theme over all others, and individuals the same, which were disbursed over a larger area of mass on the planet (or lower vibrating mass of the old world), in order to comprise a whole which resonated to where we were residing at that time on our ascension ladder, this will no longer be the case.

I hope I am explaining this in a sensical can be difficult to describe in human language! What this means is that there will be less...less flying around with no place to reside (as there will be no anchors to hold these energies), less of the lower vibrating manifestations in form, as so forth.

Because of this, the law of attraction will bring together new higher vibrating manifestations and creations. Each individual vibration which was embodying a higher purpose or theme for the whole in times past (whether it be in individual form or in geographical locations, for instance), will now come together and join with other higher vibrating creations or individuals.

So then, much of everything will now become more refined. This means that the way and reason that we interact with other energies, including individuals, will be for a more specific purpose. And in this way, we will then begin attracting better things and more amazing, loving, and supportive people into our lives, who match us in our higher states.

Geographical locations or communities, and individuals will now no longer have to embody high amounts of specific purpose, as we will now be interacting as a smaller and refined whole. There will be much more equal representation.

As far as the original blueprint? Even though the original blueprint has existed and functioned well for eons of time, as it fully supports and represents the blueprint of creation, we are always free to create a new world exactly as we please. This is the beauty of the new world.

We have come as representatives of every star and far away place, in order to bring together as much of a higher vibrating contribution and higher knowledge as possible, in order to create this very new world on the planet earth. There is then, a perfect representation from each varied place. And some far away places in the universe were so very hesitant to send a representative, as they were so advanced that they knew there would be great and grand challenges for their sensitive children in this harsh world they had never inhabited before! Thus, much protection was put into place, even though at times we may doubt that this is so. It has been an awesome orchestration indeed. So in this regard, then, the earth is our palette.

The beauty in this is that within every new twist and turn, there is an opportunity for change. We can change the plan at any given moment. And because of this and because we never really know how things will react, we never really know what will happen next and when it will happen. This is why prophecies and timelines of past are moot and inconsequential. If we were to believe, for instance, in the prophesy of 2012, we would probably then create just that. But we are more powerful and far beyond these old prophesies of past. These prophesies were from another world and another time. Anything can be changed at any given moment now. This is the beauty of creation. Anything can be changed. We are free to create whatever we choose.

Even if you may not be consciously aware of it, we meet at regular intervals and evaluate what is occurring, how we are being affected, and what we choose to happen next for all of the whole. We are all in this together at our soul levels, communicating regularly, while we continue to embody human form and experience it all at the same time. Everything is continually monitored then, with loving care. And know as well that the ascension guides we all have with us, are really only aspects of ourselves. We are always the ones who navigate the course, for ourselves and for the progression of this ascension process.

What will be some of the new realities of 2008?

Food and what we choose to put into our bodies will now change dramatically. We have reached a vibrational level where we need not be so strict about what we eat if we want to stay healthy and purified. Simply blessing our food before we eat it or having an intent that only the higher vibrating aspects of the food will enter our systems and sustain us, will be quite enough. And now that we are vibrating so much higher, we need not even have an intent or provide a blessing, as the law of attraction will simply connect us automatically with the higher aspects of what we are consuming. We are at many different levels of vibration individually, so either of the scenarios above may be effective and appropriate.

Here again is the same theme. The higher vibrating aspects of things will be all that we are affected by and connect with. So in this regard, we will also be attracting wonderful partners and individuals into our lives. We will in essence be attracting wonderful everything, with amazing and perfect connections that will fit us to a tee...all that we have ever wanted.

Even though there may seem to exist lower vibrating aspects to things, if we consciously choose to only accept the higher vibrating ones, and focus solely on those, then anything and everything else will simply cease to exist. Or again, some of us may not need to consciously do anything at all, and simply let things unfold as they may.

I must say, that consciously focusing on higher avenues and manifestations is the way to navigate in the higher realms, only now we will be much more supported in these ways as the energies we are now residing in are much higher with much less interference. Navigating entails focusing on what we want and choose to see. Focusing on anything else simply gives it fuel and keeps its creation alive and in our space. Expecting something new and different to occur will most assuredly ensure its arrival. This involves a willingness to let go of old expectations and experiences. 2008 will be something very new indeed.

So then, there will be many opportunities in the year to come, all depending upon where we choose to focus, or reside. We can choose to exist in a revolving door of repeated patterns and darkness or mis-perceptions, or we can choose to see a higher way, let much of the old interpretations drop away, expect only the best and highest, and know that this will be our new reality.

When we are in a state of purification and cleansing, as we have been the past few months, we usually attract situation which match what we are cleansing, and thus, it can feel as if we are in hell or some horrible and unpleasant reality of our worst case scenarios. Like energies always attract like energies, so when the darker and denser ones are up, or sometimes our deepest fears, we will attract just those.

Now that this awesome year of 2008 is upon us, with much cleansing and re-evaluation having taken place in 2007, we will now begin to attract through the Law of Attraction, all the manifestations of our dreams, as a new purified energy will be much more prevalent than ever before!

So then, we need only sit tight for a few more weeks, allow this unusual down time we are currently experiencing to be utilized for some much needed rest, or perhaps a bit of preparation, and know that things will be significantly different in times to come.

A new and magnificent reality is beginning to peak through the clouds. It will be different than anything we have experienced thus far. Are you ready? Do you believe we will have a time of heaven on earth? Are you willing to allow it to arrive at your door, seemingly all by itself? Are you ready for incredible abundance and a day to day experience of living in the world of your dreams? Are you ready to feel the absence of darkness, and to live a life of joy and bliss? Get ready, because it is on its way!

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,


Jill Redmond 8th January 2008 7:17 pm

All I can say is, YOU ROCK!
A resounding YES....from the bottom of my heart.
I'm so very grateful for your inspired words.

netdragon 4th February 2008 3:31 pm

The following may be a useful way of looking at all this, especially for scientifically-minded people (like me :-) ): The higher vibrational energies can "bundle" the lower vibrational energies, in a sense. So it's not that we are eliminating lower vibrational energies, just no longer experiencing them individually but instead are experiencing the bundle of various experiences put together, making them more diluted. In the same way, we are not eliminating form, just no longer defining our existence as one concrete form without the ability to change it. We become more at once, not less, and as such, experiences become diluted and less binding but we don't lose our former selves, just expand.


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